Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wet n Wild Chrome in Brass & More BB Coutures

Above: Wet n Wild in Brass, from the LE Chrome collection. Only 1 coat, but good coverage.
Above & Below: Brass, topped with a coat of China Glaze Golden Enchantment. Above picture is indoors, below is outdoors. Very subtle when used as a top coat, with micro-fine glitter.

Above & Below: BB Couture in Fatal Attraction, the perfect blood red creme. 2 coats and the coverage was beyond perfection!

Above & Below: BB Couture in Midnight Malibu, a dark navy with multi-colored glitter. Again, 2 coats and it's perfect.
Below: A close-up of the glitter.
Today I'll throw in another brand besides BB Couture so you don't think I've gone exclusively BB! Although it's tempting, given all of the variety I'm finding with their polishes. I posted last month about finding 1 lone Wet n Wild Chrome and then looking everywhere for more, to no avail. Yesterday in Meijer I happened upon 1 more, just sitting all by itself on a shelf. There's 7 colors in this collection, so at this rate, maybe I'll be able to locate them all by the end of the year. This one is called Brass and does look like a brassy-gold shade, a bit brighter than brass, in my opinion. The brushes on these are wide and I can almost cover my nail completely in one stroke. I only used 1 coat because I just wanted to see what it looked like, and other than a bit of visible nail line on a few fingers, the coverage was terrific. I then coated it with China Glaze Golden Enchantment, a clear-based polish with tiny subtle gold glitter that reflects other colors in certain lighting. I so love these Wet n Wild Chrome polishes, they wear extremely well and the application and coverage are far above average.

Don't forget about the Overall Beauty special for Body and Soul readers. You'll find the details in the 'Tip Jar' column to the right, as well as my posts on Monday and Tuesday. I wanted to try and get a few more swatched than I did, but laziness overtook my intentions. How many times does that happen? More than I'd like to admit! I'm still totally impressed by this brand and the variation of colors and finishes, not to mention the perfect application. I wanted to try a creme, thinking it may not be as nice as the glittery ones I've tried, but I was wrong. I used Fatal Attraction and it applied perfectly in 2 coats and the even application, especially on the first coat, really surprised me. Midnight Malibu is inky navy blue loaded with glitter, mainly green and purple in looking at the bottle, but various colors expose themselves when applied to the nail. For those international readers who were wondering about the cost of shipping, I e-mailed Kim and she indicated that her cart on her website wasn't figuring the correct amount. If you're concerned about it, e-mail her and I'm sure she'd be happy to let you know the correct price. For example, she told me that 6 bottles shipped to France would run about $12.00. I've got 3 more BB's to share with you tomorrow and I'm expecting another order any day now with 5 more shades.


  1. The Gold looks so pretty on you, very charming ;)

    Ahd you did a big haul at BB couture, love the red too !

  2. Love the wnw gold, looks great with the cg layered! Liking all the bb coutures so far as well, can't wait to see more.

  3. Pretty golds! You're gonna have to quit on these BB!

  4. Love that Wetn'Wild and then you layer it and make it even better. What can I say about BB polishes other then their all gorgeous! Your nails look fabulous. Thanks for all the swatdhes.

  5. I can't believe that was only one coat of Brass. brilliant. I love the glitter on the top too - it looks really spangly with that on.

    Ooooh Midnight Malibu. What a beautiful colour. Also the red - gorgeous on you.

  6. Gorgeous! I think I like the bright red one the most though!

    Nothing wrong with a little laziness, I always say. SOmetimes you just gotta sit around and do nothing.

  7. Celine~I love these Wet n Wilds, thanks! Yes, I did a big haul, oops! The red is such a perfect shade, I'm very happy with it.

    Kae~yes, the little sparkles in the top coat were just right. Didn't want to go too blingy on this one! Glad you're enjoying the BB's. Still a few more to go.

    Velvet~hang in there, I'm almost through them!

    Lucy~thanks! Love the WnW and all of my BB's :)

    Helen~I can only imagine how nice the WnW would look with 2 coats! Midnight Malibu is fantastic, isn't it?!!

    Brooke~I was really taken with the red creme also. I'm a little too lazy, lately :) If it would ever stay warm here and sunny for more than a day, I might snap out of it.

  8. I love the wnw! And I really like it with the TC! I can't wait to get my BB-C's maybe Tomorrow!?!

  9. Love Midnight Malibu! Such an amazing looking blue!

  10. Kitty~I hope they arrive quickly for you! Glad you like the WnW, a great drug store brand.

    Alexlyndra~thanks you, I was having a hard time taking my eyes off of it!

  11. Yippee - you found another one..... keep 'hunting' you never know where products might turn up!

    I like both of those polish's and am excited that they are only 1 coat, that's really good coverage for only 1 coat.

    Those BB's look amazing, = it really is a blood red & it is cool and a little scary at the same time. The Midnight Malibu is another beautiful color, looooove the finish on these.

  12. Deez~and I shall find them all! I hope. I adore the BB's, this is my first time trying them.