Thursday, July 23, 2009

China Glaze Retro Diva in Far Out

Today I'm going to try and finish showing your the rest of the Get Down Tonight set of polishes from the China Glaze Retro Diva collection. First off is Far Out, a golden copper shimmer shade with a hint of pink to it. When I first applied it I thought it looked very similar to my NOTD yesterday, OPI's Brisbane Bronze. But as you can see in the picture, they're really not similar at all. Far Out applied in typical China Glaze style, quickly and with full coverage in just 2 coats. This is an interesting shade to me as it appears more gold in some lighting, more copper in other lighting. I would almost describe this shade as a coppered dark salmon color. The finish on all of these has been extremely shiny and it seems even shinier on this shade, for some reason. Next up today will be Skate Night, a medium red shimmer.


  1. i loveee this colour,its looks gorjuz

  2. This is another pretty shade. What, no matte look? I have to get that Essie matte top coat.

  3. It's nice but not my type of color x.x

  4. I thought this was a brown or a mauve. I'm so glad to hear it's a gold/copper/bronze color I love those!

  5. Nailz~thanks, it's a bit different, but I think I like it,

    Lucy~I thought this one would look awful matted. Maybe I'd be surprised though!

    Chrissy~I kind of thought that too, but after wearing it for a while, it's not too bad.

    Kitty~you came back! Ha-Ha~yep, it's more copper/gold.

  6. I'm not sooo mad on this one. Salmon colours scare me a bit, but I do like the shimmer.


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