Thursday, June 25, 2009

Barry M Vivid Purple & Massini Purple Medallion

Above & Below: Barry M Vivid Purple, indoors with flash.
Below: A close up of Barry M. It has red and blue shimmer.
Below: Massini Purple Medallion...too many pictures probably, but this looked so beautiful over Barry M Vivid Purple, I couldn't stop taking pictures! Various lighting used.

Below: My lovely niece, Zia. She just got a horse, one of her life-long dreams. His name is Duke and he's a Quarter Horse. I used to have one too, so now I can live vicariously through her :) She cleans up from her 'barn' look to her 'glam prom' look very well!
Here is another Barry M polish from the lovely Helen and I swear, every time I use one of these I think, "Ooooh, how pretty, I think this is my favorite", until I use the next one and then I change my mind. I have one more left to show you (Coral), but today we have Vivid Purple. It's a glowy grape colored shimmer that had the most perfect application and coverage in just 2 coats. Even my husband commented on what a pretty shade it was. Since I'm trying to practice my Konad stamping while my nails are still short (it seems easier when they're shorter), I thought I'd stamp them using Massini Purple Medallion. I had good luck using a Color Club holo glitter the other day, so I thought this one would be a good choice. Wrong. It didn't pick up and transfer the polish very well at all, so I just decided to paint a solid coat of the Purple Medallion over the Barry M. I've used this Massini many times on it's own, but wow! Over another similar shade it takes on a whole new life, and I like it. What am I saying...I love it! What do you think about it? I've been trying to figure out what type of prizes to offer in my July contest (where the heck did June go so fast?), and with all of the upcoming collections due out, I was a little confused and overwhelmed. After playing with this Massini and recalling how great these polishes are and the fact that they're difficult for many people to obtain, I think I'll put something together using Massini's as a prize. How does that sound?

Not related to nail polish, but my niece (who loves nail polish and make up!) recently got a horse and I wanted to share some pictures of that with you. She lives in South Carolina, so I only see her about once a year. She'll be 16 next month, even though she's still a little girl to Aunt Mary! My sister (her Mom) asked me to get her some Konad items so I'll be sending those her way shortly. Maybe I can get her to e-mail me her finished nails once she's had a chance to use it and I can share those here.


  1. Your niece is beautiful, she must be so thrilled to have her own horse!

    The Massini glitter looks great over your purple, can't wait to see the coral.

  2. Gorgeous purple color!
    I have a horse-obsessed niece too! I hope one day she gets to have one of her own! Right now we just take her for riding lessons whenever we can!

  3. YES YES YES MASSINI!!!! Make that July's prize!! Keeping fingers crossed I winnnnn!!!

    The Barry M is really pretty too! I like it alot.

    Aww, your neice looks very pretty! She looks like she really loves her horse in the middle picture.

  4. Your niece is gorgeous and I love that horse pictures. (I love horses)

    June went by REALLY fast...

    And that color is gorgeous! Especially the glitter is WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEE haha :)

  5. Love the beautiful glow of the Vivid Purple. Looks pretty on you. Add that purple Massini and kaboom! An explosion of glitter. Now that looks hot on you. Good idea to give those as a giveaway. I've never heard of the brand. Horses, how I wish I had one. Growing up there was plenty of room for one. Unfortunately there wasn't plenty of money for a horse. Lucky girl! She is gorgeous and I bet very happy with her horse.

  6. What a beautiful young woman your niece is! Was this a postcard sent for her upcoming birthday?

  7. OMG I love both looks! Your niece is so pretty! You must be the coolest Aunt ever! Konad is a perfect gift!

  8. Kae~I think she's beautiful too, even if I wasn't her Aunt :) Coral will be up in a day or 2!

    Willa~thanks! Riding lessons are great fun and I'm sure your niece loves it!

    Brooke~are you a Massini maniac?!! Isn't that a cute picture of her and her horse with their heads together?

    Nail Fanatic~she looks 'just' like me when I was younger...ha-ha, not really, I wish! Massini Glitters are crazy aren't they?

    Lucy~I love both of these polishes. Horses can be expensive, for sure. I think almost all little girls want a horse. I'm sure she's thrilled to have him.

    Crissy~thank you. I liked the Barry M as soon as I put it on. But that!

    Nivipa~thank you, I think so too, inside and out. No postcard, just a little collage I made with some pictures to post on my blog.

    Kitty~I loved them both too! Thank you, she's a great young lady. Konad is the perfect gift for everyone~ha-ha!

  9. The sparkle on that purple is TO DIE FOR! I utterly love that combo and personally, I loved all the pics :)
    Your niece is adorable! I love the transition from country girl to dress up.

  10. HeY hUn h0w aRe y0u?
    Ch3ck 0ut mY BLoG 2
    sEe YoUr aWarD!hOpE
    YoUr weLL TaKe cAre

  11. What everyone else said! Gorgeous niece, gorgeous glitter!

    And the Barry M looks great on you. See what I mean about it looking like the Dairy Milk packaging?

  12. Nicole~I know, I was so surprised to see it on the nail because you don't see all of those colors in the bottle. It is a change from the 'horse' to the 'prom' girl!

    Nailz~thank you, very, very nice of you :)

    Helen~I love these polishes so much!

  13. Vivid Purple looks amazing! I love the shimmer, it's like blue and red. :)