Friday, July 31, 2009

Color Club 'Wild at Heart' Fall Collection

Above & Below: L-R-Love 'Em Leave 'Em, Wild at Heart, On the Wild Side, Wild and Willing, With Abandon, Rule Breaker. Above picture is indoors with flash, below picture is outdoors with no flash. The sun was setting so the colors look a bit washed out because the sun was so intense on them. I would say the above picture is very true to life. Click pictures for a more detailed view.

'Take A Walk On The Wild Side' with this brand new collection (finally!) from Color Club. With the massive influx of new Fall collections coming out, it's difficult to decide which ones are truly perfect for you, without going too crazy and buying all of them, although it can be tempting. For me, this collection is right up my alley. I haven't had a chance to swatch them yet, but I'll get started on that tomorrow. In looking at the bottles, this is one fantastic Fall collection. Keep in mind I haven't used these yet, but this is what I think awaits me...2 holos (Love 'Em Leave 'Em, a pale champagne shade, and Wild at Heart, a medium purple shade), 2 glass-flecked (Wild and Willing, a bright golden-bronze shade, and With Abandon, a stunning deep olive-brown shade), and 2 shimmer shades that look to be somewhat metallic also (On the Wild Side, a mid-tone silvery gray, and Rule Breaker, a lovely turquoise shade).

These should be available at Victoria Nail Supply by the end of next week if you'd like to order them. If I hear any updates regarding their availability, I'll be sure to let you know. Don't forget to mention 'Body & Soul' in the comments section of your order and then mention which free product you'd like to receive, just for reading my blog. You have your choice of 3 sets of OPI toe separators or 1 bottle of Color Club's Milky White base coat. Details can be found over in the right hand column under 'Tip Jar.' I have always experienced fantastic customer service and fast shipping from Victoria Nail, so if you're not familiar with them, I highly recommend them as one of my favorite e-tailers. What do you think of this collection? Are these your kind of colors for this Fall? I'd love to hear which collections or individual shades you're most looking forward to.

Orly Holiday 2009 Femme Fatale Swatches

Above: Orly's Holiday 2009 collection, Femme Fatale. L-R: Temptress, Siren, and Goddess.
Below: Siren, a vibrant reddish/coral creme with impeccable application.

Below: Goddess, a rich plumb creme that applied flawlessly. I added a matte coat to it and it's lovely that way also.

Below: Temptress, a deep wine shade with gold shimmer. It appears darker than this in less light. I love the gold shimmer in this one.

Below: Gold veining in Temptress.
Orly's Holiday 2009 collection is entitled "Femme Fatale" and includes 2 cremes and 1 shimmer. These will be available beginning in November. This collection doesn't boast your typical 'holiday' shades, but it is a very nice collection of shades that will look pretty not only during the holidays, but throughout the year. At first glance I thought the lone shimmer, Temptress, would be my favorite one, but after using all three of them, I'll have to rank them as follows: #1 Siren (described as a bright red creme, but appears to be a bright red coral creme), #2 Goddess (described as a red brown creme, but on me it appears to be a rich medium plum), and #3 Temptress (described as a deep red shimmer, but I will describe it as a deep wine laced with gold shimmer). They're all fantastic shades, but the 2 cremes won my heart because of their vibrant color and their application. 2 coats and I had a perfect finish. All three of them applied perfectly in 2 coats and the formula is just perfect, with a medium consistency that stayed right where I put it without any pooling. I was completely taken with the cremes particularly because I don't pride myself on being able to apply cremes well, and I always feel a bit of apprehension when I use them. Although it's a small collection with colors that you don't typically associate with the holidays, it's a lovely group of shades that as Orly says, "are the perfect accessories to complete all holiday ensembles."

And here's a little fun fact I recently learned...Orly is actually the name of Jeff Pink's (Orly's creator) wife!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kleancolor China Red

China Red is a lovely shade of medium red infused with fairy-sized gold glitter, so I'm loving this shade! The gold is evident as veining in the bottle rather than an even disbursement of glitter throughout the polish, but once applied (perfectly and fast drying in 2 coats) to the nail it displays itself more as a fine gold sprinkling of pixie dust over the surface of red. These pictures were taken in various lighting indoors with a flash and outdoors without a flash, although the sun was already setting. I can only imagine the beauty of this one in full sunlight. I am finding this brand to be very easy to work with and although I've only shared the 2 with you, I'm very impressed with the finishes and the shades. I still want to get back to the QRS polishes because those too impressed me basically for the same reasons. Too many pretty polishes and not enough hours in the day.

Don't ask me why, because I consider myself as to be on the technologically-challenged side, so even though I'm still learning about it, I signed up with Twitter. I thought it would be a good way to give you updates as well as keep better track of some of you and your activities. My Twitter contact information can be found in the upper right corner of my blog. I'll be checking your blogs to see if you Twitter and add those of you who do, or let me know in a comment below.

