Saturday, June 27, 2009

Color Club Velvet Rope~A One-Coat Wonder

Above & Below: Color Club Velvet Rope, one coat. A red polish with slight gold shimmer. It photographs a bit on the pink side, but it's more red in real life.
Above & Below: Fresh Michigan strawberries...yummy!
Yesterday I went to get some fresh Michigan strawberries, as their season is coming to an end soon and we wanted to enjoy their sweet goodness one last time. Naturally (and oddly, I admit) my first thought was 'hmmm, what polish would match these?' I didn't get a perfect match, but I chose Color Club's Velvet Rope because it was a nice, solid red with a bit of gold shimmer. What I did find perfect about this one was it's application. This is only one coat. I normally would do two just out of habit, but this covered consistently and completely in one coat, so I didn't bother with a second coat. It was smooth and flowed very nicely. I don't think I've ever used this polish before but I'm very happy with it. Color Club makes a great polish and it's quite inexpensive also. My July contest will involve Massini nail lacquers as part of the prize, and from all that's been able to be determined, Massini is manufactured by Forsythe Cosmetics, the same company that manufactures Color Club. Some even have the same names. They also have their own different colors and the bottles are a bit larger. I have quite a few quarts of strawberries to cut and freeze today, but last night we enjoyed them over ice cream and they were delicious! I hope everyone's enjoying their weekend :)


  1. Yum..those strawberrys looks great! I became allergic to them last year which is a pain as i love them!!!

    Fab color! The one application and gold shimmer make it all the more appealing to me!!

  2. One coat? That's great! Especially with a beautiful polish like this, it lasts longer! :D

  3. Very pretty. And now I really want some strawberries! My dad grew them one year and it was so nice to be able to get them fresh.

  4. I love strawberries! They drive my skin mad but I don't care as they taste so good! Esp with freshly ground black pepper on them. Sounds weird, but trust me it tastes amazing!

    Gorgeous polish too. And only one coat! I like your co-ordination!

  5. Very pretty color !
    And those strawberries hum, you make me hungry, I adore these fruits !

  6. Yum strawberries! lol That sounds like a polish I need. One coat would be great! It's a pretty color too.

  7. Those strawberries look luscious! Yum, now I'm craving some. That's a gorgeous red red - I've been wanting to play more with true reds lately, although I usually go for the dark reds.

  8. yum yum gorgeous strawberries! and beautiful nails :) i like your background too!

  9. Oh how I love strawberries. We have a place called Produce Junction which gets fruits & vegetables seconds or something like that. Really cheap prices. I've been getting strawberries for the past month. I haven't had any local ones yet. These are from California. I haven't had such delicious berries in a long time. Must have been a good year for them. I love how you always have something that matches. Please don't do that with any browns! That was sick wasn't it? The color looks so pretty on you. Your nails are growing fast.

  10. I am craving strawberry shortcake now! What a pretty color, looks great with 1 coat is amazing!

  11. Cor, one coat! That is amazing.

  12. Tali~that's too bad you're allergic to them. I would have difficulty with that! I always love a polish with a bit of gold shimmer.

    Alexlyndra,~yes, I was surprised at the coverage after only one coat. Makes me want to try some more of my untried Color Club polishes and see if they're all like this.

    Nosaby~it would be great to have all the fresh fruit in a garden, but I probably would get too lazy and not take very good care of it :)

    Helen~it seems like lots of people have allergies to strawberries, that's no fun. I'm working up my nerve to try some with pepper, I'm not sure about that!

    Celine~I really like this color, now that I've finally tried it out! I'm not a big fruit fan, but I do love fresh strawberries, peaches and blueberries.

    Crissy~thanks, it's a great color. Color Clubs I've found to be really good and cheap, too!

    Nicole~I agree, I don't wear reds in this range alot, although when I do, I always think I should do it more often!

    Kellie~thank you! I thought the strawberries would be fun in the photo :)

    Lucy~I love when all the produce is fresh and local, but it only lasts about 3 months. No, I'll be sure not to do anything brown...ewwww!

    Kae~I love shortcake with fresh fruit and ice cream! I'm happy with this color, too!

    Clockwork~yay for one coat polishes. There aren't enough of them out there!

  13. I love the polish color and the photo is so cute.