Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Matte Olive~I'll Name It "Bring Me A Martini!"

Above & Below: BB Couture Iced Olive in it's original state. A pretty medium shade of olive with gold shimmer. Shown with 2 coats.
Below: Iced Olive with 1 coat of NailTek Foundation II gave me just the matte look I thought it would. I love the way this turned out!

Just a quick post today as I have many non-nail polish related things to accomplish today, but I always look forward to catching up on everyone's blogs when I'm done with everything! As I have been doing all week, I'm still testing out my new BB Couture polishes (see 'Tip Jar' column on right for a Body & Soul special with Overall Beauty). I've been intrigued with Iced Olive since it arrived, as it's a perfect olive green shade with gold shimmer. I applied 2 coats and as I'm finding with all of the BB's, that is all that is needed. Then I thought this may be one of those colors that really looks great matted and would be especially nice come Fall. I applied a coat of NailTek Foundation II and it gave me just the look I was visualizing. I really like this shade both ways, but I do think it makes a fantastic matte shade. I don't love mattes or prefer them in any way necessarily, I just think it's something different. I don't prefer them in the warmer months, but I do think when the weather cools down (not that it's been all that warm yet here in Michigan) and the seasons change, it will tie in better with fashions and accessories. I've talked before about how I think your nails and the polish you wear can certainly be considered an accessory, and I feel that a matte finish gives a different texture, so to speak, of that accessory.


  1. That's a pretty color and I love it with the matte look. I don't think I picked up this color when I bought a few though :( Thanks for letting us know about the promo!

  2. I like how making it matte turned it into a completely different green! I do like it with the gold shimmer too

  3. In my mind, it looks better with the matte finish. Don't know why, but I have a thing for matte finishes right now. :P

  4. Just hearing the word "olive" gets my mouth watering, kind of like the word "lemon", lol!
    I love the name for the polish though Iced Olive. Very cool color, the matte polish really toned down the bright green color, didn't it!

  5. I love this both ways! Can't wait to get mine!

  6. Another one of my favorites. I love the gold shimmer in it. I think it looks gorgeous as a matte. I wonder if BB polish is considering any mattes? I'll have to email them about it. I would certaintly love it. Have you seen the matte OPI You Don't Know Jacques at All Lacquered Up? I really can't wait till they come out.

  7. Oh wow - weirdly I think I prefer the matte look as well. it is definitely growing on me.

    Now for a stupid question. I hovered over buying Nubar V last night but changed my mind as it was all over saying that it worked on Nubar polishes (of course). I am presuming though that it would work on other brands as well and saying it only works for Nubar is just a branding thing, right?

  8. woah! I love the way this looks! that being a mild description lol.

  9. I have 150+ colors to paint my nails with and yet I'm staring down the mailbox waiting for my BBs. It's killing me! I ordered this one!! Arrgh!

  10. Grace~I love the way this looks as a matte. Pretty both way, but a great matte.

    Kae~thanks! A versatile polish :)

    Lucia~thanks :)

    Alexlyndra~I agree, I like it both ways but it makes a lovely matte shade.

    Brooke~hearing pickles always makes my mouth water! I really love this polish, such a unique shade and the name is perfect for it.

    Kitty~I don't think you'll regret getting this one!

    Lucy~that would be great if BB came out with some mattes! Yes, I did see the OPI mattes, or some anyway on blogs and they looks very nice.

    Helen~I use Nubar V as my matte top coat when I leave the polish on for any length of time (NailTek doesn't always dry, but it's way cheaper than V). I use it over all brands and have never had a problem.

    Clockwork~glad you like it. I really thought this would be a great color for a matte and I was not let down by the result :)

    Anon.~I hate waiting for orders, when I want it, I want it now! Hope you enjoy it.

  11. Love the matte finish. Both are nice (I love all green colors) but the matte is so different that you cant help like it!

  12. Tali~I like matte and shiny finishes, but this green really looks great as a matte!

  13. that is rad, I love it matte...... It really does look like an olive.....Neet!

  14. Deez~I was so happy with the way this turned out! It made me want an olive :)


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