Sunday, June 7, 2009

Red Sparkles

Above & Below: Thumb=A Ruby for Rudolph, Index=BB Couture Fairy Blood, Middle=Orly Star Spangled, Index=China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Pinky=China Glaze Lubu Heels.
Note: Click pictures for a better view.
Below: Bottle pictures, L-R OPI A Ruby for Rudolph, BB Couture Fairy Blood, Orly Star Spangled, China Glaze Ruby Pumps, China Glaze Lubu Heels.
I went into Sally Beauty on Friday to pick up a Jilbere Hot Air Brush (regular $32.00 and with a coupon and my 15% discount I got it for $17.00), and as much as I tried to walk past the nail polish department without stopping, I noticed they had the Orly Stars & Stripes Collection out, so I picked up the red glitter one called Star Spangled. This collection also has a dark blue shimmer (Star of Bombay) and a white creme (White Out). When I got home, one of my BB Couture orders from Overall Beauty was waiting on the porch and as I unpacked it, I thought that Fairy Blood looked very close to the Orly I had just picked up, at least in the bottle. I wanted to compare them, along with some other red glitters I had and I found that actually, the new Orly is almost a dupe of China Glaze Ruby Pumps. It was interesting and fun to compare them all, and as you can see, Fairy Blood, Star Spangled and Ruby Pumps are the closest, just as they appear to be in the bottles. Fairy Blood seems to have more of a red creme base and less sparkle than Star Spangled and Ruby Pumps, but they're all pretty in their own way.


  1. Thanks for the comparisons. If you aren't a nail fanatic they all look alike. Except for Lubu Heels. They all look so bright and pretty on you.

  2. Great post!
    Star Spangled and Ruby Pumps really look like dupes.

  3. Wow - Fairy Blood & Star Spangled & Ruby Pumps are all extremely similar! ( and are all beautiful ) Luv that Lubu Heels.

    Hard to resist buying, isn't it *

  4. Very pretty reds! It's interesting how they're all similar!

  5. LOL! They are close! I have 3 of the 5, myself so I think I will pass on getting the other two! Thanks for the comparison!

  6. Oh, those are soo close! Well, with of course the exception of Lubu Heels, naturally. They're gorgeous! I was just eying some more of Orly's colors - my Sally's has some really good ones.

  7. Mmmm I love glittery, sparkly reds! I really can't see a visible difference between Star Spangled and Ruby Pumps, thanks for the swatches. Oh and of course love Lubu Heels :)

  8. They're all calling my name! Arrghhhh!

  9. They all look quite similar! I still can't find a red that will actually look good on me!

  10. Ooh they do look similar - lovely colours. my favourite red of all time is OPI's I'm Not Really A Waitress but I do love the glitter in these.

  11. That was a great comparison - thank you :-) I love all of them, and those three really seems to be similar - that's good for me to know since I just got my Ruby Pumps, and now I'll know that the other two looks very similar.

  12. Ruby Pumps and Star Spangled looks like dupes to me. They are sooo beautiful. I love these glittery red polishes. :)

  13. Lucy~yes, many of these are very similar. I couldn't find a fifth one to use that was as similar, so I just picked Lubu Heels because it's a classic :)

    Vanessa~they are so very similar, I can't tell them apart once they're on the nail.

    Deez~Fairy Blood looked more similar in the bottle, but the Orly and the ChG are total dupes. I love Lubu Heels, also.

    Olivia~thanks! I love reds, I don't know why I don't wear them more.

    Kitty~you're set if you have 3 of 5, they're very, very similar.

    Nicole~Orly makes some nice reds. Although I picked up Glam a while back thinking how pretty it was (similar-looking to these sparklies), and it's so sheer, I was disappointed.

    Kae~Lubu Heels is a must have, in my opinion. I really can't tell a difference between the ChG and the Orly.

    Nixxy~arghhh! They're so sparkly and pretty!

    Nail Fanatic~just keep buying reds, you'll find one that works :)

    Helen~I love INRAW, one of my all time favorite polishes. Ever.

    Tuli~your welcome! If you have Ruby Pumps then you have what you need :)

    Alexlyndra~They are identical or else very close to it!