SpaRitual 'Forbidden' Fall 2009 Press Release

Here is the press release for SpaRitual's 2009 Fall collection called Forbidden. It includes 5 cremes and 1 shimmer and will be available in September. SpaRitual was founded by Shel Pink, who is Jeff Pink's daughter in law, and as many or you know, Jeff Pink is the founder of Orly Beauty. Wouldn't it be fun to listen in on their family dinnertime conversations? Spa Ritual polishes will be discussed in more detail during August on my blog, as I'll be focusing quite a bit on natural and organic cosmetics. SpaRitual "practices a philosophy that a beautiful environment inspires beauty," so their products will fit right in with my theme. I apologize for the quality of this photo, but I was having trouble getting Blogger to accept the file, so this is a photo of the printed file. Click on the photo to read the descriptions, because it sounds like a very nice collection. I'm especially looking forward to Hypnotic, a charcoal brown shimmer.

I'll be back later tonight with another Kleancolor shade. This one is called China Red, and it appears to be a red shimmer with gold veining. It was one of the first ones that caught my eye when I opened the box because of the delicate ribbons of gold running through it.

Kleancolor Neon Sapphire

Above & Below: Kleancolor Neon Sapphire, a bright shade of blue in a creme finish. Photos are various lighting, taken indoors with a flash and outdoors with no flash.

I had an appointment this morning and then lunch with a very good friend of mine that I used to work with, so I'm a little behind schedule today. I had to go to a natural foods store in search of some products for my upcoming blog theme...I'm going to be doing a number of posts on Natural and Organic Beauty products during the month of August...and my friend and former co-worker got dragged along. He was very good about it though and got pretty excited when he saw that there was a brand called Jason Organics, because his name is Jason. Speaking of natural, when we think of 'safe' nail polishes, the name Zoya often comes to mind. As most of you know, they make a fantastic line of products and I wanted to remind you to follow them on Twitter if you aren't already. It's a great way to stay current with news and product information from them, as well as being alerted to codes and sales/deals. They're trying to reach 5,000 followers by the end of the day this coming Monday, so if you aren't already following them, you can find them here:
The Kleancolor polishes I received earlier this week have been neglected for too long, so let's start looking at some of those. This is my first time using this brand and I was at first impressed just by the $1.49 price tag, but after the application, there are other impressive points to be made. The brush and handle are nothing out of the ordinary, but the combination of the shape and size make it feel just right. The formula was of a medium consistency and the drying time I would classify as above average. The finished product was a very vivid, medium/dark shade of turquoise with a high gloss jelly-like finish and this took 3 thin coats to achieve. The only thing I found a bit odd, was the shade change from the bottle to the nail. In the bottle it looks to be a medium to darker shade of royal blue. However, it applied and dried to a more turquoise shade, which unfortunately didn't translate through my photos. There's a bit of visible nail line, but that doesn't really bother me. It's a beautiful color regardless, but I am curious as to how 'true to the bottle shade' the other polishes will be. And of course the only way to find out is to try another one, so I'll be back later today and let you know what I find out.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Essie Strawberry Acai from the Jello/Redbook Contest

Above & Below: Essie's LE polish in Strawberry Acai. This plant started blooming Sunday and I was wondering which polish to pose with it, so this arrived just in time.
Below: Indoors with no flash. The gloss is so intense on this one that all of the flash pictures I took didn't turn out, so this is a bit dark. Such a cute little certificate that came with it!
Today's mail brought me an unfamiliar package from Hearst Publications. I didn't recall ordering anything, but when I felt a nail polish bottle inside the padded envelope, I remembered about the contest that I shared with you several months back, sponsored by Jello and Redbook. I am happy to have won one of these not only because they are limited edition (they only made 1,000 in this color and 1,000 in the other shade that is also only available through this contest, called Raspberry Goji), but because I've been trying to add to my Essie collection, having only about 12-15 in this line. It's a beautiful shade of deep cherry red, a creme, and it applied nicely after 3 thin coats. I am awed by the high gloss of this polish with no top coat. I think I'm going to go make some Jello now!

Chanel Gold Fiction vs. QRS 24 Kt

Above & Below: The above photos are all taken indoors, the below ones are outdoors. I am able to notice more of a difference indoors, and very little difference in outdoor lighting. The Index and Ring fingers are Chanel Gold Fiction, while the Middle and Pinkie are QRS 24 Kt.

Below: The subjects of our study, side by side. Chanel has a coated bottle so you're not getting an accurate picture of the bottle color.
I was able to compare these two a bit better this morning and wanted to show you the pictures and see what you thought. The only differences I notice are very slight, but there are differences if you study them closely. The color/shade are almost exact, although the QRS polish is slightly brighter and doesn't have quite as fine of shimmer as the Chanel. The Chanel took 3 coats to achieve the look, while the QRS took only 2. The Chanel also took much longer to be dry to the touch than the QRS polish did. The Chanel brush and handle are much smaller than the QRS, so as far as ease of application, I'd have to pick the QRS polish. As far as the polish colors themselves, there's so little difference that I think it's safe to say that the QRS to as close to Chanel's as you're going to find. Of course the main difference is, it's not Chanel and that certainly counts for something, but it is close. What do you think?

