Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Orly Goth & Konad Plate # m57

Above & Below: Orly Goth as base, Color Club Magic Attraction as design using plate m57.
Below: I tried to get some outdoor pictures, but the sun isn't quite high enough yet. That's a Clematis vine in the background.

Above & Below: Orly Goth shot indoors with flash.

Above & Below: I've been using a small angled brush for my cuticle area clean-up and I find it works better than a Q-Tip. I just dip it in acetone and clean around the cuticle if needed. The picture below gives you an idea of the size of the brush head.
Below: Here's a picture of my micro haul at Sally Beauty, minus the Beauty Secrets NP Remover.
Good morning! I stopped at Sally Beauty yesterday to pick up some more Beauty Secrets nail polish remover and thinner. Well, you know I had to come out of the store with more than just that. I noticed the Orly core display had 11 polishes with little cardboard rings on the bottle necks stating "new/nuevo" So I picked up Goth and Green With Envy. I almost picked up Prince Charming, which is a very cool mushroom brown creme and I think I'll go back and get it, because it just looked so unique. Goth is a very dark charcoal gray with silver glitter. I thought it was black, but after studying it, I really believe it's a super dark charcoal base. It applied perfectly in 2 coats. I then topped it off with Color Club Magic Attraction using Konad plate m57. Now that my nails are shorter, I enjoy using my Konad much more, it just seems easier for some reason. I updated my 'Mini Bar' column with some more products I've been using, so check that out if you're interested.


  1. this is seriously beautiful!! i la la love this look on you!

  2. I LOVE Orly Goth!! I was just at Sally's last night and I saw the Orly's with the cardboard rings and almost got prince charming too! I don't remember seeing Goth though- shucks!!

  3. Very pretty Mary! Isn't this your first Konadicure picture? Nice job and the Orly Goth is crazy nice. I have to get that one. I have to try that brush clean up. I use cotton balls with an orange stick. I try to get little pieces wrapped around the stick. It doesn't always work. I sometines take off more than I want on the sides.

  4. This Goth looks great and the onadicure you did turned out so beautiful - great job !!
    Also your idea with that brush sounds like a good idea to me and I think I may give it a try :-)
    And you know I just love your flowers...lol :-)

  5. i love this mani, black and holo silver look great together !

  6. I love Goth, it's so gorgeous! You made a very nice design with that Konad!

  7. Gorgeous!

    Goth looks awesome, especially with the konad action! And Green with Envy looks nice as well

  8. Kellie~this pattern with Magic Attraction is pretty forgiving of error, so I was pleased with the end result. Thanks :)

    Brooke~I've wanted Goth for a while, so I'm happy i got it. Didn't go back yet for the Prince Charming. I'm trying to resist.

    Nailz~thanks, I love how the holographic polish looks against the Goth.

    Lucy~I think I did one other Konad near the start of my blog, but now that my nails are shorter, I think it's a good time to practice. I love using the little brush because I sometimes took too much off also.

    Tuli~thanks, I'm happy with it! May do another Konad tomorrow. Glad you like the flowers :)

    Celine~thank you, I thought they might looks good, but I wasn't sure if the CC would pick up right, but it did.

    Alexlyndra~Goth is so cool, I love it! I like the m57 plate, it has some good patterns on it.

    Delaynee~thanks! I keep looking at the Green With Envy bottle sitting here, wondering what color it might look good with as a Konad.

  9. I love this! Great job with the Konad! I've been thinking about getting the goth polish, but I think It might be a dupe for some of my other polishes.

  10. I'm so surprised Magic Attraction picked up so well. It's so glitter heavy. I have the whole Glitter Vixen collection. I usually use them for over the top funky frenches. Never thought to try them with the Konad. Looks great!

    I always use a brush for clean up too. It seems to be the most precise method for me. The one I use is straight across, not slanted. How do you like the shape of the brush?

  11. Love your blog. I saw that you like Beauty Secrets NP remover. I have found that the Adios brand that Sally's sells by the gallon, works a lot better. I have been using the duo lash/brow groomer brush with Acetibe for cleaning my nails after polishing. It's a stiff flat bristle brush. Could not tell if the brush you use is a soft tip or stiff bristle brush.

  12. Cool, and thanks for posting a pic of your brush. Lots of the gals on MUA use brushes for cleanup but I'd like to see more pics. I've been experimenting with different ones but nothing quite right yet...

  13. That is amazing - really inspires me to dig my Konad out again - love it!

    You passed over a mushroom brown creme?? You have waaaay more willpower than me!!

  14. i love gothic!!! wow what a gorgeous rich shade!!

  15. Kitty~I really like it and was afraid it may be dupish also, but so far I don't see anything in my collection close to it.

    Diana~I was pleasantly surprised also that it picked up so well! I like the slanted brush better. I tried a straight one, but this works better for me.

    Siamese Flame~glad you like my blog! Thanks for reading it. I'll have to check out that brand of remover. This brush is on the softer side.

    Cali369~you're welcome! I've tried a few different ones, and although I'm not completely satisfied, so far this one works best.

    Helen~I would love to see your lovely nails Konadified! Dig it out! I picked up the Prince Charming Mushroom for you today :)

    Whit~Welcome! And thank you, it's like nothing I've ever seen.