Saturday, July 18, 2009

China Glaze OMG's Meet Essie Matte About You

Above & Below: China Glaze BFF with one coat of Essie Matte About You and a close-up of the finished nail. It seems to give it a look with texture.
Below: China Glaze DV8 with one coat of Essie Matte About You and the close-up below.

Below: DV8 before adding the matte top coat.

Yesterday I showed you my first China Glaze OMG polish in BFF and I was totally and completely 'wowed' by everything about it. Before I removed it, in my normal fashion lately, I decided to see what it would look like matted. I used Essie's Matte About You and I think the look is rather unique, in that you can still see a look of fabric or texture in the polish. All of the holo and glitter/shimmer is totally diminished, and even though it is a matte finish, it seems to have a little something still going on, rather than just a flat finish to the color. I'm wondering if this may be the type of finish the new OPI Suede collection will have. I used DV8 this morning, which is a glowing turquoise holo. Although very pretty, it didn't seem to have the strength that the holo in BFF had. I still have one more from this collection to try, and that's LOL. Those of you that are familiar with both the OMG collection and the Kaleidoscope collection, is your love for both collections similar? Do you prefer one collection over the other? I love these OMG ones and now I think I may want to try the Kaleidoscope ones as well.

I mentioned the other day when I did a Brand Focus on Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes, that I didn't like the Essie matte polish quite as well as I liked Nubar's V For Men, because I had some smearing issues around the cuticle. I wanted to update my opinion and say that I likely didn't let the polish dry enough before I matted it, because that has been the only instance of smearing I've had with Essie. The more I use it, the more I like it. Nubar's is definitely a matte finish, but Essie's is slightly more matte and it seems to dry faster also. I've been experimenting over the past couple of days with both, and although they are both great matte top coats, I believe Essie's is slightly better.


  1. I love both OMG and Kaleidoscope! My only complaint about Kaleidoscope is that they take around 3 coats for opacity but the effect is worth it! For an awesome effect; try a Kaleidoscope over an OMG polish...I did that with Octa Gone Wild (their purple Kaleidoscope) over LOL (the purple OMG) and it was really something to look at!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love the effect when it's matte! Gives it a brushed steel look (at least from what I can see in the photos). I must get my hands on Matte About You. I think I saw it around here somewhere...

  3. The matte takes away the holo-ness but it makes it look more unique!!

  4. I have never seen a holo made matte! Fascinating!

    I prefer the Kaleidoscope Collection personally. There's a little more depth to the colors. It almost looks like tiny glitter particles. The OMG Collection is pretty and I do enjoy wearing the colors. I also found the Kaleidoscope collection to have better staying power on the nail. I change my polish so much though, it hardly matters. ;)

  5. Oh my, these both looks amazing! Some colors don't work as mattes, but these two definitely does. I must hurry my matte top coat order :-)

  6. It look amazing! the texture is so unique...

  7. I like both the OMG and kaleidoscope collections, however the OMGs are more disappointing (for some colors) than the kaleidoscope: some colors are just not as stunning as others because the holo effect is less noticeable in them.
    I am impressed by the finish Essie's top coat gives to BFF. I was really not into that "matte craze" that has been going on lately but I might end up getting Matte about you only for the pleasure of layering it over holos now that I've seen it gives them such an awesome finish!

  8. I really like the depth it gives them.

  9. The Asian Girl~Thanks for your opinion on the 2 collections! I'm going to get some Kaleidoscopes and try the layering!

    Chrissy~it does look a bit like brushed steel, I agree! I love how they look normally but matted is really nice too.

    Nail Fanatic~I love their holo but that's the great thing about matte top can wear it 2 ways!

    Diana~thanks for the thoughts on the collections. I'm going to try the Kaleidoscopes out. I don't leave my polish on for long either, so that shouldn't be a problem :)

    Amabile~glad you like them! I've been matting everything just to see what it looks like. Great fun!

    Inbal~I know, I love the texture. Almost like fabric or something.

    Chocaddict~thank you, it's good to hear everyone's opinions. Matte is just something different, I imagine after a while the craziness will die down, but it's a fun alternative.

    Clockwork~they do seem to have dimension to them. It's hard to describe!

  10. I love both the colours that you've posted here. Your nails are gorgeous and the matte definitely gives great texture. I've not used matte polish and I have one question (which may be silly so please excuse me if it is). Is the matte polish rough on the nail? I always seem to get a nails down the chalkboard feeling when I look at pictures of matte nails. I do not mean that offensively it's just a feeling I get, weird I know ;) <3

  11. Whooo they look amazing matte, esp the purple one. Loving it!

    I still can't get on your blog from home by the way. Boo hiss.

  12. Danielle~thank you! Not a silly question at, it's not rough at all. It feels just like a regular polish would.

    Helen~Damn the internet :) Glad you like these, I'm in love with them.

  13. Wow! Seeing DV8 (one of my favourites) matte makes me want to try it too! Great pictures :)