Monday, July 6, 2009

Glitter Overload: Massini Sexy Siren

Above & Below: Massini Sexy Siren, click for glitter galore! Various indoor and outdoor pics. 2 coats.

I know I said I'd stop posting Massini's so frequently, but after this one I will! I'm trying very hard to organize my home office/den of makeup and came accross this one while sorting through one of many, many bags, boxes and drawers. Massini Sexy Siren is a bright medium shade of blue with matching blue glitter. It's an absolute horror to remove, so I took it off immediately after taking this photos. Normally for a polish with this much glitter stamina, I've found that using pieces of felt rather than a cotton ball works wonders. I wish it weren't a bit overcast today so you could see this one it it's full glory, but trust me that it's probably one of the glitteriest polishes I've seen. If you've got a minute and are looking for more polish blogs to add to your reading, check out Valerie at The Nail Files. She's an adorable blogger with great polish posts and lovely nails. I've got to get back to my organizing now because I promised myself I'd have it done sooner rather than later!


  1. I love the name of that polish haha! That is a stunner, where do you buy your felt? I've used the pre packaged acetone remover wipes which I love because of the felt and it really does do wonders on glitter.

  2. Wow, that is sooooo glittery - love it

  3. * Drool *

    That is very glittery - a beautiful color too!

  4. Very, very pretty! Love the glitter! : )

  5. Can't wait til Brooke gets a load of this!

    Its a lovely shade of blue as well. It looks almost 3D on your nails!

  6. I normally stay away from blues and greens but this one i think i would actually wear. Partly for the glitter.. partly as its just such a stunning shade.

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  8. Oh wow! The glitter in this one is stunning!
    Valerie Nicola

  9. Ooooh, GORGEOUS glitter! I love this shade. It's just chock full of sparklies!

  10. Kae~glad you like it and the name is cool :) I buy sheets of felt at WalMart in he sewing/craft section. Michael's also carries it.

    Cali369~isn't it ummm, sparkly? It's a great color!

    Deez~it's wild, that's for sure :)

    Lucia~thank you, not something to wear every day, but nice to have.

    Wan~thanks! The only drawback is the removal, but worth it!

    Velvet~I almost titled this post "An Ode To Velvet" :)

    Helen~Brooke may just die over this one! It does look textured in real life, but it's very smooth, surprisingly.

    Tali~it would look great on you! It is a unique shade, not your average blue, not quite turquoise.

    Valerie~it's definitely quite an eye-catcher, that's for certain!

    Nicole~it really is! This one is extremely dense with sparkles and the brush picks alot up every time.

  11. This reminds me of the Color Club blue in the Glitter Vixen line. This seems preferable though with the blue base rather than the clear base plus added glitter. Those are definitely nails fit for a mermaid!

    What camera model do you use? I am trying to find a good one. I've been checking reviews, but some of the terms are over my head. I do know a good picture when I see one though. :)

  12. Glitter is my weakness... very very pretty

  13. Bling bling! Beautiful blue and nice polish!

  14. Diana~these are manufactured by the same company that makes Color Club, so there are similar, even duplicated colors. I use a Canon Powershot A570IS. I would recommend a Canon, the Powershots are nice. Go on a site like Best Buy just to do a side-by-side comparison of features. C-Net is also a good site to research on.

    Tiffany~Welcome! It's a very glittery color, isn't it!

    Alexlyndra~Hello, how have you been? It's a really nice shade of blue, quite eye0catching, to say the least!

  15. Wow !!! This one is amazing ! Lots of glitter and a gorgeous shade of blue - what can a girl ask more ? lol

    I love it !

  16. Wow Mary that is a lot of glitter!!I gave you an award!

  17. Mary if it was bright out I think you would blind us with that polish. It is a gorgeous polish. I love the shade and it looks very pretty on you. Does this match the Color Club blue that's all glitter? I don't have my list around and can't remember the color.

  18. Tuli~It's everything a girl can ask for, yes!

    Katie~Thanks very much for the award ♥

    Lucy~There really wasn't much sun that day, but I agree, if there had been, watch out! And yes, the Color Club one and this one not only look alike, but there share the exact same name.