Sunday, June 21, 2009


When I started my blog I wanted to focus on nail polish but have a mix of other beauty products thrown in here and there. So today I thought I'd branch out and do a FOTD from a couple of days ago. I adore all make up and although I have quite a bit, I tend to use a minimal amount. That may be due to my laziness, I'm not sure! I wish I could find a foundation that works for me, but I never have. I usually just use a mineral powder or a bronzer, but I'm seriously considering trying Smashbox Halo Powder, although I can't really justify spending $59.00 for something that I can't get a sample of first to see how it works. What do you like to use as a foundation product? Maybe I can get some better ideas of what to look for. Here's what I used:

♦ Face: MARK Bronze Pro Powder, MAC Springsheen Blush

♦ Eyes: MAC Moth Brown over lid, MAC Springtime Skipper over Moth Brown, tight line waterline with MAC Brun (my first MAC product, hence the usage!), Shiseido Mascara Base and MAC Mascara X.

♦ Lips: MAC Lustreglass in Hey, Sailor topped with a gold shimmer Avon Glazewear (I can't make out the name on the label).
PS: Don't any of you mark the 'funny' box for my first FOTD!!!


  1. Haha as if we'd tick the "funny" box ;)

    That's a really nice look - glam but natural - very nice. I think your hair looks fab as well :)

  2. I really want to try Avon out. Everyone is wearing the lip products.. i just wish in the Uk we had the mark by avon range too!

    The blush suits your skin tone very well.. its very natural! How do you find the eylash primer? Im running out of my lancome one and was thinking of trying Shiseido.

    Great look.. you look very elegant and still quite natural! I dont think you need the halo powder because whatever you are wearing here looks great!

  3. I love your hair! You look great!

    I've been trying to find a foundation to use myself because right now I'm using bare minerals and I don't really want to use minerals too. I'm thinking about the benefits hello flawless foundation but like you I want a sample of it before purchasing the actual product. Hope you find one soon!

  4. Lol...I was so tempted to check the funny box. Just to be a smart!! But seriously, your skin looks beautiful the way it is. I wouldn't worry too much about a foundation. If I were you. In fact, in the summer time. I sweat too much to wear any foundation. But in the fall and winter. I wear one Of BE's mineral foundations,with their mineral veil. Swirl and they say. That's easy for me,and I like! Your such a beautiful woman!! I like the minimal make up look. That's how I usual wear my make up. I get to busy with other things. To be able to spend too much time in the bathroom. Just enough make up to keep from looking like!

  5. Mary, you're so pretty ♥ You should post your FOTD more often ;)

  6. Celine i think she sould do more make-up reviews/stories & more FOTDs.. I love the nail varnish reviews but she is also good with make-up!!

  7. Helen~thank you, I really need to experiment more with some of my eye shadows, I tend to wear the same colors, just different brands. My hair is almost black, so this is pretty light for me :)

    Tali~Avon's shadows and blushes are nothing special, but I love their lip and skincare products. MARK has some nice things, too. I would not be without the Shiseido base, the best I've ever tried. Thanks for the kind words!

    Nail Fanatic~thanks! I can never blend foundation well either, nor do I care for the feel/texture of it. Some minerals can be a bit irritating too, so the hunt continues :)

    Velvet~I figured you or Helen would check the funny box :) I am pretty happy with my skin, for the most hair, not so much, it's super fine, so it takes a lot to make it look like anything! BE looks like a good product, I may have to check it out sometime, thank you.

    Kellie~thanks so much :)

    Celine~that's a very nice compliment, thank you. I need that giant eye shadow palette you have :)

    Tali~I ♥ you all the more!

    Kae~thank you! I am actually an old hag, but I started using Olay when I was in Jr. High and also have taken Flax Seed Oil and Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules daily for years and when I miss a day or two my skin can really show it.

  8. Love the sparkle! Very pretty. I don't have any MAC makeup, Crazy I know. But it's to pricey for me. I was thinking if you go to ulta or sephora they have that smashbox and you can sample it! That's what I like to do, especially for the pricey stuff.

  9. Hey gorgeous ! I almost did the same as Velvet! It was tempting. Love your makeup. I also use BE foundation and the Mineral Veil. I can't stand the feel of liquid foundation on my skin. I also love Laura Geller;s Balance n' Brighten. It has a mix of colors and I don't have to worry about the right shade. Works terrific. Just swirl on with a brush. I have so much makeup it's sick! Instead of Smashbox I would try Laura Geller. Hope to see more FOTD's. I will also trynto resist the funny button!

  10. Kitty~don't ever get any MAC, you are safe now, otherwise, you may become addicted! I don't have a Sephora or Ulta near me, boo.

    Nailz~thanks, you're too kind :)

    Lucy~I'll have to check out Laura Geller's, I've heard good things about it. Don't hit the funny button :)

  11. You are just so beautiful! My gosh, such a natural beauty!

  12. Alexlyndra~that's very kind of you :) You wouldn't say that if you saw me do a 'before' picture though :)