Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My 2 Hour Bargain Hauls

Above: The nail salon I got these from was a true 'dusty'. The polish was totally covered in dust, some laying on their sides, etc. L-R: Cosmo Under the Shade, OPI Chile o Caliente?, LA Girls Metallic Pink, LA Girls Enchanting, Color Club Wild Child, Sation High Tech. But for $3.00 each, who's complaining about a little dust?
Above: Rite Aid had the new Sally Hansen's for $1.99 and I had a bogo coupon for the Insta-Dri, so we each got one of those. My niece had the shiniest nails I think I've ever seen and she said she uses the SH Mega Shine and loves it, so I got one to try out. I went to get a basket to put them in when I could tell we were going to get more than we could carry and the check-out guy and manager were both laughing at us and suggested a cart instead of a basket. Very funny, Rite Aid guys!
Above: Ruby Kisses polishes and lip gloss and a couple of Wild and Crazy polishes from an independent oriental beauty supply. The Ruby Kisses products were only .99 each.
Above: A closer view of the glitter in Wild and Crazy Purple Glitter (an appropriate name!), the shimmer in Ruby Kisses Cotton Candy lip gloss and the glitter (look closely, it has 'bar' glitter mixed in with the regular glitter) in Ruby Kisses Red Romance.
Above: The Regis hair salon in our mall always has a table in the back corner with things marked 30-75% off, but they always ring up for much less. I found Coney Island Cotton Candy and Brisbane Bronze for a grand total of $4.00. Julie got an OPI Designer Series for just $3.00.
Below: Regis is right next to PayLess shoes and they had these for $9.99. They're nothing fancy, but I wanted a few casual, metallic sandals.
My niece has been in town for a couple of weeks and is heading back to Fort Worth, TX tomorrow, so I thought it would be fine to take her nail polish hunting. She's never explored the out-of-the-way-who-would've-thought beauty supply stores and nail salons looking for polish, so I thought it was time someone taught her the ropes. I would say her favorite find was an OPI Designer Series polish at Regis Salon for 75% off. She was also quite excited about the Ruby Kisses polishes for only .99 cents. We only had a couple of hours, but we made the most of it. I think if nail polish hunting were an Olympic sport, we may have won a medal.


  1. Holy cow, what a fantastic haul! I love it all, the Regis store you speak of is a hair salon, right? I didn't know they sold nail polish.

    Your new sandals are super adorable too :D

  2. Wow you got a ton of great stuff! I have never heard of Ruby Kisses, can't wait to see those swatched!

  3. Wow! You found some amazing deals! It sounds like you had a lot of fun with your niece! :)

  4. Nice haul there! Like those sandals too.

  5. AWESOME! A discount beauty supply store really close to me - less than two minutes - has a ton of Ruby Kisses, and I picked up a bunch of those last week, just haven't had the chance to photograph them! Glad you snagged some too :) I was wondering if anyone else had seen these! You found some really neat colors in the other brands as well - and I love those sandals, particularly the bronze pair!

  6. What a super haul!

    I especially love the fact you bought the same sandals in silver AND gold - I always do that when I find something I like - buy every colour!

  7. You've been a busy girl! Love looking at your haul. I love those bronze sandals! Gold and silver are cute also. I do the same thing if I like a style. Buy all colors if I love it. Great find with the nail polishes. Darn I never think of Rite Aide. Could've saved some money. Teaching your neice some bad habits? It's a fun habit.

  8. I saw the new Sally Hansens with the chrome like caps at CVS the other day; didn't buy any, but I keep thinking about them! Might have to make a trip back, they're so pretty.

  9. Kae~yes, Regis Salon is a chain store. They usually have a bit of OPI by the register and then as new collections come in, they clearance them. The sandals are very comfortable, too!

    Nessa~check around some of your local independent beauty supplies, they carry them alot of times. I've got plenty to swatch now!

    Kellie~me too! I appreciate things all the more when I get a good deal on it :)

    Olivia~we were happy with our 'finds' and yes, we had a great time.

    Velvet~I really wasn't shopping for anything but polish, but the sandals were calling my name :)

    Nicole~Ruby Kisses, for the price, are pretty good polishes. They had alot of shades! I like the bronze sandals too, color-wise. They match the OPI Brisbane Bronze I scored!

    Helen~I am bad like that too, buying several of the same items in different colors. Must me we like the style :)

    Lucy~my niece loves beauty products and shopping in general, so I'm just helping her hone her skills~ha-ha! My Rite Aid often has collections before alot of the other chain drug stores.
    But I suppose that varies from town to town.

    Valerie~I'd seen them a few days ago and didn't but any (at Walgreen's), but when I saw them again and really started looking at them, I had to get some :)

  10. Agh! Why can't we get dusties like those here??? Waaaah!

  11. What an awesome haul ! I love all those new SH Extreme wear - hope we get those glitters in Canada-

    You have found good polish's at Dusty Salons before - I am gonna have to get on that and see what treasures I can find, too!

    Cute Shoes- I love PayLess

  12. First off, yay for Fort Worth! Thats my hometown :-)

    Second, I wish we had a Rite Aid here because I hear about some good deals from there.
    Also, I love the gold and silver sandals. I might have to check out Payless.

    I've seen Ruby Kisses in some beauty supply stores and I've always had second thoughts about them. I will be looking for swatches on your blog!

  13. Nixxy~I'm surprised we have them! I'd like to take a day and go to a bit bigger town...think of what I may find!

    Deez~that SH collection is huge, I couldn't believe how many colors were in it! Dust stores are fun to find! I hadn't been in Payless for a while and they had some really cute things.

    Adorepink~my niece loves it there. She moved down after college 3-4 years ago and her husband is from that area. Ruby Kisses are pretty decent polishes, with a huge range of colors.

    Alexlyndra~it was fun and we got some great deals!