Tuesday, July 14, 2009

FOTD Using Simply Karen Mineral Makeup

Above: Face of the day using Simply Karen products. Other products used: MAC Mascara X and Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Cherries in the Glow.
Above & Below: The blush I used is on the left, and it's called Peaches. It seemed a little light, as I have a bit of a tan, but it was very buildable and turned out fine. The eye shadows I used were called Greystone (top), used on lid and then used wet as a liner and Buff, used on brow bone. I used the concealer in Pink on problem areas (under eyes and nose), Spice Foundation and a light application of Dark Finishing Veil. FOTD's are not my forte, so do not laugh :) I've got 2 other foundations she sent and I think they'll work fine as we get into Fall and I start to lose my tan.
You may remember a few weeks ago I showed you some samples I had gotten from Simply Karen Mineral Cosmetics. I've used them several times now and I'm quite impressed by them. Many mineral products cause my skin to itch, but thankfully these didn't. I'm a novice when it comes to applying loose mineral eye shadows and I like the fact that these didn't land all over my face in the process! I asked Karen to choose some colors for me based on my coloring and I was pleased by how well they seemed to match my skin tone. The brush did a nice job of buffing/blending the product into my skin, which I sometimes have had problems with. The facial products gave me smooth, even coverage with a natural look, which is what I was looking for. Many mineral products I've tried have quite a bit of shimmer or even almost a glittery finish, which is definitely not what I was going for. Rather, I wanted something that concealed flaws, evened out skin tone and looked natural for an 'everyday' look. She's got a great website with all of the color charts, and they also blend custom colors. I see there's a sampler set which includes the brush available for just a $12.95 shipping and handling fee. If you're interested, check it out!


  1. The mineral foundation looks like a perfect match on you, how nice they picked out colors for you! I am terrible with makeup (no ide ahow to wear eyeshadow)! I like your lipgloss too, you look fabulous ♥

  2. You look so beautiful! I'll have to check her web-site. The colors she choose for you are perfect! That's a very nice,"everyday" look.

  3. Great look! The colors look really pretty :).

  4. It's a very nice subtle and elegant look :o)
    I love mineral foundation, it looks much more natural (on me anyway) than liquid foundation. If you have itchiness problems you might want to switch for brushes with synthetic bristles they are so much softer than natural hair ones and the coverage you get is just as fine.

  5. Kae~I have a hard time matching colors so yes, I was thrilled that she did such a great job without seeing me in real life! The Revlon l/g's are fantastic. Thank you :)

    Velvet~thank you. I was very pleased with the shades she chose.

    Phyrra~thank you! It's subtle, but that's what I go for most days. Not all, but most :)

    Tiff~thanks! I like the way the eye shadows applied, so I think I'll add some 'color' to my next order and get some more of them.

    Chocaddict~thanks you! I simply cannot wear liquid foundation. It just looks wrong on me! Thanks for the brush info, I'll check into it.

  6. You look very elegant on your makeup. Nice choices of beauty skin care products.

  7. Nice make up ! I also love mineral MU ! ♥

  8. Looking gorgeous Mary! Your look is everyday and also polished. Love the colors chosen. I have so much mineral makeup it's ridiculous! I hate loads from Bare Minerals. I also order from TheSheSpace.com. They have beautiful colors and millions of swatches. The best is that you can get samples of collections. Each month she releases a Zociac collection. I've gotten each months as a sample. I hate liquid makeup. I hate the way it feels and how it settles into fine lines. I use both Bare Minerals foundation or Laura Geller's Balance and Brighten.

  9. You look gorgeous and glowy! I'm so glad to hear you didn't get the itchy problem, as I think I told you I have the exact same problem, and it drives me crazy because I love mineral makeups.

  10. Patrice~thank you. I find that the smaller comopanies often have very good products.

    Celine~thanks! I need to work on applying mineral eye shadows better, but I do like mineral products.

    Lucy~you're too kind :) I don't like liquids either. I even have trouble with creme blushes, but then I see other people wear them effortlessly.

    Nicole~glowy is good! Yes, I recall you mentioning the itch issue, I hate that :)

  11. Yay - looking fab!
    I also meant to say - I love your new blog layout :)

  12. Helen~thanks, I appreciate your opinion :) The blog may change again soon, never can seem to make up my mind.


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