Saturday, June 13, 2009

NOTD: BB Couture Catalina Cutie

Above & Below: BB Couture Catalina Cutie. It's a sheer peach (2 coats) with gold shimmer. Above is no flash, below is with flash.
Below: My sister Pat's lovely garden areas at her home in South Carolina. Click pics for detail. I hope to visit her someday, as I've never been to South Carolina and it looks beautiful.
Happy Saturday! Today is a busy day for my family, as we're hosting an 80th birthday party for my Dad. My sisters are in town from Clemson, South Carolina and Dallas, Texas and my Dad's brother is here from Kansas City, MO. I wanted a polish that would not look too noticeable if it chipped or wore because my hands will be busy cooking, serving, cleaning up, and...eating cake! As usual, I think I have made way too much food, but it's fun preparing for everything. I hope when I'm 80, I'm as active as my Dad...he's more active than I am now! I also wanted to share some pictures of my oldest sister Pat's beautiful garden areas (in South Carolina). She has a lemon tree (top right picture), which I am completely envious of, because we could never keep something like that alive in the Michigan weather. I hope you all enjoy the weekend!


  1. Love the polish! And, the pictures of your sister's garden. Very pretty! :)

  2. Lovely polish, very summer-y!
    What an exciting day for you, your Dad and the rest of your family!! I hope you will have a blast today, looking forward to see some pix :)
    Really pretty garden your sister has!
    Have fun today :D

  3. Happy B-day party with your family and your Dad ! Your sister's garden is very pleasant.

    And this BB couture looks very nice on your nails.

  4. Oh my goodness, those gardens are exactly what I picture when someone says "southern gardens" - gorgeous!
    This is a pretty color, I have a friend looking for a color like that so I'll have to refer her to your post!

  5. Wow your sister have a beautiful garden! As for the polish, I love peach colors! That one looks fabolous! Happy 80th to your father :)

  6. I love the peach! What a great color for a party. Your sisters garden is beeeeeautiful!

    I hope you have a fantastic time with your family, and I just have to ask, what kind of cake?!

  7. I agree with Nicole about the garden. Very lovely. Does your sister have a Southern accent? You must be so tired. It's so much work hosting a party. Also so much fun. I'm sure everyone had a terrific time. It's so nice everyone can get together. Pretty polish.

  8. Olivia~thanks you! All of you southern people and your beautiful flowers and plants, I'm jealous!

    Vanessa~thanks so much! My sister would say thank you also :)

    Celine~thanks for the comment! Did you get your BB's yet?

    Nicole~I thought the same, everything looks so southern and relaxing.

    Nail Fanatic~thanks, I love this color for a polish too and the sparkles are a big plus! Dad would thank you for the birthday wishes :)

    Kae~thanks, and yes, I love her pictures, so pretty. We had a Dairy Queen ice cream cake for Dad and one of my sister's has a birthday today (6/14) so we had a white cake with buttercream frosting also.

    Lucy~no, no Southern accent. They moved there from Michigan almost 6 years ago, so maybe in a few more years! I'm tired, but it was so fun.