Friday, July 24, 2009

QRS /Quirius Nail Lacquer...Look at These!!!

Above L-R: Chasity, Strawberry Smoothie, Wicked, 24 KT, Roose Flambe, Starry Night.
Above L-R: Toffy, Russian Red, Purple Passion, Autumn Bronze, Orange Slush, Sugar Plum Fairy.
Above L-R: Jamaican Dream, Cresskill Eve, The Arabian Nights, Lucy Diamond, Red Veil, Prime Top Coat.
Above L-R: Deep Denim, Ruby Pumps, Violet Pink, Yellow Tulip, Lavender Bouquet, Paris Night.
Above & Below: The name of the above shade is Cresskill Eve. It should be called "Dear Lord, I've Died and Gone to Heaven." Look at that gold veining again the dusty teal shimmer! It also turns olive colored, depending on the lighting. The one below grabbed my heart immediately also, because in the bottle it looks like a muted teal with a violet duo chrome. This one is called Paris Night.
QRS nail lacquer is an excellent polish formula-wise, but I only had one in my collection. That is until I discovered that QRS had their own store online. So now I have just a few more! I'm so excited to start using some of these because if they're anything like my original one, 2 coats is usually all that's needed and they wear very well. And they're only $3.00 a bottle with phenomenal shipping rates that are going to increase in August, but after the increase, they're still extremely reasonable. For example, if you order 6 polishes now, you'll pay only $2.00 shipping and after the price increase August 1, you'll pay $4.00. Their rate now and the increases are as follows:

$3-$17 $3.00 increase will be to $6
$18-$35 $2.00 increase will be to $4
$36 and up FREE increase will be to $2 up to a $53 total purchase
$54 and up will be FREE after beginning August 1

And right now they're including 1 FREE polish of a random color with any order.

International readers: I did ask, and unfortunately, they are not shipping Intl. at this time.

I have to rave about their customer service also, because that is always important to me as a consumer. I ordered these on Wednesday, received an e-mail order immediately, a shipping notice a few hours later, and they were on my porch this morning from New Jersey to Michigan. They were packed very well, too. They also answered my e-mails promptly. I'll be showing you some of these colors over the next week as well as sharing my thoughts on them. Let me know if there are any colors you want me to show you. You can order them for $3.00 or you can order some of their 6 piece sets in pre-selected shades for $15.00, as well as make your own 6 piece set in your colors choices, also for $15.00. So that's like getting another one free. So check them out at the link above if you're interested! Note: You must click to enlarge the pictures so you can see the details. Look at The Arabian Nights, although they're all pretty.


  1. Get that Creskill Eve on you now! Wow - never seen anything like that before.

    Lovely haul - very exciting!

  2. omg mary omg omg omg is all i can say hehehe
    im so jelozzz there gorjuz and im Australia so therez no way of me getting them *cryz*
    cant wait to see them on u..u have such great taste in colours.

  3. Gee, I never heard of this brand. Thanks for posting this. I am close to NJ. That Arabian Nights looks like a winner to me.

  4. oooh i love the starry night & jamaican dream! what a great find!

  5. Wow, there are a bunch of gorgeous polishes in there! Nicely done. I'd never heard of this brand! I'm going to bookmark it.

  6. These are so beautiful! Thanks for posting them.

  7. Nice haul! These look awesome!

  8. Um, I think I might be in love with these!

    I will have to watch for your swatching of them because I am so tempted to order right now - but want to see a few first!

  9. You temptress you! I love that Cresskill Eve, Arabian Nights, Paris Nights and Autumn Bronze. I'll wait until you swatch every single one of them. Pressured? Hehe! Take your time, I surely don't need any other nail polish. I have a big order coming from Diamond Cosmetics and I ordered the 3 Rescue Beauty Lounge.

  10. Oh cool, a new place to get polish. Yeahhhhhh Mary!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see your swatches.

  11. Wow, lovely colours on those polishes! Hey! I noticed your blog is working for me now, YAY! :D

  12. Hi. It's tarotbydiana. I finally have use of a camera, so I started a blog. Thanks for your camera advice a few weeks back. I only have one post up so far and I added you to my blog list. My name will change for comments here since I now have a blogger account.

    I haven't seen Quirius lacquers before. I went from zero exposure to seeing an assortment all from one entry! Amazing! I'm especially interested to see the duochromes, Arabian Nights, Sugar Plum Fairy, and Starry Night. Your haul pics are always a precursor of more good things to come.

  13. Wow! All those colours look amazing!! They need to start shipping internationally!!!
    I've been trying to comment on your blog for days but I kept getting error messages for some reason!! This is the first time I've been able to...

  14. Oh my gosh, these are all very pretty....$3.00 each - Mary your are doing such a good job of sharing all these unheard of but accessible brands with us... So thank you soooooooo much

  15. Thanks for all of your comments! I'm so behind in answering comments since I started swatching these, but know that I read every one and if I see a question, I'll answer it! I'll try and get caught up a bit tonight :)

  16. lindos lindos,very beautiful!!