Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NOTD: CHI Attire Not Required & Our June 10th Contest Winner

Above & Below: CHI polish in Attire Not Required. Waaaayyy too sheer for my liking, even after 4 coats.
Below: A close up of the gold shimmer, the only redeeming quality of the color, although the polish itself is a very good formula for lasting wear.
Today was our first of two drawings this month for the Body & Soul June Contest, and the winner is Jo Anne! You can see her lovely nails over in my followers' box where she goes by Jhoannz. I know Jo Anne is someone overseas, but I'm not sure where. Congratulations Jo Anne, I hope you enjoy your 6 BB Couture polishes, Nubar V For Men so you can give your nails a matte look, and the other goodies that will be heading your way!

Today I'll show you one of my 2 CHI polishes, which, although I love this brand, I'm not crazy about this color. I also have one in a frosty white called Ice Queen. These wear like iron, apply well and dry at an average rate. I'd worn the Ice Queen before, but never this one I have on today. It's extremely sheer, although it does have a nice subtle gold shimmer in it. This is 4 coats...did I mention that it was sheer?!! The name, No Attire Required, probably is a reference to the fact that it is a nude, or that your nails still look almost naked even after 4 coats. CHI does make an excellent polish though, with a long-lasting finish. They can be found at some hair salons and online. I got mine at many years ago when I ordered my Solia flat iron, which by the way, is still going strong after almost 6 years.


  1. Hi Mary!
    Thank you so much!
    Keep on blogging and thank you for your generosity!


  2. Congrats Joanne! (You lucky duck, you!)

    What's the point of 4 coats of nail polish if it just looks like you put on clear?? I tell ya, these sheers really irk me sometimes - especially when they don't look sheer in the bottle. Do you think layering this over a darker color would make it show up better?

  3. i really love the shape of your nails, very beautiful! adore your blog :)

  4. I'm with Brooke, I think layered over a coraly pink would be nice. Nice prize, congrats Jo Anne! 6 years!!! that's crazy! I'm gonna check it out right now!

  5. Your nails are such a nice natural shape!

    I hate sheer poilshes.. i always end up trying to peel them off!

  6. Grats Jo Anne!

    The gold shimmer is very pretty.

    My flat iron is a Solia ordered from folia too! Mine is 4 years old and I still love it :D

  7. Whoa, that's super sheer! Pretty, but very sheer. I've seen some neat Chi colors at my ULTA, nice to hear your review of them :)

  8. Whoa! 4 coats! Yikes! I haven't tried any Chi polishes before. I've heard they're a nice brand though.

  9. Congrats to JoAnne. Enjoy all those fantastic BB Polishes. They're are some gorgeous colors that your getting. I agree with everyone else. Boo on sheers. I need some color to show up. It does have a nice shimmer though.

  10. Joanne~you're most welcome! Thanks for reading my blog and enjoy your polishes.

    Brooke~I know, what a disappointment! I'll give layering a try and see how that looks.

    Kellie~thanks for the compliment. I've tried to shape my nails differently, but I can't do it :/ so we end up with the more natural look!

    Kitty~layering may be the only hope for this polish! I think I'd buy another Solia again even with all of the GHD hype and other brands. It's been a great flat iron.

    Tali~thanks! I always like the squared off look on others, but I just can't seem to master filing them that way :)

    Kae~glad you like the Solia too, it's a great tool.

    Nicole~I'd like to try some of the creme CHI's, I'm sure they'd be prettier.

    Velvet~I know, 4 coats is too many, and it could have used 3 or 4 more!

    Lucy~I love the shimmer too, I just wish a base color would show up a bit.

  11. I've seen CHI polishes at TJ Maxx a lot for like 3 bucks! I dont know if thats a deal because I dont know the normal retail value. Just wanted to let you know though...

  12. Adorepink~thanks, I'll have to check out TJ Maxx. That is a good deal :)