Friday, July 17, 2009

China Glaze BFF Made Me Say "OMG"!

I received my first China Glaze holographic polishes this week from Victoria Nail Supply and I think these polishes are my new BFF. I don't really do LOL-speak too often IRL but these polishes are GR8! Alright, that's enough of talking like that. I also got DV8 and LOL so I'm very excited to try these 2 out and then probably order all of the others. SRSLY. Oh no, now I can't stop talking like that :) I used 3 coats, which dried quickly over a base coat of Color Club's Milky White, which I am still loving. Nfu-Oh polishes had always been my favorite holographic ones, but they may have been surpassed by these. I thought about doing a deep purple Konad stamp over this, but I'm enjoying staring at it just the way it is. This polish not only reflects a powerful holographic pattern, but the appearance of texture, almost like crushed velvet, is completely mesmerizing to me. Are they all this nice? I'd love to hear your favorites or if there are any that just didn't perform as well as others.

Speaking of Victoria Nail Supply, I've been studying the list of retired Essie and OPI colors that I believe she's including in everyone's order, trying to decide which ones may be the hardest to come by so I can add them to my collection. I'm going to get Hungary For My Money because I'm half Hungarian, and then continue looking up pictures/color chips of some of the others and get a few more that appeal to me. I don't even know what HFMM looks like yet, but I'm buying it just for the name! If you're ordering from Victoria Nail Supply, don't forget to mention Body & Soul in the comments section of your order and choose either 3 free pair of OPI Toe Separators or a bottle of Color Club's Milky White base coat as a little thank you from Victoria Nail and myself!


  1. I absolutely love the OMG collection! They are so spell-binding and I stare at my nails all the time (not good for work).

  2. Ok but these really are absolutly amazing!!!!

  3. I'm glad for you you got BFF it's may favourite holo so far, I love it so much I might get a backup bottle of it next time I order online ^_^

  4. I'ts so beautiful... and you captured the holo really well in those photos.

  5. The OMG-collection is indeed an awesome collection. Spot on! :D

  6. I love DV8 and QT and OMG. They're amazing.

  7. I dont know what is taking me so long to get the OMG collection. I see it everywhere!!! I just need to fork over the money. Looks gorgeous on you!

  8. I had to quick look at my list of polishes I have and phew, I have it. Scared me a minute. That is such a beautiful holo. I thought you had these already! They are so gorgeous. You just keep looking at your nails all day. I have to order the ones I'm missing. With Victoria Nail Supply, I thought you can only order Essie and OPI with a beauty license? I wanted to order but I need the license number. Do you know anything about that? Your pictures are fantastic and you really captured all that holo goodness! Have a good weekend sweetie.

  9. I have the whole collection, and I must say they are a must get. These holographic nail polishes are amazing, and each color is unique and gorgeous as they are.

  10. I have QT, but I really really want DV8 too. I think they're all so beautiful! Great pictures capturing the holo effect btw (by the way)... lol.

  11. I love the 4 that I own, I must get the rest soon!

  12. I missed out on OMG and Kaleidoscope, would probably have to start gathering them now. Thanks for the swatches

  13. Nessa~I'm loving them too, and I've only tried one :)

    Tali~they are very pretty. I want to try using it just as a tip color with a solid nail color.

    Chocaddict~glad to hear you like it too. I'm quite impressed with it.

    Inbal~I was concerned I wouldn't be able to capture it's beauty on the camera, but they came out great, thanks!

    Kajsa~thanks! Everyone seems to love this collection.

    Phyrra~yay, DV8 is one of the other I got and yes, I love it also.

    AdorePink~yes, you 'need' to get these! Thank you :)

    Lucy~I want all of them now :) You can order the discontinued shades of OPI and Essie without a license. I think you just need to e-mail her your order.

    Nail Fanatic~that's great you have them all! You're talking me into getting all of them too!

    Nailfiles~thanks, I was pleased with the photos. They really are that stunning in real life :)

    Kae~I think I'm going to order more this coming week, I can't stop myself!

    Halifax~you're welcome! I think the Kaleidoscope ones are being discontinued, so I want to get some of those before they're gone.

  14. I think I need it!

    I love the fact we're having a ChG holo revival at the moment. It must be summer!