Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NOTD: Chanel Gold Fiction

Above & Below: Chanel Gold Fiction, indoors with flash. We have had no sunshine for days :(
Below: Look at that, it's a perfect match to my little Shuffle.
Now that I cut my nails off, I don't think they do the polish justice. That's not to say I'm not enjoying wearing this color though! Two coats and it applied very nicely and dried quickly. I don't have to worry about visible nail lines with shorter nails and it takes less time to polish them, but I still think I prefer quite a bit more length. They'll grow back, so I'm not too concerned, plus it will make them easier to Konad. I always have a problem getting complete coverage with the stamp when they're longer and I'm not too talented when it comes to lining up the stamp for a second go 'round to cover the ends. And typing is much easier and faster. I'll look at the positive aspects of shorter nails and that will make it easier to accept!


  1. I love that color. I love gold.. lol so obviously gold polish was going to be a favourite of mine!!! This is one item I may just need to get!

  2. very pretty! I can't get myself to get it though... I have lots of cheaper pretty golds!

    I immediately noticed the length difference!! You long ones were so lovely! But these look nice too. God length and nicely shaped. What happened?

  3. this is truly the holy grail of nail varish, i'm so jealous <3

  4. So, so , so pretty !!! And looks perfect with your ipod ♥

  5. I love the polish on you and your nails still look great!

  6. Love this color, and it looks great on you!
    That's the right spirit, trying to see things from a positive point of view ;) Those nails look great even if they are a little shorter.

  7. Love it! Nice gold. That's the best attitude to take. Just stick with the positives. I'm having to do the!

  8. Just beautiful Mary! Your new length looks lovely. Best thing about nails is they grow back! The Chanel polish is fantastic. Your nails look like they've been dipped in gold.

  9. I think its gorgeous! My nails never stay long so I'm satisfied with my short nails, although I sometimes secretly wish they were long :) Gold fiction is gorgeous and it suits you well!

  10. Very very pretty! You have a gold ipod?! How envious I am now

  11. Your nails still looks pretty and they'll grow back shortly :-)
    Chanel nail polish.....grrrr...This is like getting the :-)

  12. Very striking and good Ipod co-ordination! How's the wear on it been? I am scared of Chanel as find it chips too fast for me :(

  13. Tali~it's a very nice shade of gold. I agree, you may just have to get it!

    LL~I know what you mean about the price, but luckily it was a gift! I cut my thumb nail with a knife and a nail on my right hand was peeling, so I lopped them off :)

    Kellie~I feel the same way about the holy grail status! I'm very happy to have it.

    Celine~thank you. It was a perfect match so of course I had to photograph it :)

    Kitty~thank you, I don't mind the shorter length, but I do prefer some length.

    Velvet~I try to look at the good, it doesn't always happen, but usually :)

    Lucy~it really did look like liquid gold on the brush! Thanks :)

    Nail Fanatic~thanks, I really love this shade. Some gold don't work well on me, but I love this one.

    Kae~thanks :) Avon has an offer right now where the exclusive to Avon gold i-pod is $29.00 with purchase of some other product, so I had to have it just for the cuteness factor!

    Nailz~thank you :)

    Tuli~yes, they will grow back, thankfully! I love this polish :)

    Helen~I've only had it on just over a day, but so far so good.

  14. Vanessa~oops, I missed you, I'm sorry! Thanks for the kind words :)