Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Body & Soul July Massini Contest

***Click Picture For Detail***
Because July is the seventh month, I'll be giving away 7 Massini Nail Lacquers! Massini polishes are rumored to be manufactured by Forsythe, who is also the manufacturer of Color Club. Their bottles sometimes have the same names or are dupes for other Color Club shades. They're a bit larger in size, .6 oz. as compared to the standard .5 oz. of most other polish brands. They apply and wear extremely well and can only be purchased at Meijer stores, which are limited to about 6 Midwestern states. Also included will be a couple of Bath & Body Works products, including Aromatherapy Hand Cream and a Lip Balm. Each winner (there will be 2 drawings, 2 winners)will receive 7 Massini polishes, including (L-R in top picture above) Magic Attraction (sound familiar?), Lightening Blue, Electronica (hmmm, also familiar), Emerald Depths, Infusion, Drama Queen and Orange Sunset. They will also receive one of the hand creams and one of the lip balms. The Lightening Blue, Infusion and Orange Sunset are much more neon looking than the way they show up in the picture. I have quite a few of these colors along with many others not shown in my own collection, so I'll try and do some posts showing them to you on my nails over the next couple of weeks. Check the box in the top right corner of my blog for entry details. All you need to do is be a follower (it's okay if you follow through a means other than Blogger's box, just let me know that in your e-mail entry.). One drawing will be held 7/15 and another on 7/29. Good luck!


  1. What a beautiful display you've made of my winning polishes! Hehe! Very artistic set up girl. I love how you always make the photos look. I've never heard of the Meijer stores. I sure love the polishes. You've picked out some beautiful shades. Thank you so much sweetie for having such wonderful contest. You are the greatest.

  2. Those are gorgeous! I've never heard of those stores either. You have some neat giveaways! I'll be entering this one with fingers crossed of course. Thank you Mary :)

  3. Wow that is some awesome prizes! Good luck to everyone :)

  4. As usal, nice prices, you spoil us Mary !
    I'll entry for sure, and cross my fingers cause I've never win in anything LOL

  5. I just entered. The prize photos are beautifully done. I don't have any experience with Massini, but I have enjoyed learning about the brand through your posts.

  6. Another wonderful contest! I love your new profile photo. Did you get your hair highlighted? You look fabulous!

  7. Wow that's the best contest ever!!!!

  8. Lucy~ha-ha, yes, I tried to display 'your' prize nicely :) They're great polishes, and I guess that element of being hard to find (geographically) makes them even better!

    Nicole~glad you like the prize! I always hope I've made a wise choice with the prizes.Good luck!

    Kae~glad you think they're awesome! I agree, good luck to everyone :)

    Celine~glad to hear you're entering and good luck in the contest!

    Diana~thanks, I was playing around trying to 'pose' the polishes in some creative way and remembered I had those glass pieces. My cats were hard to keep out of the set-up though, they wanted those pieces!

    Robyn~I've had highlights but yes, I got lighter ones. I was afraid it may be too light, but I'm glad you like it! Thank you :)

    Kitty~glad everyone likes it. :)

  9. How do you verify we are a follower? I have a different email address listed on my blog than the one that I emailed you from.

  10. Datura Rose~I just have to take your word for it, but for the most part I can see the person in the follower box or know they follow me from comments, etc. But I see you over there, so you're entered :)


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