Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Orly Once Upon A Time Swatches

Above & Below: 2 coats, no top coat, great application/dry time. Thumb=Happily Ever After (dark fuchsia with subtle shimmer), Index=Pixie Dust (gray-blue shimmer), Middle=Enchanted Forest (med/dark green creme), Ring=Mirror Mirror (med/light gray creme), Pinkie=Poisen Apple (slightly muted orange-red coral creme). NOTE: I didn't show Prince Charming because I already posted about it last week. Click here if you want to see it.

Above & Below: A close-up of the thumb because I couldn't bend it enough to get a decent shot of it in the other photos. Do you see a difference in the whiteness of my nails below? Index and Middle are with Rock Hard base coat and Ring and Pinkie are using Color Club Milky White Base Coat.

Above & Below: Orly Once Upon A Time and China Glaze Retro Diva set in Get Down Tonight.

Below: China Glaze LOL, DV8, BFF, Color Club Milky White Base Coat.

My order from Victoria Nail Supply arrived yesterday and it was everything I was hoping for. I ordered Friday and received it Tuesday via UPS from Georgia to Michigan. Yen included some literature I asked for and the Color Club Milky White Base Coat. Everything was packaged well and there were also some music download cards from China Glaze included. Excellent service, thanks Yen! I really didn't know what the base coat was because the bottle says "French Manicure Base Coat." It's designed to whiten your nails so when you get a sheer manicure (such as a French), your nail beds look clean/white. My nails aren't terribly stained, but I wouldn't make a habit of leaving them completely unpainted and wearing them like that too often. They are not perfectly bright white and they just don't appeal to me in their naked state! Anyway, I used one coat of the CC Base Coat on my pinkie and ring fingers and my usual Rock Hard on my middle and index fingers and I could instantly tell a difference. It whitened up the entire nail and the tips seems much whiter and brighter. It almost looks like I have a very subtle French manicure. I was not familiar with this product but now I'm happy I tried it because it gives great results. Yen is graciously offering this product FREE to my readers if you mention 'Body and Soul' in the comments section of your order. Or you can choose 3 pair of OPI toe separators instead of the Color Club Milky White Base Coat. See details and expiration date on your right in the 'Tip Jar' column. What do you think about Orly's newest offering? I love the name of the collection and the shades totally won me over. Orly seems to be getting pretty edgy this year with their color offering.

I may get some of my new China Glazes swatched and posted later today. I ended up posting twice yesterday too, which is rare for me. I have all these lists of things I want to post about, but they're growing faster than I can keep up. I want to start doing my "Brand Focus" posts I used to do once a week which I've neglected for the past month, so I'm going to start that up again tomorrow with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes. And last but not least, our winner for the first of two Body & Soul July drawings is Kellie G. from the blog Also Known As. Kellie posts some beautiful shots of her nails, some music videos she enjoys, and other interesting things, so if you're not familiar with it, check it out! Congratulations, Kellie!


  1. Oh Lord!
    Happily ever after and Pixie'll be mine soon ^_^
    *off to check out Vistoria Nail Supply*

  2. Pixie Dust is actually very pretty! Happily Ever after is pretty too.

  3. Beautiful colours!I love the grey ones and the green of course...:)

  4. I really like Pixie Dust and the look of Enchanted Forest. The grey is really something as well!

  5. Congratulations Kelly! Love those Orly polishes. Thanks darling for swatching for us. I will be ordering the whole collection. Number one I am a sucker for the names. I love fairy tales. I will be visiting Victoria Nail Supply. I love Enchanted Forest.

  6. loveing all the china glazes esp the ones in the bottom pic :O gutted we neva can get them hear thou :( xxx

  7. Do you have to be a registered nail professional to buy from them?

  8. I love Happily Ever After, and surprisingly, Mirror Mirror. It just looks so nice on you! I can actually see the difference Milky base coat makes! Wowzers, I need that for sure!

