Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chanel Gold Fiction vs. QRS 24 Kt

Above & Below: The above photos are all taken indoors, the below ones are outdoors. I am able to notice more of a difference indoors, and very little difference in outdoor lighting. The Index and Ring fingers are Chanel Gold Fiction, while the Middle and Pinkie are QRS 24 Kt.

Below: The subjects of our study, side by side. Chanel has a coated bottle so you're not getting an accurate picture of the bottle color.
I was able to compare these two a bit better this morning and wanted to show you the pictures and see what you thought. The only differences I notice are very slight, but there are differences if you study them closely. The color/shade are almost exact, although the QRS polish is slightly brighter and doesn't have quite as fine of shimmer as the Chanel. The Chanel took 3 coats to achieve the look, while the QRS took only 2. The Chanel also took much longer to be dry to the touch than the QRS polish did. The Chanel brush and handle are much smaller than the QRS, so as far as ease of application, I'd have to pick the QRS polish. As far as the polish colors themselves, there's so little difference that I think it's safe to say that the QRS to as close to Chanel's as you're going to find. Of course the main difference is, it's not Chanel and that certainly counts for something, but it is close. What do you think?

Today's winner in the final drawing for the July contest is Tena. She does have a blog that's called NailsIt, although she has not made any posts yet. I've seen her photos on MUA and she is very talented and has beautiful nails. I added myself as a follower a while back and have been anxiously awaiting her posts, so maybe if you all check out her blog we can pressure her into posting!


  1. They are both very pretty, but I think the Quirius polish looks nicer than the Chanel

  2. Thanks for the comparison swatches, there is such a tiny difference between the two you would never know :) Very pretty

  3. it's impressive that they are so similar, on the pictures the chanel looks slightly more muted than the qrs but that's the only thing I was able to see
    both look very pretty :)

  4. I love the Chanel. I wish I had some of their polishes. They look so nice!

    Check out my blog when you get a chance. I've nominated you for a tag/award. :)

  5. They look REALLY similar but it seems QRS has more of a bronze tone to it. I like Chanel Gold Fiction a lot!!

  6. gotta agree with nail fanatic on this one mary. i don't think we'll ever get closer to a gold fiction dupe than this tho!

  7. There is a teeeny tiny difference here but only if it were pointed out. So nice to get a decent (cheaper) dupe for a polish you love. AND faster drying? Hurrah!

    And congratulations to Tena!

  8. I love gold polish, but it is so hard to find just the right shade for me. Not all golds look good on me, and it is just a color I love! I had luck with a Lippmann's Nefertiti, that's about the only gold I think rocks on my fingers.


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