Monday, July 27, 2009

Facial Skin Care: What Works For You?

Above and Below: These are the products I'm using for my skin care routine in the order that I use them. The cleanser on the left is currently in my rotation but almost empty, and then I'll move on to the cleanser on the right. Both contain micro beads for exfoliating my skin. Below is a product I've been very impressed with, and you'll find more information about it in my post below.

Above & Below: In addition to a facial moisturiser (below), I also like to use a moisturizing/treatment product that targets the eye area. I am currently using one or the other of the above products to accomplish that.
Below: What I consider to be the most important and beneficial products in my skin care routine, Flax Seed and Fish Oil capsules.
I try to post about other beauty-related topics and products/reviews at least once a week, but with all of these new nail polish collections and the QRS polishes lately, I've gotten a bit off schedule. I'll get back to the QRS polish swatches later on in the day, so rest assured that if you come here to see nail polish, you will see nail polish!

I've been using a product for about a month now and it really does seem to make a difference in the appearance of my skin. I was going to simply review that product, but it got me thinking about skin care routines in general, so I've broadened the topic a bit. As we go through different periods in our life both chronologically and otherwise (stress, environmental factors, diet), our skin reflects those changes. Sometimes we need to change what we're using based on how our skin is reacting to these changes and find something that works for us on a day-to-day basis as well. My skin stays fairly consistent, but when I'm under a lot of stress, or the weather is very hot and humid, I have to step things up a bit.

My regular skin care routine consists of washing my face in the morning with a cleanser containing micro beads for exfoliating purposes. It's important to gently remove and renew the layers of dead skin from your face, so that's why I choose one with micro beads. My skin is less oily as I age, so I don't feel the need to use a toner anymore, although I did use one for many years. Every other day I use the product that originated my idea for this post, Avon's Clinical Advanced Retuxturing Peel. The directions say to use it every other day, morning or night. I use it in the morning as my first facial product after I've showered. It stings ever so slightly, but it's all in the name of beauty, so we suffer a bit! It contains glycolic acid and natural soothing and skin-refining botanicals such as glycerin to lock in moisture and various natural extracts including honey, wheat germ, pineapple, papaya, cucumber and more. I am starting to appreciate natural products more and more and next month I'll be doing several posts about organic/green beauty. This product "safely peels away dullness, reduces signs of aging and helps your skin to self-neutralize...all in just one step". I've noticed a more even skin tone and texture, and my skin seems to not only glow a bit more, but the fine lines are starting to disappear and look less defined. It runs about $25.00 for a jar containing 30 pads, which should last you 2 months. It's often on sale, and I think mine was a 'buy one get one half off' special.

I then follow with a treatment/moisturizer targeted for the eye area, and finish up my skin care routine with a facial moisturizer. I'm satisfied with how these products are working together for me, but I'm always on the lookout for the latest and greatest. It's a never-ending quest, isn't it? If I had to pick just one item that I think does my skin the most good, I'd have to say that it's not a cosmetic item, but a natural dietary supplement. Actually two supplements, Flax Seed Oil capsules and Fish Oil/Omega 3 capsules. If you're not familiar with their benefits, and there are many...not just for your skin and nails, but for your entire body and its' health, Google search their benefits and you'll see what I mean. If I miss taking these for a day, I find myself looking in the mirror at my skin and wondering why it looks dry and dull. I then realize I forgot to take these supplements. Do you have a product or two that you just can't live without when it comes to skin care?


  1. You are so informative, I love all your non polish posts too! I might have to try the flax seed supplement.

  2. Have you heard of Organic Apoteke?? Their products are in Whole Foods and gets quite alot of good press?? I have tried a few of their samples and it seems really good - would love to get an expert view though

  3. I know we have flax seed and fish oil around here...

  4. I loove Neutrogena products but i know theybreak many people out.. great informative post!!

  5. Very good post! It's good to know a different routine. I can always learn of something new that I can use. I'll have to look up those supplements. Thanks dollface!

  6. I use clean and clear acne advantage. I love it!!

  7. Kae~well thank you! I enjoy doing it and I love learning about new products.

    Anonymous~good news! They're going to be included next month when I do a number of posts on natural and organic beauty products!

    Chrissy~it's very good stuff! You won't have an overnight transformation, but you'll notice a difference after a while.

    Tali~I seem to normally buy their products for a wash and I've always been pleased with them. Glad you enjoyed the post.

    Lucy~thanks! I love trying new things, but I usually try and do a bit of research before I buy it. Although I sometimes get sicked in by all the hype about a product only to find I never should have bought it in the first place :)

    Lipton|Tee~I have heard/read a lot of good things about that. Glad it works well for you :)

  8. That's so strange - I cant rememebr who ut someone was recommending flax seed and sigh oil to me the other day. And then here it is!

    I am a total tragedy when it comes to my skincare regime. Babywipes and water. And that's all. Don't tell Sheenie - she'll kill me! I'm too scared to try new stuff on my face in case I get a reaction so I am just sticking with what I know.

  9. It's a sign you should be taking it! Baby wipes and water are probably not that bad for you, especially if your skin is a bit sensitive.