Sunday, July 12, 2009

Protein Treatment For Your Hair

Above: What I use for my 'extra' hair care treatment, Regis Design Line Olive Oil Shampoo to clarify, Redken's Deep Fuel for a protein treatment and Garnier Fructis Fortifying Deep Conditioner to add moisture. While I'm waiting for the products to process, I'll multi-task and exfoliate using Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa 'Take Your Sweet Time' with almond oil and oatmeal.
Above & Below: Even further off topic...the Astible plants are in full bloom this week.
I tend to go a little off topic on Sundays for some reason, but this is still beauty related. About every 10 days and especially before I get my hair highlighted, which is scheduled later in the week, I like to give my hair a little extra care. Even if your hair isn't dry or damaged, this type of treatment can still benefit you. My hair is actually almost black, so it suffers from not only high lighting, but the usual blow drying and flat ironing that I put it through almost every day. It stays in good shape and I notice that if I miss doing this routine less than my usual 3 times a month, it starts to look and feel dry and not behave the way I want it to. Protein treatments help to strengthen, recondition and restore hair and should always be followed by a deep conditioning treatment to restore moisture. As you know, hair is made up mostly of protein and any type of chemical treatment, including coloring, takes a percentage of protein away every time you use them on your hair.

After researching and trying various protein treatments, I settled on Redken's Deep Fuel. I start my every-ten-day treatment by washing my hair with a shampoo I can see through, rather than one that is milky or opaque, if that makes sense. Those shampoos seem to clarify my hair better and remove any build up caused by styling products. After rinsing the shampoo out, I apply about one half of a tube (these come in boxes of 5 tubes and run about $15.00) of Redken Deep Fuel over all of my hair and leave it in for 5 minutes. I then rinse it out and apply about a tablespoon of Garnier Fructis Fortifying Deep Conditioner (this is available for about $3.49) and allow that to penetrate for 5 minutes, followed by a thorough rinsing. Everyone's hair is different and I found that every 10 days works well for me. Some people may benefit by doing this a bit more often, some by doing in less frequently. I found that doing it every 10 days is perfect for my hair, and when I've done it more often than that, my hair feels dry and stiff. It is possible for your hair to get too much protein from products, leading to unwanted dryness. Do any of you use protein treatments on your hair? I'd be interested in hearing what you use and if you feel it's made a difference.


  1. I always stay away from stuff that moisturizes/deep conditions hair because no matter what I do it ends up feeling dull and... h ow to say it, sticky? Interesting about the protein though, never tried that before.

    Your plants are so pretty! Do those have scents?

  2. Hi Mary! I've been using Joico K-Pak reconstructor for several years now (once every 2 weeks), and a deep conditioner (every 3 days). It's really helped my hair remain strong and healthy. And, Joico K-Pak smells like banana creme pie! Sooo yummy!

  3. I took use anything special on my hair. Your hair is so beautiful and shiny. I just can't believe your hair is that dark. What your doing is obviously working. Your flowers are beautiful. I've never heard of them. Where's the polish to match? I like your posts on Sunday. It's nice to have something different.

  4. Gggggrrrrrr your flowers are so....gorgeous !!!
    Right now I'm usuing Schwarzkopf's products and they're doing good for my hair - they look like this:

  5. Kae~your hair always looks great in the photos I've seen, so I'd stay with what works for you! No, these flowers have no scent, but I love the red one's color.

    Valerie~I've always heard great things about the Joico line. And if it smells that good, I may have to check it out :)

    Lucy~yes, it's quite dark and I sometimes want to go back that dark, I can never be satisfied, can I?!! Glad you don't mind me going a bit off topic!

    Tuli~thank you, flowers make us happy, don't they. Schwarzkopf makes great products too. I love their Sealed Ends.

  6. I adore deep conditioning treatment and will buy anything promising me repaired, rebuilt and nourished glossy hair. I'm a sucker for anything like that.

    And loving your flowers - beautiful.

  7. Helen~but how many of those things that we buy with so many promises really work! Glad you like to flowers :)