Friday, June 5, 2009

A Trio of Blues

Above & Below: Misa's A Sin Worth Committing.

Above & Below: BB Couture's Sea of Cortez.

Above & Below: OPI's Dominant Jeans.
I had intended to do a NOTD using Misa's A Sin Worth Committing and then matte it because I think a dark blue would look nice matted, but I am stupid, so that's not what I ended up with! I painted my nails in the Misa, photographed it, then removed the polish. Two fingers were cleaned off and then it dawned on me that I was going to matte it so I could show it to you both ways. Oops...oh well, I just did a couple of more blues instead of re-doing my original idea. A Sin Worth Committing is a lovely dark blue shimmer, BB Couture is a sparkly medium blue and OPI's Dominant Jeans is a shimmery shade, a slight bit darker than a sky blue. The Misa applied wonderfully in 2 coats, the BB needed 3 coats, and the OPI, 4. That's all for today, I hope you all have a relaxing weekend!


  1. Wow Sea of Cortez is is really lush, it looks so glassy. Would love to have that Misa, it's a stunner, the Opi is cute and summery as well.

  2. can't wait for my sea of cortez to arrive - look so awesome!

  3. wow! beautiful blues!! i''m not a blue an when it comes to clothing, but i love blue nailpolish :-D but not as much as greens ;-)

  4. What attractive blues,they all are! I don't have any of these! I've done something very similar. When taking photos. I put a polish on. Then I'm supposed to take a picture of it. Before layering a glitter. But instead of taking the picture....I go ahead an apply the! And only realize what I've done. After painting two or three fingers! Oh well!

  5. Love all three shades! I must really like darks because I'm drawn to the Misa one but the the OPI blue is so pretty and summery.

  6. Nice blues ! I have the Misa, love it !

  7. I have the Misa it! I almost got the BB and changed my mind at the last minute! I got my order yesterday! have a great weekend!

  8. The Misa is beautiful - it makes me think of a dress I had once for a Christmas party.

    Not so keen on the BBC but can't really put my finger on why.

    I'm sooo glad to see a swatch of Dominant Jeans. I have hovered over buying this one many a time so thankyou very much for allowing me to see it in the flesh, as it were.

  9. These are great blues ! I love this Misa - it looks so rich and that BB reminds me the sea :-)

  10. Mary don't call yourself stupid! Your doing many things with this blog. Plus your a Mom and have a million things going on with that. I love the Misa. I have to check and see if I have it. I have Sea of Cortez and it's a beautiful shade. I don't have the OPI and that's also pretty. I got my BB polish order. I love all the shades I ordered. They do look more fall colored. I do have two light ones but the rest are dark. Just gorgeous though. I may order more! Thanks so much for your blog. I really enjoy it.

  11. Clockwork~thank you! The Misa is really pigmented and has such great coverage in just 2 coats. Love all 3, but the Misa is so rich looking.

    Nixxy~I think you'll love it! It was a bit thinner than the other BB's I've tried, but still very pretty.

    Kristine~thanks! I'm not much into blue clothing either, unless it's more teal or turquoise!

    Velvet~I really like all of these blues. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's losing my mind :)

    Kae~that Misa one really stands out to me also, I'ts very deep and shimmery.

    Celine~thank you. The Misa is a stunning polish!

    Kitty~sound like lots of us have this Misa :) Enjoy your weekend!

    Helen~all nice blues, but the Misa is probably my favorite of this group.

    Tuli~the BBC reminds me of the sea also, just something about the shade of it :)

    Lucy~I know I have too much going on, and sometimes I forget what I'm doing! I think I'm going to place one more order too, I'm so in love with these polishes!

  12. OOO! I like all of these! Especially OPI~ Dominant Jeans. That's just gorgeous. And the BB Couture! Awesome!

  13. That is a eye-catching blue &2 coats... hmmmm That is going on my list. I love how the sparkels/shimmers show up in those BB's..

    You are doing a great job with your blog... and are sooooooo far away from the s-word. Keep up all your good work for us!

  14. Olivia~I liked they way they all turned out, too. Thanks! I like each one in it's own way.

    Deez~you are too kind :) Thank you. The BB's have such a distinct finish and specific type of sparkle, it's hard to describe.