Tuesday, July 21, 2009

China Glaze Retro Diva in Let's Groove

This is from one of 2 six-pack sets available in the Retro Diva collection that recently became available. This set is called Get Down Tonight. Let's Groove is a black-based royal purple filled with mostly red shimmer. It applied perfectly in 2 coats and dried rather quickly. I made a bit of a mess with the application, but I'm going to be swatching and posting more of these throughout the day, so it's coming right off! I bought mine from Victoria Nail Supply and they may even show up at Sally Beauty. I did see a few of the Orly Once Upon A Time polishes there yesterday. Coming up in my next post from Retro Diva: Cords, which looks to be a silver-bronze, but I can't tell from the bottle if it's more metallic or more shimmer. Check back in a little while to find out!


  1. I like this one! I love a deep purple that's rich and not black. Looks really pretty on you. Another to add to my list of "wants'.

  2. Looks like Baptiste nail polish by Illamasqua!

  3. The moment I saw the title a song popped into my head and now it's stuck in there. Haha. :[

    I love this shade! I have a similar one but I tossed it as it took too long to dry.

  4. I keep telling myself I dont need another purple polish until I extend my range of colors but this one is calling my name!

  5. Gorgeous purple ! Like shades like this, very pretty !

  6. *be still my heart*
    deep rich dark purple and red shimmer...what's not to love about this one?
    beautiful pictures :)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous and irresistible! Good to know that the Orlys are showing up at Sally's now. I was there the other day and hoping to see them!

  8. I love this purple, and the red shimmer really adds to it's dimension.

  9. The Prettiest Me~I think it's my favorite of the 3 I've tried!

    Lucy~I know what you mean, some are just so dark you can't tell they're purple. This one is really vivid though.

    Tali~it does, doesn't it! Illamasqua was supplosed to be available at Sephora starting yesterday, but it's been pushed out a ways. Maybe by August 1.

    Chrissy~alot of polishes have names that are songs or parts of songs and then it's in my head all day also!

    Kellie~glad you like it, thank you :)

    Adorepink~no, you don't need it, but it is very pretty and I think you should get it~I'm no help, am I!

    Celine~thanks! I do too, some purples are too dark like Lucy said, but this one's just right.

    Chocaddict~ha-ha, I take it you like this shade! It's very pretty and lots to like, I agree.

    Nicole~thanks! I don't know why, but they only had 4 of the Orly collection. You'd think they'd get the entire set :/

    Valerie~the red shimmer is great! There's a bit of blue shimmer too, but the red is much more evident.