Monday, July 27, 2009

Quirius by QRS-Swatches of Chasity

Above & Below: The picture above is without a flash. The others are with a flash. It's more pink in real life, but I think it has a percent or two of lilac in there too.

Are you ready for some more QRS polishes? I was able to finish the last 2 polishes out of this box I was showing you yesterday, and this is the first...Chasity. This is a pink creme that has a hint of lilac to it and it applied nicely in 2 coats, as do the majority of these that I've tried so far. I tried to photograph it in different lighting because in most lighting it's a perfect Barbie Pink, but in my eyes, it does have a slight look of lilac about it. The first coat was a bit streaky, but the second coat all but eliminated that. This one, like all of the others, dried rapidly and has a very glossy finish. Coming up shortly is my favorite of this group of six, 24 Kt. I'll leave you guessing as to what color this one could possibly be~ha-ha! Here's a hint: It is an exact duplicate of Chanel's Gold Fiction.


  1. yay ive been waiting for this colour.Its gorjuz mary,and i think ur nails make the polish just that little more better

  2. I can definitely see the hint of lilac embedded in the pink. The name of this one is perfect. I have Gold Fiction and I can't wait to see it's much more affordable mirror.

  3. That is a lovely pink. I can't get over how fast your nails have grown. The pink is beautiful on you. No flower to match this one?

  4. Skye~You're so sweet, that's a nice thing to say. I need to file or cut them though, they're starting to get on my nerves!

    Diana~good, I thought maybe I was imagining the lilac in there. I'll try and do the Gold Fiction comparison tomorrow.

    Helen~you are the Queen of pinks, what are you talking about :)

    Lucy~my nails grow really fast, thankfully. That's why I'm not upset too much when I have to cut them. No flower, I think I've shared all of my pink flowers with you :)

  5. Yay for pinks! I can't get enough of them!