Today's winner in the final drawing for the July contest is Tena. She does have a blog that's called NailsIt, although she has not made any posts yet. I've seen her photos on MUA and she is very talented and has beautiful nails. I added myself as a follower a while back and have been anxiously awaiting her posts, so maybe if you all check out her blog we can pressure her into posting!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

KleanColor Haul & Free Ship at Cherryculture

Above: KleanColor polishes L-R: Look Wet top coat, Calcium treatment, Black Glitter, Twingkle Love (that's how it's spelled!), Starry Purple, Milky Way, Spontaneous, Purple Velvet, China Red, Neon Sapphire, Sonic Bloom (I think that will be my favorite one).
Above & Below: Rainbow Splendor Eye Shadow Palettes. These have a pearl/metallic finish and were $2.99 each. Below is with the lid shut to show you the holographic grapevine that changes color. All that entertainment for just $2.99!
The UPS man was very good to me today! Among other great beauty-related things, he delivered my order from KleanColor. I've been wanting to try this brand for a long time and finally got around to placing an order last week. They're $1.49 each on their website and the shipping for this ran about $8.00. I thought as long as I was paying shipping, I'd try a couple of their Rainbow Splendor eye shadow palettes, which are only $2.99 each and filled with 18 colors in each one. They have a pearly metallic finish and I doubt they're top quality, but I thought they were pretty. Isn't that a good enough reason? I'll put these next to my QRS polishes and get to them very soon.

If you're thinking about trying this brand, CherryCulture is having a free shipping event on every order (U.S. only) July 28-31 and they do carry many products from this line, including some nail polish. Their polish price is on sale for $2.00 right now, so it's a bit more expensive, but with the free shipping, I suppose it comes out about the same.

Sephora by OPI Dark Room

Above & Below: Above pictures are taken indoors with a flash. Pictures shown below are taken outdoors, partly cloudy skies with no flash.

Below: Comparison bottle picture next to Orly's Enchanted Forest.
Sephora recently released this dark green creme shade and although similar to Orly's Enchanted Forest, it's different enough that it was a 'must have' for me! I'd read on MUA where some of the ladies were having problems with the application being streaky, needing massive coats to get it opaque, and so on, so I was a little apprehensive about using it. I'm happy to report though, that in 2 coats it gave me a very nice application. The first coat was indeed streaky, but I waited a minute or two until it was tacky, then lightly touched up some of the 'balder' areas. I waited another minute and then proceeded with the second coat. It dried well and I didn't have any problems whatsoever. If you're thinking about getting this shade and don't want to spend money on shipping, there's a code over in the right hand column under 'Tip Jar' for free shipping at $25.00 that expires July 31.

I received a press release with Spa Ritual's new Fall Collection called Forbidden, which includes 5 cremes and a shimmer. It has a September 2009 release date. If I weren't so computer illiterate, I'd post it for you, but I can't figure out how to post a Word document that has a picture in it, into my blogger post. If anyone knows how to do this, let me know. Otherwise, I'll print it out, take a picture and post it that way, but the colors never quite translate as well using that method.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Quirius by QRS Swatches in 24 Kt

Above & Below: 24 Kt taken indoors with a flash.
Below: Outdoors, mostly sunny skies with no flash.

Above & Below: 24 kt gold and flowers, 2 of my favorite things! These are Morning Glories.
Below: Some of my other golds, including 24 Kt.

Above & Below: My other 2 dogs (Gizmo and Greta) were outside with me while I was taking pictures for this post and I'm pretty sure they're thinking "Max, why did you have to go and leave us to contend with this crazy lady taking pictures of her nail polish?" They miss him too, but are adjusting better every day. Thanks again for all of your kind words and good thoughts over the last week as we said goodbye to our loyal and faithful friend.
Here is my favorite of this box of six and I knew it would be! My overall favorite of the 11 I've tried is still Cresskill Eve, but I've got 12 more to go yet. 24 Kt is a bright gold with very fine shimmer, in fact the shimmer is so fine, it's barely noticeable, which in my opinion, gives it more of a liquid gold finish. I held it next to some 14 kt and 24 kt gold jewelry and it's a bit darker than that. The application (2 coats) on the first coat went on similar to that of a metallic, leaving bare spots and brush strokes and some areas darker than others. But I wasn't worried, because I assumed the second coat would make everything right, as it has on almost all of the shades I've tried. The second coat filled everything in and I was left with a smooth, bright, even look. I grabbed some of my other golds just to show you a quick bottle comparison, and before I removed the polish I thought I'd compare it to Chanel's Gold Fiction...the polish that I sit upon a lighted monument at night, that slowly rotates as the strains of Frank Sinatra's 'The Way You Look Tonight" plays softly in the background...'I will feel a glow just thinking of you, and the way you look tonight'. I might be exaggerating a bit, but I do love my Gold Fiction. I painted half of my thumbnail with Gold Fiction and the other half with 24 Kt and I could not tell a difference at all. It looked as if I had the same shade across my entire nail. If I remember, tomorrow when I'm doing my nails I'll do every other finger in these 2 shades and take a picture, because it looks to me to be a perfect duplicate.