Friday, June 19, 2009

Polish & Fashion Current Events

Above: New Revlon ads that were in several July magazines. The colors are pretty, subtle and feminine. Below: A small article featuring Ji Baek, founder of Rescue Beauty Lounge. I love the last line of the article...someone should write to them and suggest using felt, it works wonders when removing glitters. (from Allure) All pictures are clickable for enlargement.
Below: Hmmm, $170.00 a pair. Who's ordered these? I say that jokingly, although they do look comfortable and the more I look at them, the more I'm oddly drawn to them. The colors reminded me of nail polish shades. I would think that the plastic would cause your feet to sweat but maybe for $170.00 they've got some kind of anti-sweating device built in. (from Vogue)
Good morning~I'm not really feeling moved to paint my nails lately. I imagine it's because they're so short, or possibly because it's storming out AGAIN and we haven't had anything but rain and clouds all week. No sun for days on end makes me feel unmotivated to do much of anything. I was reading a couple of July magazine issues yesterday and came across some items I thought you might enjoy. I am getting way behind on my reading, both magazines and books, so I'm trying to get through the June & July issues and then move them into the recycle bin. I always cut out articles and pictures of things and stick them in a notebook, but it's a bit disorganized. I've been meaning to separate the book into fashion, make up, hair, etc., but for now it's all rather a mess and in no particular order. I'll add that to my ever-growing 'to do' list!
Nubar's Going Green collection in up and ready to order at Zoya has begun shipping out their matte collection, so if you pre-ordered that, it should arrive to you early next week.


  1. Those are some funky liitle shoes there missy! They remind me of Jellies, we used to LIVE in those shoes! I remember my sister losing a pair of her purple jellies down the river on a camping trip many years ago, lol!

    I'm behind too! I haven't been leaving very many comments, but please know I am checking them out :)

  2. I like the shoes also but not for that price. Everyone makes fun of Crocs but aren't these the same thing. Or does the price make them better? I can understand how you get when it rains. I forget how many days it's been raining in New Jersey. Too darn many! I'm behind 3 months in magazines. When I'm done with mine I give them to GoodWill. Some I pass on to a friend. She passes hers to me and then they go to GoodWill. I try to send everything I can to GoodWill. They have a big store not too far from me.

  3. I still just can NOT love jelly shoes. I just cant!!!!

  4. OK, I have a confession. I went to TK Maxx last week (I think you call it TJ Maxx?) and bought the most amazing pair of wedge sandals with gold straps. Ridiculously comfy too. And when I got them home and peeled the price label off...they were only ruddy Crocs! I hope no-one asks me about them. Sheenie will kill me if she ever finds out!

    I used to read every magazine out there. But it got too much and I fell out of love when my favourite one went bust so I only ever buy them now for a flight. But I get the Sunday Times every week and love the Style mazagine part.

  5. Like Brooke said those shoes remind me of high top version of jellies lol! Aaah the memories.

  6. Yes..I remember Jellies. And they made my feet sweat! All for the sake of fashion! I hope too. There's anti-sweat device in those plastic! I'm sorry to hear about so much rain. I get to feeling the same way. I only care to read InStyle these days. But...I always pick up Vogue's fall edtion. I love the huge 800 plus pages. Ads an!