Monday, June 8, 2009

NOTD: China Glaze Bad Landing

Above & Below: Posing with our new President Hibiscus tree, outdoors with no flash. I wish the sun was out because both the polish and the flowers are absolutely beautiful.

Above & Below: Indoors, with flash.
Hopefully, you're not getting too tired of my floral shots, but today I wanted to find a polish in my collection that matched a new tree we got called The President Hibiscus. They are native to Hawaii and I know it won't make it through our cold Michigan winters, so it's going to come indoors when the weather cools off. In the meantime, I repotted it and it's out on the patio for the Summer. It's about 4' tall right now and the blooms are just stunning. A bright coral/pink with 5" wide flowers. I used China Glaze Bad Landing and I was pleased with the match! This is a beautiful shade of bright coral with a hint of pink and is one of those "glowy" polishes with lots of shimmer. 2 coats was all that I needed and I can't complain about that. I don't really care for the name of the polish, because I don't see how 'Bad Landing' ties in with the color, but how many times have you thought that?!!


  1. Hmm I don't think the name is all that good for a red polish - it made me think of pain and gore - ouch - and that's never a good thing.

    Aside from that it is a lovely shade - I wish I could pull of the reds as well as you. And I love your plants! That one looks amazing - I am mega jealous as we don't have a garden and the cat eats our houseplants.

  2. I love this color and the Hibiscus! I love seeing the flowers in your pictures! :)

  3. Mary, I LOVE your floral shots!! That President Hibiscus tree looks so beautiful :) So do the nails; you know I've been eying this for a while, never seen swatches of it until now ;) Gorgeous!

  4. Well it's a nice bloody color lol.


  5. I think it's gorgeous,next to the Hibiscus.I love the President Hibiscus trees. They remind of south Florida.(sigh) Beautiful color too.

  6. Nice hibiscus and lovely nails :-) I want more floral shots :-)

    I really like this color, even though I'm not a coral-fan ;-)

  7. I love the floral shots, they are so lovely and I can almost smell it up to here :-)
    I agree with Helen about the name - it reminds me blood and pain....but I loved the color of this one - really pretty shade of red :-)

  8. That flower is gorgeous!! YOu should take a full garden shot so we can see all your hard work you have been doing in the yard.

  9. How beautiful, nails and flower. Brooke has a good idea. Full garden shot would be nice. Lovely shade of polish. I really enjoy the floral shots. The more the better. Nice that you match the flower.

  10. What lovely photos, That name for the polish is something else, though..... kinda dismal.

    Your hibiscus is beautiful - I love all your photos with flowers.

  11. Helen~I know, the name makes me think of an airplane crash :/ For some reason our cats don't eat the plants very often :)

    Olivia~glad you like the polish and the flowers! I always enjoy it when you post flowers, too.

    Vanessa~then I think you need to get this polish! Im glad you enjoy the flowers, this one was extra pretty, I thought.

    Crissy~I really don't know what they meant to imply with that name, hopefully not blood, ew :/

    Velvet~I know, the Hibiscus makes me think of somewhere tropical, too. I almost got a light peach one, but then I saw this coral one and it was an instant decision!

    Kristine~I will be happy to provide more floral shots! Glad you like this coral :)

    Tuli~yes, pretty shade of polish, dumb name! I'm glad everyone seems to like the flowers I post, I thought it might be boring to some.

    Brooke~thanks! It would have to be a series of shots, they're scattered all around the yard :)

    Lucy~I'll have to work on some kind of camera angles that encompass more than just a flower here and there. Of course I match the flower, it was a must :)

    Deez~bad name, I agree, but such a pretty shade. I hope I don't kill the hibiscus!

  12. I like the photos with your nails against flowers with similar colours. :) I don't think I've ever heard of ChG Bad Landing, weird! It really is a gorgeous colour!

  13. I dont get the Bad Landing name either but its a beautiful match for that flower!

  14. I am so happy to see this! I have the same flower in my backyard and I've been thinking that I would love to find a polish that color. Now I know what to get.