Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kleancolor Neon Sapphire

Above & Below: Kleancolor Neon Sapphire, a bright shade of blue in a creme finish. Photos are various lighting, taken indoors with a flash and outdoors with no flash.

I had an appointment this morning and then lunch with a very good friend of mine that I used to work with, so I'm a little behind schedule today. I had to go to a natural foods store in search of some products for my upcoming blog theme...I'm going to be doing a number of posts on Natural and Organic Beauty products during the month of August...and my friend and former co-worker got dragged along. He was very good about it though and got pretty excited when he saw that there was a brand called Jason Organics, because his name is Jason. Speaking of natural, when we think of 'safe' nail polishes, the name Zoya often comes to mind. As most of you know, they make a fantastic line of products and I wanted to remind you to follow them on Twitter if you aren't already. It's a great way to stay current with news and product information from them, as well as being alerted to codes and sales/deals. They're trying to reach 5,000 followers by the end of the day this coming Monday, so if you aren't already following them, you can find them here:
The Kleancolor polishes I received earlier this week have been neglected for too long, so let's start looking at some of those. This is my first time using this brand and I was at first impressed just by the $1.49 price tag, but after the application, there are other impressive points to be made. The brush and handle are nothing out of the ordinary, but the combination of the shape and size make it feel just right. The formula was of a medium consistency and the drying time I would classify as above average. The finished product was a very vivid, medium/dark shade of turquoise with a high gloss jelly-like finish and this took 3 thin coats to achieve. The only thing I found a bit odd, was the shade change from the bottle to the nail. In the bottle it looks to be a medium to darker shade of royal blue. However, it applied and dried to a more turquoise shade, which unfortunately didn't translate through my photos. There's a bit of visible nail line, but that doesn't really bother me. It's a beautiful color regardless, but I am curious as to how 'true to the bottle shade' the other polishes will be. And of course the only way to find out is to try another one, so I'll be back later today and let you know what I find out.


  1. Mary! It's like your on hyper-speed! I can't keep up! I think this is such a lovely color from the photos. I'm really curious about it in real life though. Since you say it's more turquoise. My son and I like using Jason shampoo. They have a Tea Tree oil one, that works wonders on our,"oily"! I'm looking forwar to your "natural" month.

  2. gorjuz colour mary,i think im going to have to raid your nail polish collection.Cant wait to hear ur reviews in august

  3. That is a pretty shade on you. I've been filing my nails for the past few manicures in an oval style. It just hit me where I got it from! I'm getting so tierd of the square look on me. It's been years since I've change it. Looking forward to your organic reviews. I don't use anything organic. I'm chemicals all the way.

  4. Velvet~I know, it's raining nail polish! I'm learning quite a bit in preparing for the 'Natural' month, but I don't think I could ever go all vegan!

    Skye~thank you! Get a plane ticket and come on over...we'd have a great time playing with the polishes :)

    Lucy~I can't do a square shape on my nails, but I'd like to get them professionally filed just to see if I'd like it. Chemicals all the way...ha-ha!

  5. I love this color! It's so pretty on you! :)

  6. Olivia~thank you! It's a bit bright, but I love the shine and color.