Friday, June 26, 2009

NOTD: Orly Green With Envy

This is one of the Orly's I picked up at Sally earlier in the week. There were 11 shades (including the Goth I showed you a few days ago) in the core display with tags on the bottle neck reading "New/Nouveu". I went back yesterday and picked up Prince Charming, a mushroom brown creme, because I couldn't get it out of my mind! Green With Envy is a nice medium green creme that applied flawlessly in 2 coats. It's extremely shiny with no top coat and very smooth in texture. Now I'm excited to try out Prince Charming. How can such a small bottle of polish give us so much pleasure?!! I also received a small Sephora order and samples this week. I wanted to take advantage of my free birthday gift (the Sephora lip glosses) and I had a $30.00 birthday gift card to use, so I ordered more of my favorite eye lash primer by Shiseido. I also added the Stila lip glaze trio trying to get up to my $30.00 and had a free ship code for $25.00, so that order cost me all of $3.00.

On another topic, yesterday we certainly lost 2 cultural icons. Farrah Fawcett was the envy of many girls when I was younger and I imagine the fantasy of many guys! Michael Jackson, no matter what you may or may not believe about his private life, entertained and influenced so many people. He was a teacher and an inspiration to many of today's popular musicians and an extremely talented singer, dancer and producer. He was certainly one of my generation's most iconic and cultural legends. I grew up watching him grow up, as we're the same age (I'm old, I know!) and remember being entertained by him on TV as a little 10 year old singing with the Jackson 5. When MTV hit the airwaves (and it was good back then!), you couldn't go an hour without seeing Thriller or Billie Jean being played. I'll admit, I moon walked across the living room floor more than once! He was, by all accounts, right up there with Elvis and the Beatles. To lose someone that large so unexpectedly, certainly makes you think once again about how uncertain life really is. To me, music is kind of a soundtrack of our lives. When we hear certain songs, it can take us right back to a time in our lives when that song was popular and evoke so many different emotions and memories, depending on where we were at that point in our lives.
He now joins a very long list of people who have entertained me during my lifetime and are no longer with us. So to him and so many others, I say thank you for making me smile and for sharing your many talents with us.


  1. RIP to both Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. So sad..

    Green with Envy is a gorgeous color, and I will buy it after seeing it. $3 for all that stuff nice :)

  2. That is a lovely colour on you - very fresh and pretty.

    Nice haul! I love the look of those Stila glosses and am kicking myself for not buying any when they were available over here as I think the company has gone into administration now? Or certainly UK importers anyway.

    Are you kidding me? You look so much younger! I want whatever you're taking!

    Yes. I also hope Farrah gets the tributes she deserves as the news is dominated by Michael Jackson, understandably. It did make me smile today though as I went to an Italian restaurant for lunch and they had a cd on a loop of Italian covers of MJ songs!

  3. It was an awful and shocking day yesterday. I know Farrah was expected. It's still very sad. How I wanted her hair and that beautiful big smile. She was an amazing person. I'm also sad that she will be bumped off the airways for Michael Jackson. I also loved the Jackson's and Michael. Music is a huge part of my life. When you think of Michael you remember how good MTV was then. Just music and fantastic music then. No reality shows and whatever else they play now. I don't watch it. When I heard Michael was dead my mouth just feel open and my heart lurched. His music, dancing and fashion is an influence. After all the stuff about his private life came out he really sickened me. With his death I can remember his good side. Sorry about my ramble, I know this isn't my blog. I just had to say something. P.S. Love the polish!

  4. First off, my roomate just got that Orly polish and I wanted to try it sooo bad! It looks great.

    2nd, I was so sad to hear about Michael Jackson yesterday, it just seems so unreal. I'm thinking about ordering his music soon. I never really owned the CDs.

  5. Those lip glosses look cute, and happy belated birthday! Green with Envy is so pretty on you :)

  6. Ive never seen a polish that color before! wow! I like it.. its deffinately different.. noone else will be wearing it at the same time!

    I like the stila glosses!.. i dont like stila but i have to say the glosses are fab (and normally taste nice too!!)

    So sad to hear about Farrah and Michael.. both have children that will miss them greatly..makes me sad to think about that!

  7. First of all - love that green! I'm so glad to see it swatched. I've been thinking a lot about the Prince Charming too, I've been really getting into the browns/taupes lately and that color totally attracted me. I saw a Revlon shade that I'm going back for, it's a nice cream (creme?) chocolate shade.
    Anyway - I digress! Love your haul from Sephora for $3! Totally sweet.
    As to Michael and Farrah, I don't think I could have said it any better myself, I would just be echoing your words. I feel the exact same way and am so saddened.

  8. Nail Fanatic~this shade would look so good on you. It caught my eye as soon as I saw it because Orly doesn't usually do colors like this!

    Helen~thanks, it is a nice shade. The glosses were cheap for Stila, I like them :) I've heard rumors here too about their business struggling, so I'm not sure what's going on. No kidding, dude. I was the big 5-0 last Saturday! Genetics and good skin creams, oh, and I swear by Omega 3 Fish Oil and Flax Seed Oil. I saw they're partying and celebrating MJ tonight on the news worldwide...they showed London but I didn't see you :)

    Lucy!you can comment all you want on my blog :) I almost didn't mention it in my post, because I didn't want people thinking I was some crying, crazed MJ fan, but damn, he was talented. And he influenced so much and so many. He will be missed.

    AdorePink!thanks, it's a fun color. MJ's music is very good but watching him was the ultimate in entertainment.

    Kae~thank you, birthday month twin! Glad you like the polish and glosses.

    Tali~it's a different color, but pretty. I love their glosses, but I don't like anything else of theirs either. I had some e/s and wasn't impressed.

    Nicole~thanks, it's a great green :) It's still barely summer and I'm craving the fall colors, too! I'm very sad about it all too, but I realize it's part of life. Unfortunately :(

  9. I love this color!

    I tagged you for an award!

  10. Natalie~happy you enjoy the color :) Thanks so much for the award ♥