Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why I Should Host Birthday Parties More Often

Above: The lovely bouquet of fresh flowers I received for hosting the party.
Below: The Estee Lauder bag that contained goodies to add to my make up collection.

Above: Estee Lauder Golden Goddess nail polish.
Below: The goodies that were in the bag (EL gwp). Eye shadow and blush palette, make up remover, mascara, lip stick and 3 nail polish mini's.
Below: And what's this little gem that was also tucked in the bag...Chanel Gold Fiction!
Below: I can't wait to try this out! Liquid gold.
I'm taking it easy today after hosting my Dad's 80th birthday party yesterday, so I have no actual pictures of nails for you. Our party was very nice yesterday and I think a good time was had by all. It was so nice to spend time with everyone and I wish we could do it more often, but many miles separate most of my family members. I'm thinking I should host more of these parties for family members, because although it wasn't my birthday party, my two sisters made me very happy! They brought me hostess gifts, which was a total surprise and so very thoughtful of them. My oldest sister from South Carolina and her husband brought me a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers which smell divine. My second oldest sister from Dallas (my whole family knows of and accepts my make up addiction!) brought me an Estee Lauder polish and the gift with purchase bag and goodies that she got with it. As I was unwrapping all of the make up inside of it oohing and ahhing over it, there was one last item in the bag, separate from all of the EL products. Chanel Gold Fiction. I'm going to go take a nap now after all of the festivities of yesterday, and you can be sure that my little box containing the Gold Fiction will be resting on the pillow next to me!


  1. Great stuff!
    The Gold Fictio looks fab!.. its perfet for summer!!

  2. I'm so happy to hear you all had a great day!! Awesome gifts there :)

  3. Sounds like great fun! Nice present! I felt the same way when I got gold fiction! I hope you love it!

  4. Ooh Mary, what wonderful gifts!
    The flowers sre so beautiful. And lovely make-up too, wow!

    I hope the party went well and that your dad (and everyone else) had a great time.

  5. What a lovely surprise with those presents, yay!

    Glad you had a great time, now sit back and relax!

  6. Glad you had a good time in family, your sisters are so nice with you !
    Can't wait to see the Chanel applied !!!

  7. Happy Birthday to you Dad. How nice that you had a party for him. Nice to have your famil wiht you. Beautiful flowers, lilies smell so lovely. Nice gifts. Have a nice rest, you deserve one. I bet you have worked very hard before the party to get everything ready. I'm sure everyone really appreciated it.

  8. Tali~thanks! I love it, now I need some gold sandals :)

    Vanessa~yes, we all had a wonderful day! I loved seeing everyone and the gifts were just an added plus to the whole day :)

    Kitty~I love all of my gifts! I'm sure I'll love the Chanel, how could I not?!!

    Helen~thanks so much! Everyone ate way too much and had a wonderful time.

    Kae~I haven't done too much productive work today, but I'll be renewed by tomorrow :)

    Celine~I love my sisters to pieces, I just wish we didn't all live so far apart. I'm very excited about using the Gold Fiction :)

    Lucy~we all had a great time...a lot of work, but worth every minute. The lilies smell so good, every time I walk near them I can smell them.

  9. it seem's a great party and nice loots!

  10. Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous. Gold Fiction looks just jaw dropping. Sounds like a wonderful party indeed ^^

  11. That is so nice to hear that you all had a great time together ! I love parties and love to host, but I understand you about the need for a good rest ater all this :-)
    The gifts that you've got are awesome and I cold smell those flowers up to

  12. Awww...sounds like a great time was had by all! It's so nice to spend time with family and celebrate together. Happy Birthday to your Dad! And what nice goodies too! Yes...I can picture you taking a nap, with the Gold Friction next to you. On the!

  13. Sounds like a blast! So nice for them to get you these goodies. I love gold fiction! Can't wait to see it on you!

  14. Jhoannz~yes, good time all around for everyone!

    Clockwork~the flowers are still looking beautiful 2 days later. I'll be using Gold Fiction soon :)

    Tuli~it was a very fun day. The flowers (I think it's the lillies) smell wonderful.

    Velvet~it was really nice. I feel like I should put my Gold Fiction on a separate shelf away from the others, maybe with a spotlight on it :)

    Nail Fanatic~I was very pleasantly surprised by my goodies. Glad you like Gold Fiction too, I can't wait to try it on.