Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brand Focus: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color

Above: L-R: Mochachino, Jumpin' Jade, Pronto Purple, Wined Up, Flashy Fuchsia.
Above & Below: Wined Up and mattified with Essie Matte About You. I like the Essie, but I prefer Nubar's V for Men, simply because I had a bit of smearing around the cuticles with Essie and I didn't have that problem with Nubar. The actual level of matte is very close, although I will admit, Essie's may be a percent or two more matte than Nubar's.

Above & Below: Jumpin' Jade alone and with a matte finish.

Above: Pronto Purple.
Above and Below: These were my first Konad attempts some months ago. Flashy Fuchsia and Mochachino.
Below: Brush detail compared to a regular OPI brush. The stem and brush are about 3x that of a standard one.
One Stroke! One Coat! Done! That's the tag line that Sally Hansen uses for this collection of polishes and I'd have to agree with it...for the most part. The unique character of this polish is the brush. It's extremely wide with a bit of tapering around the edges and the stem is a wide, flat rectangle rather than the standard round stem. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, the application is almost flawless. The only problem I really have, is that the opening to the bottle is a bit small and the stem is so wide, that I've almost tipped the bottle over scraping the stem and brush against the neck edge to get the polish amount right on the brush. Because the stem is so wide, it holds onto a lot of polish that will drip onto the brush and give you too much product, so I always scrape a bit of the stem also. You actually can get away with one coat, but out of habit I tend to use two. One stroke? That's questionable, because if you press the brush down, it widens out enough to almost coat the entire nail, but you really do need to add a stroke up each side for complete coverage. My overall thought on this polish is that it's very good. It dries extremely fast, wears well, comes in a wide array of colors and the brush, once you've gotten used to it, works very well. I normally pick these up at local chain drugstores, but I think the average price of $5.99 is a bit high for this brand. Price shopping and watching for a sale make them more affordable and make me feel less guilty spending that much for a drugstore brand.

I was recently introduced to a fairly new website called which makes finding a product and price shopping a whole lot easier. You simply type in what you're looking for and it brings up a list of stores that carry that product along with the price. For example, typing Sally Hansen Insta Dri Polish will bring you these results. It was nice to see actual bottle pictures of each color right away, rather than just a store name or a color swatch. I typed in my tanning lotion the other day and was able to find it for less than half what I've been paying and it's scheduled for delivery today. The other feature that this website offers is "Ask Questions/Get Answers." It allows the user to ask a question about a product and receive an answer from their expert panel. You can use this site to search for any consumer product, and it's a great source for comparative shopping. I've also come across some etailers that I was unaware of when searching for various beauty products, so I appreciate being able to not only find everything in one place, but to be able to compare prices at a glance and discover new places to shop along the way. Check them out the next time you're searching for something and it will help you find the best deal available online. If you find a shade you like while searching, here's a coupon you can use from Walgreen's today or tomorrow for $5.00 off a $25.00 purchase, either online or in the store.


  1. Love that Berry on you. I've never tried the Insta-Dri. Your Konadicure turned out really pretty. I really liked the one with Mochachino. Very delicate looking. I'm going to try that site Sounds good to try it. That's great that you got your tanning lotion half price.

  2. wined up looks sooo nice xxx

  3. Hey Mary first off id like to say you have g0rjuz nailz and you have great taste in polishes =p as for the nail tek,i found it to dry quite fast with the first coat but 2nd took a little longer

  4. I liked Wined Up matte! I don't own any Insta Dri so I didn't know the brush was that huge! I just can't justify spending more than 5$ on a drugstore polish.
    I like your Koni's, wish I could see more of the Mochachino one!

  5. Very nice. I have all of those colors except the pink. I love the brushes and how easy it was to apply.

  6. I'm not sure how the brush on these would work for me. I have teeny tiny little nails (it's always commented on by nail techs when I get a manicure) and I really think the brush would actually be too big. The Pro Wide brushes on OPI are too wide for my pinky nail!

  7. For some reason I'm not a big fan of sally hansen products.. why I don't know? lol but these look great on you. And I DEFINITELY need to get my hands on the essie matte about you! *jaws dropped*

  8. Lucy~Mochachino was the first shade I bought when these came out. Jumpin' Jade is probably my favorite though.

    Nail Polish Junkie~I just got that one and I like it because it's kind of one of the polishes that seems 'glowy'.

    Nailz~thanks, and thanks for the info on Nailtek. :)

    Kae~I had to crop that picture way down because that was my very first Konad and believe me, it wasn't good!

    Nosaby~I really do like those brushes. The first time I pulled it out of the bottle I didn't think I was going to like it though!

    Selina~well if the Pro Wide ones are too big these are definitely way too big! I've never seen anything quite like these before.

    Nail Fanatic~I'm not a big Sally Hansen fan either, I think I have about 10 of their polishes. But their newer products seem to be much better quality than previously.

  9. Wow that is one wide brush!
    I don't know any store in France that carries Sally Hansen, that's too bad I would have tried the Jumpin' Jade one, it looks really good.
    Pronto Purple reminds me of Zoya's Hope.
    I must have a look next time I go to Germany or Switzerland, I think they have that brand there.
    Thanks for the review :o)

  10. Wow, these matted look wicked that is worth the purchase for sure, wish I hadn't splurged on the KO matte a dog's age ago XD lol.

  11. One stroke, one coat, done! Hmm, why does that sound familiar? *tries to resist perverted mind*

    That brush is crazy looking I'd like to try some of these.