Saturday, July 11, 2009

Orly Prince Charming & A Rave For Victoria Nail Supply

Above: Orly Prince Charming, 2 coats.
Below: And because I couldn't resist, mattified with Nubar V for Men, indoor and outdoor shots.

Below: A side-by-side comparison with OPI You Don't Know Jacques.
Prince Charming has been spotted at Sally Beauty in their core collection this summer along with several other new additions. I picked this up a week or two ago and having recently ordered the 6 piece collection (Orly Once Upon A Time), I thought I should give this one a go while waiting on the others to arrive. Prince Charming is a darker chocolate brown cream that applied nicely in 2 coats and dried quickly. It's most similar to OPI You Don't Know Jacques, if you're looking for something it's close to. PC is more brown while YDKJ is more grey. But they are very close, and to the less discerning eye, they are almost dupes. But most of us can tell enough difference that, if we are fond of this type of color, we may need both.

I didn't realize when I picked this one up that it was actually part of a 6 piece set. I found it available on a site called Victoria Nail Supply and I just have to rave about the wonderful customer service I got. Within 3 hours I received my shipping notice and answers to some questions I had e-mailed them about. Yen (who I dealt with) was so prompt and helpful that I'm sure I'll be placing another order soon. They offer Color Club, Sation, Orly and China Glaze, all very reasonably priced. They also carry OPI and Essie, but from what I can tell, those can only be purchased by licensed professionals. The shipping was via UPS and very in line with many of our other favorite e-tailers. I don't know if International shipping is available, but I'll check into it. Yen was kind enough to offer a little incentive for Body & Soul readers if you're interested in ordering. You can choose 3 pair of OPI Toe Separators or 1 bottle of Color Club's Milky White Base Coat for free with your order. Just mention Body & Soul and which product you'd like in the comments section of your order. It's not often I find this type of customer service...I'm lucky if I even get a response to an e-mail from many other e-tailers, so I just wanted to pass this on to you if you weren't familiar with this online store.


  1. It looks very nice on you. It's one of those colors that I always want, but that never looks good on me. I do really like the other colors in the collection though.

  2. ohhh if i get the job at the hilton these colors would be perfect for it.. these are definitely good for the office.

  3. This is a beautiful shade on you!

    Oh, I can't wait to see you swatches from the whole collection, the colors seem to be quite interesting.

  4. I love that color on you. I'm going to order that whole collection. I also love it matted. I'm so excited by fairy tale names. I guess I'm just crazy. Makes me feel like a little kid. I adore fairy tales. I'm still waiting for the handsome prince.

  5. It's a pretty color, this collex sounds great !
    And you find a perfect customer service ^^

  6. I love those colors! And it looks great on you. I am currently obsessed with mattes as well!

  7. I have two backups of YDKJ so unsurprisingly, this one appealed to me! It's gorgeous, and looks amazing in matte too. Wow.

  8. I love it, looks fantastic on you. Thanks for the heads up on a new etailer, I'll have to check them out!

  9. Okay, now I'm definitely going to pick this up! I'm very excited about this collection, I saw a lot of colors I want to try out. My love affair with Orly is growing :)

  10. Thank you for sharing this! Because of your blog, I just placed an order with them. I wanted to pick up back ups of Color Club's Electro Candy & Pure Energy, as well as snag Catwalk Queen and Electronica, China Glaze's Sky High Top and Black Bila Bong, and Essie's Huckle Buckle and man-ecure. I mentioned your blog so I will hopefully receive the Color Club's Milky White Base Coat :)

  11. I'm glad to hear of another option for ordering polishes affordably. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Prince Charming is indeed a lovely color both shiny and matte. Versatile as a prince should be!

  12. Ooh yes, it would be good to know if they do international orders...

  13. Oh my, it looks outstanding matted. ^^

  14. Nosaby~thank you! It's a nice looking collection with a lot of different shades. I can't wait to get it :)

    Tiffany~it's a nice color for everyday office wear, depending on the office! Good luck with the job.

    Francine~I'll be posting the swatches later in the week once I get them. I'm excited to see them in real life.

    Lucy~I agree, I was sold as soon as I saw the name, but then I saw how nice the collection was, so that made it even better.

    Celine~yes, rare that I find great customer service. Good, yes, but great is rare.

    Nail Fanatic~thank you! I find myself wanting to matte everything just to see how it looks :)

    Helen~I knew you'd like this one. You'll have it this month, so hang on! It is very similar, but still a bit different than YDKJ.

    Kae~thanks! I think you'll be very happy if you order from Victoria Nail.

    Nicole~Orly is a great brand, quality-wise and they're finally starting to get a bit edgy with their colors!

    Phyrra~welcome! I'm glad I could help you out making a nail polish haul :) Sounds like you got some good ones. Huckle Buckle is one of my all time favorites.

    Diana~their prices are extremely good, so check it out. You're right, this polish is everything a prince should be :)

    Nixxy~I heard back from them this morning and they said that yes, they have shipped internationally and just ask that you e-mail them what you want so they can get you a shipping amount. Yay!

    Clockwork~I just knew this one would look good matted. Some don't, but this one look fantastic :)

  15. great comparison mary :) thanks for new etailer info!

  16. I want this whole collection! You didn't mention the charm though. Is that just a Sally thing? All the Once Upon a Time polishes at Sallys had cute little removable charms. I got Poison Apple and it has a bitten apple charm. I think Prince Charming has a crown.