Monday, July 27, 2009

Quirius by QRS Swatches in 24 Kt

Above & Below: 24 Kt taken indoors with a flash.
Below: Outdoors, mostly sunny skies with no flash.

Above & Below: 24 kt gold and flowers, 2 of my favorite things! These are Morning Glories.
Below: Some of my other golds, including 24 Kt.

Above & Below: My other 2 dogs (Gizmo and Greta) were outside with me while I was taking pictures for this post and I'm pretty sure they're thinking "Max, why did you have to go and leave us to contend with this crazy lady taking pictures of her nail polish?" They miss him too, but are adjusting better every day. Thanks again for all of your kind words and good thoughts over the last week as we said goodbye to our loyal and faithful friend.
Here is my favorite of this box of six and I knew it would be! My overall favorite of the 11 I've tried is still Cresskill Eve, but I've got 12 more to go yet. 24 Kt is a bright gold with very fine shimmer, in fact the shimmer is so fine, it's barely noticeable, which in my opinion, gives it more of a liquid gold finish. I held it next to some 14 kt and 24 kt gold jewelry and it's a bit darker than that. The application (2 coats) on the first coat went on similar to that of a metallic, leaving bare spots and brush strokes and some areas darker than others. But I wasn't worried, because I assumed the second coat would make everything right, as it has on almost all of the shades I've tried. The second coat filled everything in and I was left with a smooth, bright, even look. I grabbed some of my other golds just to show you a quick bottle comparison, and before I removed the polish I thought I'd compare it to Chanel's Gold Fiction...the polish that I sit upon a lighted monument at night, that slowly rotates as the strains of Frank Sinatra's 'The Way You Look Tonight" plays softly in the background...'I will feel a glow just thinking of you, and the way you look tonight'. I might be exaggerating a bit, but I do love my Gold Fiction. I painted half of my thumbnail with Gold Fiction and the other half with 24 Kt and I could not tell a difference at all. It looked as if I had the same shade across my entire nail. If I remember, tomorrow when I'm doing my nails I'll do every other finger in these 2 shades and take a picture, because it looks to me to be a perfect duplicate.


  1. very blingy mary hehehe i love it, it looks flawless,i thought it may have been a bit streaky but that look great

  2. Thanks for all these swatches of QRS nail polishes! They've all been so beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous swatches, gorgeous golds, and adorable puppies!

  4. This is a fantastic coloour! Cute dogs too :)

  5. HAHAHA about the Chanel polish! That was hysterical to slip that in there. I am really not much on gold polishes overall - obviously, as I've only got the one - this is very pretty though, I'd probably wear it around Christmas time.

  6. Sure does look like Chanel Gold Fiction. Your dogs are absolutely adorable. I'm a huge dog lover. And losing your pet is one of the worse feeling. I'm sure Max is in doggy heaven now enjoying all those doggy treats and meeting new friends. He'll definitely be in your heart forever.

  7. I am so sorry you had to say goodbye to Max - what a beautiful boy :(.

    Can't help but miss that gold polish. What a fine colour!

  8. You know I love a good gold! Can't wait to see this next to gold fiction!

  9. Any excuse to show that Gold Fiction again ;)

    Your comment about the crazy lady taking pics of her nail polish made me laugh. my boyfriend is trying to sneak stuff in to the back of my photos now - I'd just lined up a really good one and then in he came to the background with some cat litter - nooo!

    Anyway. This does indeed look flawless and beautiful.

  10. "liquid gold" that is very appropriate for this one, it looks absolutely fantastic!

  11. Wow, that really does look like a gold. I'm sorry about Max. :(

  12. That is really a beautiful gold. Your nails look fabulous. I have quite a few golds also but not Chanel ( spoken in a whisper). I hope the Chanel and this one look exactly the same. Then you won't have to worry about using up the Chanel. Love your two pups. I am partial to German Shepherds and Poodles. No fancy cut Poodle, just the puppy cup. Two really smart breeds. Your morning glory is glorious! Didn't think I'd go there but I did. What no polish to match it? If you would stop gazing at the Chanel in reverance you could've matched a polish to your flower! Shame on you. Hehe!

  13. Skye~this one was so smooth for a gold, it really surprised me.

    Valerie~I'm having fun doing them, so I'm glad you're enjoying them too :)

    Phyrra~thank you! I love these polishes almost as much as my dogs! I think Greta (the Shepherd) would look stunning in this color, although my husband may disagree :)

    PinkGinger~thanks, glad you like it! My dogs thank you also :)

    Nicole~I tend to wear the gold much more around the holidays too, but they also make nice Konad stamp colors.

    Nail Fanatic~I've got to get to swatching them both side by side, because it looks very, very, similar. Thank you for the kind words about Max ♥

    Danielle~thank you, it was hard, but he is in a better place now and out of pain. But yes, bright, pretty polish!

    Kitty~I'll get to the comparison very soon, I'm swamped with polishes right now, which is not a bad thing :)

    Helen~you know how I love GF! I can just picture getting that perfect shot only to realized he's bungled it with something :)

    Chocaddict~isn't it pretty? I just loved this one.

    Chrissy~this is one of my new favorite golds. Thanks for your thoughts of Max ♥

    Lucy~I think you'll be pleased with it's comparison to GF. I've heard poodles are one of the smartest breeds. Ha-ha, I know, I felt bad when I realized I didn't have any plant or flower to match thi one :)

  14. awww the puppies need squeezed!!