Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BB Coutures! Dragon's Breath, Frosty Meadow & Moon Over Manhattan

Above: BB Couture's Moon Over Manhattan, a dusty teal with tiny multi-colored sparkle in the bottle. On the nail, the silver sparkle is a bit more evident. Click pics for detail.
Above & Below: More pictures of Moon Over Manhattan. This may be my favorite of the 3 I'm showing you today, although I love them all!

Above & Below: Frosty Meadow, a Kelly green shade with tiny green shimmer sparkles.

Above & Below: Dragon's Breath (love the name!) is a medium-toned burgundy with silver and burgundy sparkles. In the bottle there are multi-colored sparkles, but the silver and burgundy seem more prominent to me. Excuse the mess, I wasn't very neat after all of my polish changes and this was my last one!).
Below: Not the greatest pictures, but I wanted to show you a close-up of each so you could see the shimmer/sparkle.

My first BB Couture polishes arrived yesterday and I am totally impressed by them. I'm also impressed by the fact that I ordered them Saturday afternoon (from California) and they arrived on Monday (to Michigan). Some of what I ordered is for my June contest winners, so I'm awaiting my Nubar order and my other Overall Beauty order, and then I'll be able to post a picture of the prizes for you. I was only going to do my nails one time yesterday, but I was so curious about these BB's that I ended up doing them 3 times. I'm sure I'll do some more today, so I hope you don't get tired of seeing BB pictures the rest of the week! The application of these was perfect after 2 coats. The bottle, handle and brush size are all 'just right' and I have no complaints about them, and that goes for the formula and polish thickness, as well. The micro-fine glitter in these is so pretty and sparkly, I cannot stop staring at them! They're not what I'd call a glitter polish (Frosty Meadow and Dragon's Breath), maybe more of a sparkly polish. Moon Over Manhattan is less sparkly to some degree, but the color is beautiful.

As I told you yesterday, Kim at Overall Beauty is having a terrific birthday sale this week. Today is Kim's birthday, so I'd like to wish her a Happy Birthday!!! She has generously offered my readers a little something extra...her sale is buy 2 polishes, get 1 free with a limit of 2 free. If you mention in the comments box on your order page that you're a reader of my blog, she'll let you pick 3 free (with an order of 6 polishes). Be sure to use the code 47KMMS for an additional $5.00 off any order over $30.00. She always offers free shipping on orders over $70.00. I noticed on her blog that she also has her own line of mineral products on sale buy 3 get 3 free with no limit, so I may have to check those out. I'm probably going to be praising and promoting her all week because I think she sells a terrific product and I'm very happy that she is allowing me to share a little extra savings with my readers. If you haven't tried BB Couture, or are looking to add to your collection, this is a great week to do that. After using these 3 polishes, I have to say that this brand is now in my top 3. There are so many more colors I want now, and I can't wait to finish going through the ones I've received.


  1. Aren't they great? I just ordered a whole heap including Dragon's breath and Frosty Meadow. Those all look great on you! :)

  2. They really look beautiful, especially Frosty Meadow! :)

  3. Those are all very pretty, I have been eye balling some BB Couture polishes for a while but haven't ordered any yet. Might have to soon!

  4. I have Dragon's Breath ans Moon Over Manhattan too they are totally great..so unique!I will order some more for sure!It's on my top 3 too not only because of their fabulous products but for the whole 'package! I would love to try the base and top coats too I wonder if they are so good as the polishes!

  5. Just stunning! How lovely are those colors!! I only looked yesterday. But I can see...that if I keep visiting your blog. I will end up ordering...lol! Must resist!!

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  7. Nixxy~they really are nice. I expected to like them, but I am very, very impressed not only with the polish, but with Kim as well.

    Alexlyndra~thanks, I'm always looking for blues and green to add to my collection :)

    Kae~yes, you *need* some! I'm sure you'd love them.

    Katie~yes, I agree with the "whole package", including their customer service. I would imagine their base and top coats are great products too, but I don't know, having never used them.

    Velvet~they're such nice polishes, you might as well just cave and get some :)

    Celine~I'm almost certain they ship overseas. E-mail Kim at kim@overallbeauty.com, tell her you're a reader of my blog and ask her to explain their international shipping policy, what method they use and the cost. She's very good at responding to all e-mails quickly.

  8. This BB look great on you ! Love the blue

    I deleted my post because I asked you if they ship to France, and now I know : they do but 41$ for 6 bottles, glups, too expensive for me... :(

  9. Big wave and a HUG! Seems like I have been gone forever!!

    I am loving the green one and the red/purple one! The green one seems like such a unique color!

    Ok, now I need to get my entry in on your wonderful contest!!! :)

  10. I love these! I really want some. All of the ones I have seen are just awesome! These look great on you, too!! :)

  11. I never tire of looking at these - especially Balboa Beach Bunny - they are gorgeous. I'm not quite ready to place an order (that's not something you'll often hear me say) but give it time.

    Which Nubars did you go for?

  12. They are so gorgeous. Each one looks beautiful on you. I don't have Moon Over Manhattan. It's really pretty. I already have it on my list. I placed an order for 8 polishes. I can't wait to get them. I'm also impressed with their polishes and customer service. Happy Birthdat to Kim. She is the sweetest person.

  13. Oh these are so pretty and shimmery, like the close up pictures. Love the look of Moon Over Manhattan!

  14. Celine~thank you! I asked Kim at Overall about shipping for you and she said there was a problem with the cart, so that price is wrong. She said it's about $12.00. Hope that helps!

    Brooke~I've missed you! Glad you're back :) Good luck in the contest!

    Olivia~thanks! Every time I use one I am in awe! I need to get more.

    Helen~I have Balboa Beach Bunny coming any day now. I ordered the Nubar V for the contest and just 2 polishes, but I can't remember which ones !

    Lucy~thank you, I think they're all so pretty. Glad you're getting some more! Kim is fantastic, no doubt :)

    Clockwork~I thought the close-ups might be helpful to see. I love Moon Over Manhattan, too!