Thursday, June 18, 2009

My First Barry M Polishes!

Above: Candy!!! Barry M L-R: Coral, Vivid Purple, Mint, Fuchsia, Raspberry. The British name their polishes much more sensibly than the Americans, don't you agree?

Above & Below: Boots Lip Gloss in Barley Sugar and Boots Summer Palette. I love the embossed pattern on the colors.

Below: You know I'm going to use the Mint nail polish and the mint colored eye shadow on the same day!

The wonderful Helen, of Helen & Sheenie's Nice Things blog, sent me these lovely polishes and make up in a little swap we arranged. I have wanted to try Barry M for quite some time and Helen has now made me a very happy person! The Boots No. 7 palette is so beautiful, I hate to ruin the embossing on the colors by using it. The lip gloss (also by Boots) is a perfect shade for me. And the chocolate...yummy! Helen is one of those people that if a rather large ocean didn't separate us, I think we'd be hanging out shopping for make up, followed by a few drinks in the tavern on a regular basis. If you aren't familiar with her blog, check it out. I guarantee you'll not only be treated to beautiful nails wearing a variety of different polishes, along with other beauty-related posts, but her writing will put a smile on your face every time (and quite possibly cause you to snort your drink out, so I warn you, don't take a sip of something and then start reading about her antics!). Thanks so much Helen for such a fun package and the much sought after Barry M's.
On another note, it looks like Barielle's UK site finally has the Shades nail polish available for purchase for those of you on that side of the globe. Click here to check it out.


  1. Talk about a great swap!!!!! I'm dying to see those Barry M polishes on you, I've been wanting to buy these too for quite some time now, but just haven't gotten around doing so.
    I love Barry M Dazzle Dusts, fabulous pigments!
    That compact looks very intriguing as well, and the lipgloss shade is right up my alley ;)
    Yay for having friends around the globe! :D

  2. Surrounded by some of my fav. things those being of course the Galaxy and Dairy Milk bars. Wow. The embossing on the palettes are truly gorgeous! The mint polish is especially cute. ^^

  3. What a great swap! The palette is so cute with the embossing, and I can't wait to see Mint, yum yum.

  4. Great haul! Love the Mint colour :)
    And she's introduced you to Cadbury's chocolate! There's no turning back now ;)

  5. Love your colors! Can't wait to see all of them!!!

  6. barry m nail polishes rule ! lol there so my fave brand 4 nail polishes , and galaxy choco is my fave choco on its own its so creamy hehe! xxxxx

  7. great swap ! The palette is very pretty too

  8. Yay! So glad it all made it safely across the pond. Can't wait to see the stuff on here!

    And thankyou. So kind. Now fly yourself over here pronto so we can hit the shops and drink some beer! xxx

  9. I'm so late to the party!! How cool! Can't wait to see some swatches. Yes..Helen is such a sweet lady. Enjoy your chocolate too!

  10. Vanessa~yes, yay for having friends who have access to things we don't! I've always admired these polishes and am happy to have some in my stash now :)

    Clockwork~well, I've already eaten one of the bars and it was much better than the milk chocolate we have in the US!

    Kae~isn't the embossing just so pretty?! I'll work from the edge so as not to mess it up any sooner than I have to.

    Nixxy~that chocolate was unbelievable! If you read about some American smuggling milk chocolate from England, you'll know it was me!

    Kitty~thanks, I'm very excited to try them out, especially that mint green one.

    NPJ~I ate the Cadbury one so I want to wait a few days before completely devouring the Galaxy!

    Celine~thank you, I love everything she sent.

    Helen~you know if I could, I'll be over there in time for the weekend :) Thanks so much!

    Velvet~I'll be swatching this weekend, if time permits. My fat a** appreciates the chocolate :)

  11. The chocolate is the best bit!!!!!

  12. I could just squeeze that Helen!!!

  13. You lucky girl! Love those polishes. Especially the mint. Can't wait to see your lovely nails in those colors. Oh Cadbury how I love thee! I ordered some chocolate from a web site that sends you British chocolate. It is so much better. American chocolate is sweeter.

  14. Wow, nice stuff! I've never heard of these polishes before so it'll be interesting to hear more about them!