Monday, July 13, 2009

NYX Girls Nail Polish

Above & Below: NYX Girls in Golden Glitter, outdoors. In the bottle is appears as a muted red with pale gold glitter. On the nail it takes on a more reddish-peach tone with obvious gold glitter.

Above & Below: Indoors, with flash.
Below: Holy glitter overload! Just for fun I put a quick coat of NYX Girls in Show Girl over the Golden Glitter. I imagine this would look incredible over a dark shade of green or over black.

Below: My small NYX Girls collection. Top L-R Golden Pink, Golden Glitter, Banana Boat. Bottom L-R Show Girl, Nectar Glitter, Hot Pink Glitter.
My collection of NYX Girls polishes only consists of 6 bottles, which I was able to find at one of our local independent beauty supply stores earlier this year. They're fun polishes that apply and wear well for the price (I paid $1.99 each). Cherryculture has them on their site for $1.50. I've never seen them in that store since, so maybe it's not something they regularly carry. These were in a basket on the floor mixed in with a bunch of other brands. What I like about the NYX polishes is that they actually have some color in the base of the glitter polishes, so you don't need too many coats to attain the bottle shade. And surprisingly, they removed relatively well for a glitter polish. I've seen the NYX eye shadows and lip sticks on several blogs and have always wanted to try them. Doll Eyes mascara looks particularly intriguing to me, for some reason. It's probably just the name and the image that 'Doll Eyes' conjures up in my head! I'm not so sure it would give me doll eyes, but that's marketing at it's best, because I know I'm going to end up getting it just for the name.


  1. I ordered a bunch of those when Cherry Culture had their 50% off NYX sale. I haven't gotten around to using most of them though, but I agree that the colors are so pretty! Show Girl is REALLY glitter overload lol

  2. The only Nyx Polishes that I didn't like were the Park Avenue ones, that were flakies. I think I only liked 1 of those, as the rest were disappointing.

    The Nyx jumbo lip and eye pencils are awesome though, so I do recommend those.

  3. I'm really loving Golden Glitter. I bet Showgirls would look amazing as French tips over black. I can't believe those polishes are $1.50!

  4. Those are all very pretty! What a neat find at a local store too.

  5. It's so funny, I've tried a lot of the NYX line, just none of the polishes! I guess it's because I was doing makeup vids when I first discovered NYX. I love their eyeshadows, I have so many of them. Their blushes are great, but I was so disappointed in their mascaras, don't like any of them, including Doll Eyes. I was sad, as I'm a big fan of this line!
    BTW gorgeous polish - I really love the combination of glitteries!

  6. They're all very pretty! I have never seen any of these in stores, only their core nail polish line. I really want to try their eyeshadows too, I was close to buying a few the other day but couldn't decide what colours to get. : )

  7. I tried 3 times earlier to post. I kept getting shut down. I hope it works this time. I love that polish on you. It's a fantastic shade. Adding Show Girl made it amazing. I'll have to buy these. I've used NYX eye shadows. They're really nice. Never used the mascara. I love Lancome's Hypnose mascara. Gives you some nice thick lashes.

  8. Woah - great glitter!

    And I love the fact that your NP addiction made you rifle around in baskets on the floor - I do exactly the same thing!

  9. Wow I love the new layout on your blog!

    I want to try that yellow NYX np. And wow, that was a glitter overload up there! I agree, I think that showgirl would apply great on a dark shade.

  10. Kitty~that was a great sale and I should've ordered some cosmetics. Next time...

    Phyrra~I have seen the lip and eye pencils on blogs and they do look very nice. I'll have to add them to my list!

    Diana~I really liked Golden Glitter too, it's such a pretty shade and the gold in it totally captivated me :)

    Kae~I love finding things in the little local beauty supply. The problem is, it's not like they stock them regularaly.

    Nicole~thanks for letting me know about the Doll Eyes. Maybe I'll rethink that purchase :)

    Wan~I saw some of their new eyeshadows on someone's blog (Shimmerkisser's, maybe?) recently and they looked very nice.

    Lucy~Blogger was acting a little touchy today for me too. I keep hearing how nice their eye shadows are, I'm definitely going to check them out.

    Helen~I'm sure when they see me come in they think :there's that crazy lady that gets down on the floor and digs through everything!". Oh what we do to feed out addiction!

    Chrissy~thanks, I keep changing things around, but nothing makes me happy! I'm going to have to try Show Girl out over a few more things.