  9. Wow! Awesome swatches and completely great haul! Now I know which of these I've got to have, and thankfully it's not all of them. LOL. Unless I just can't resist - I have no self control with nail polish! I can actually skip one polish - the Poison Apple :P

  10. Wow I totally love the Orly Once Upon a Time collection, can't wait to get mine. The CC milky base coat looks kinda good. My nails are pretty stained :( I think I will try it!

  11. Chocaddict~I think they're all just lovely shades. Very interesting collection. I have a had time picking a favorite because they're all nice in their own way.

    Phyrra~Pixie Dust was my favorite when I first opened the box, but it keeps changing now :)

    Katie~they are both pretty. I'm glad Orly's getting a little more varied in their color range.

    Clockwork~those 2 shades seem to be the most eye-catching to people.

    Tali~me too, the shimmer is so subtle and that slight blue tint...Love!

    Lucy~notice how the packaging box say '6 pix from the once upon a time collection.' I'm wondering if there's not going to be more added to the collection with the whole Fairytale theme :)

    Nail Polish Junkie~every time I see these posted I love them, so I'm happy to finally have some. I hope you can find some :)

    Asian Girl~they won't sell OPI or Essie to the general public (w/o license) from what I understand, but they will sell ChG and Orly to anyone.

    Kae~the base coat is really nice. I can tell a difference, not major, but enough to think this is a product I'll always want to have on hand.

    Nicole~glad to help you out! I ♥ Poison Apple, but I love cream red/corals!

    Nail Fanatic~this is a great collection, you'll love it. I'm loving the base coat so far.

  12. Very nice. I got my order from VNS today. They are awesome. I'm so glad you posted pics with the Color Club base coat. I was wondering if it was just for french manicures or what. My nails are getting quite stained from so many polishes so I'll have to give it a try.

  13. Mary
    I love Happily Ever After and Enchanted Forest! What great colors! Thanks for the link to Victoria Beauty supply. Looks like they have a good selection, and good fast service; next time I place an order I'm going to try them out!

  14. I am definitely interested in trying the Milky White Base Coat. I do a lot of funky frenches.

    Pixie Dust, Enchanted Forest, Happily Ever After, and Prince Charming are my favorites. I still like the other two as well!

    I'm interested in some application pointers using the Insta-Dry brushes. I find them cumbersome, but I love the colors of the polishes.

  15. From now on, I am your Follower!
    This is Awesome!! :)

    The Prettiest Me.

  16. Yay - I can look at your site from work. Must be the evil Explorer 8 on my PC at home. Growl.

    I love Pixie Dust - gorgeous. And I cannot wait to see those ChGs on you. I'm going to check out DV8 tonight - have been wanting to wear this one for ages and I finally get the chance now. What a lovely haul!

  17. Wow. each colors are very preetty.

  18. I'm really liking Enchanted Forest - very pretty!

  19. I headed right over to Victoria ND but I don't think they ship outside US :-(

  20. Nosaby~Yay! I'm glad you got your order so quickly. This base coat is really nice and I never would've thought to buy it because I thought it was 'just' for French manicures.

    Nailfiles~so far it sounds like everyone is very pleased with VNS customer service. This Orly collection is really nice, lots of different looking polishes.

    Diana~I hope my review of the SH helps you out a bit, it's really just a bit of practice. The base coat by Color Club would be great for funky frenches!

    The Prettiest Me~welcome and thanks so much for becoming a follower :)

    Helen~yay! Glad you could get on from somewhere. This was a great haul, I agree. Very happy with everything. I can't decide what to use next!

    Beauty Cosmetics~I know, that's what I liked about this whole collection. Everything is a bit unique and different.

    Grace London~this is my first dark green creme and I do like it! I think it'll be great in the Fall.

    Halifax~let me know how the shipping sounds, or even if they're able to do it :) I'll keep my fingers crossed.