Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nubars~Sun Gold & Tan Me

Above & Below: Nubar Sun Gold indoors, with flash. I tried to capture the bottle so you could see all of the gold veining. You still can't see it in these pictures, but it is there, I promise you. Click pictures for detail.
Below: Sun Gold is a nice enough color, I'm just not sure I like it on me.
Below: Nubar Tan Me Layered over Sun Gold. Click...you must click the pic!
Below: Close up of the Tan Me bottle and yes, it is necessary to click the picture :)
Below: Tan Me is a bit subtle on it's own, but still rather eye-catching with it's sparkle.
Nubar's Sun Gold is a coppery shade with gold veining in the bottle. In dimmer lighting, the polish in the bottle actually appears to be a bit pink. After the application, it is simply a bright copper with gold micro shimmer. Pretty, but I'm not sure I love this one. I like it, but the shade is not great on my skin tone. It applied very well, smooth application, even coverage in 2 coats and good drying time. So, in my usual attempt to change it up a little bit, I applied a couple of layers of Nubar Tan Me. The result? It looks like a party on my finger tips! Not a bad thing, but I can imagine that Tan Me would really stand out on a darker creme shade, maybe a navy blue or black, for example. Or a purple, or even a bright magenta...you get the idea! On it's own, Tan Me is a sand or dirty peach colored clearish base with multi-colored and multi-sized glitter. In the bottle it is extremely sparkly, as it is on the nail. The silver pieces of glitter change color, which is interesting. I couldn't capture the sparkle and reflective properties that the glitter has in my pictures, but it is very different from any other glitters I have. The glitter seems to 'move' in the light and if we ever see the sunshine again, I'm going to have to try it over a dark polish and get some better pictures of it.


  1. Holy moly! I almost had to put sunglasses on to look at it - fantastic! :D

  2. Great summer/fall shade! I'm so familiar with that feeling; nice shade but not sure it agrees with skin tone, etc ;) I think it looks good on you, though, and that Tan Me is awesome, since I'm a sucker for glittah :)
    Will be interesting to see it layered over other polishes!

  3. That glitter is absolutely stunning. Am absolutely wowed!

  4. I can use all the brightness right now. It was lightning, thundering and pouring. Finally stopped and now I need that polish. I love the Sun Gold. With Tan Me, oh yeah it's amazing. Thanks for the shiny stuff this morning. I haven't even been to bed. I was up all night playing Nanny Mania2. I've been an insomniac for the past week. Not much sleep. Oh well I'll just stay on the computer! Thanks Mary for the glorious polish.

  5. Tan me has me droooooooling! I love it and the name!! I need a bottle of this in my life :)

  6. You know I'm lovin both! Great choices! I think maybe in the sun you'll like it more?

  7. Oh my, that's such an amazing colour! I love it! I like how it looks with Tan Me. :)

  8. Am I the only one that had to squint after clicking on Sun Gold? lol you need a warning on it that says do not adjust your monitor.

    Very pretty color, like the golden shimmer and tan me is yummy too!

  9. Wow! very sparkly! And yes! I did click to enlarge. Wow! Oh did I say that already...lol!

  10. Wow indeed!! Love the Tan Me. Gorgeous - I think I need it in my life! What clever, gorgeous bling.

    Every time I go to place an online order I hover over the Nubar glitters but for some reason don't click "buy". I should, as every time I see one on someone's blog I am immediately coveting it.

  11. That is utterly amazing, I really love both shades! That chunky glitter has the ooh, shinies emerging in me.

  12. Nixxy~ha-ha! Glad I almost blinded you...in a good way :)

    Vanessa~I'm liking it a bit more after wearing it for a while. The glitter one is fantastic though!

    Clockwork~thanks! It really is quite a sparkler!

    Lucy~this glitter one should open your eyes :) Get some sleep!

    Brooke~it's a bit different than I expected, but in a very good way!

    Kitty~I haven't seen the sun in days, it's depressing me :/

    Alexlyndra~thank you! I didn't do it justice though...it needs a darker base to go over.

    Kae~sorry about that! Glad you like them, Nubar makes a great polish.

    Velvet~why did I think you might like Tan Me? Perhaps all of the sparkle and 'bling'?!!

    Helen~I'd been eyeing their glitter for a while, but now I know I want some more of them :)

    Nicole~glad you like them. The glitter shapes are really unique, I don't think I've seen any quite like this.