Wednesday, July 8, 2009

NOTD: Ruby Kisses Red Romance

Above & Below: Ruby Kisses in Red Romance, various lighting.

Below: Revlon sent me some more nails for review. I really like the patterns on these, especially the alligotor look in the lower right corner. Click pic for detail.

Today I'm wearing one of my 99 cent polishes from yesterday's little shopping excursion. I picked this one up because I liked the fact that it has small glitter along with glitter 'bars', although the glitter bars are difficult to get evenly distributed upon application. The regular glitter is multi-colored and it's also a persimmon red shimmer, so there's actually a lot going on it that little bottle! This applied nicely in 2 coats, even though I had to re-dip the brush a few times to add a bit more of the bar pieces. I'm not entirely happy with the lack of bars on some of my fingers, but all in all, I do like this one.

UPS came yesterday and I automatically get excited when I see him. I thought it may be my first "Plant of the Month' that my sisters got me for my birthday, which should be arriving any day now. I thought that was a good gift choice from them and it'll give me something to look forward to for the next 12 months. But it was a big, boring box of insulation for my husband's job. Then FexEx backed into the driveway and I thought surely this is my plant. It wasn't, but it was another box of nails to try out and review from Revlon. I didn't give it the best of reviews last month because my main complaint was that I could see the glue lines through the nail. I blame that partially on my application skills (or lack of) and I'm going to try these using a small brush to apply the glue. I'm excited to try these out and I love the alligator pattern on the burgundy nails. I'll share some pictures and thoughts on the product soon.


  1. Love that Ruby Kisses polish. Interesting with the bar glitter. Ahhh...those Revlon nails look interesting. Alligator pattern! Wow, I'm impressed with Revlon. Thinking outside of the box! I laughed at your reaction to your husband's package. That sounds like the reaction I'd have! I hope your plant comes soon. You'll have to post a picture of it,for us.

  2. I really like this shade of red, and the type of finish it is, { shimmery-jelly ? }

    I love pre-painted false nails but seeing the glue through the nail drives me nuts. i am staying away from those and just buying opaque pre-painted/decorated falsies.

  3. I have to try those stick on things.. ive been seeing the photos on all nail blogs recently!!

    Plant of the month sounds like a great idea! I was thinking of doing something similar.. but i travel so much im sure whatever id get would die :( x

  4. Oh wow, it's really beautiful. I love red glitter polishes like this, China Glaze Ruby Pumps etc.

  5. I really hope you show us the skin nails. Talk about funky!

    Your red polish is pretty, very interesting with the two types of glitter.

  6. I love the polish, to bad it dosen't have a little more bars in it!

  7. Velvet~I was surprised at the alligator pattern too, it's pretty 'out there' for Revlon! My first plant of the month, according to the website, is the Gerbera Daisy.

    Deez~I'd say it's more of a shimmer finish. I'm trying the alligator ones first, because I think it'll hide the glue more.

    Tali~you'll be able to try them soon enough :) Let's hope I don't kill these plants!

    Alexlyndra~I like red sparklies too, especially Ruby Pumps.

    Kae~those nails are wild, aren't they? Some of them are very delicate and pretty, but I'm going for the gator tips! I like bar glitter, but this is a bit too subtle, I wanted a few more on each nail :/

    Kitty~I know, the hunt continues for the perfect bar glitter polish!

  8. The alligator pattern is awesome! I've seen some of these in the stores, but never that one... Must keep my eyes peeled!

  9. g0rjuz colour mary and i love the fakies they look great cant wait to see them on.Take care =D

  10. What a nice shade of red ! Love its glitter ! And I hope you'll get your plants of the month soon :-)

  11. Pretty polish! I love red with glitter in it. Looks so pretty on you. Isn't it maddening when the package isn't for you. It's worse when the UPS guy gives me a package for a neighbor. Those Revlon nails looks really interesting. Especially the alligator nails. They are really wild. Hope you get better results this time. I remember reading that you should only use a small amount of glue. Using a small brush sounds like a good idea. Have fun with all the nails! Can't wait to see your Gerber Daisy. I just love them.

  12. Hi there,
    I have a new blog, and was wondering if there is a way to contact Revlon for samples for review? I was going to go out and buy some, but cannot find them anywhere!