Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Barry M Mint, Orly Nail Armor & Our June Contest Winner!

Above & Below: Barry M in Mint. Excuse the mess around my cuticles, I took these pictures when we were without power last week from the storm and obviously didn't have the previous dark polish cleaned off enough :)
Below: A close-up of Orly Nail Armor. It's a slightly milky base marketed as a 'silk wrap' product. The little textured particles you see are Kevlar, which give the nail added strength.
Today was the drawing for our final June contest. The winner will receive 6 BB Couture Polishes, a bottle of Nubar V For Men to mattify any polish, and some other treats. Our winner today is:
If you aren't familiar with her blog, you're missing out on some fantastic photos and reading. Gladys has lovely nails and shares a wide variety of polishes. So congratulate her, check out her blog and add yourself as a follower if you like what you see.

Today I'll share a swatch I did of one of the Barry M's that Helen at Helen & Sheenie's Nice Things blog sent me. Keep in mind I swatched this over the weekend when we had no power, so it's not the neatest of jobs. But it gives you a good idea of what a perfect mint green this is. Incidentally, the name of this polish is Mint. Such a practical name, don't you agree? It covered nicely in 3 thin coats and dried quickly. I used this over a base coat of Orly Nail Armor. I often use Nail Armor if I think that I might need a base with a bit of milky color to it and one that the polish might adhere to a bit better than a standard, clear base coat. Lighter cremes and sheers tend to give me a bit of a problem when it comes to even coverage, so that's why I opt for Nail Armor. It works well in my opinion and another reason I like it, is when I've used non-clear bases in the past, many of them tend to pool around my cuticle, and this one does not. It also has tiny particles of Kevlar in it, which you can actually see the texture of, but they don't show through the polish. Kevlar is a synthetic fiber manufactured by DuPont that is a lightweight strengthening fiber used in home building, space craft, and apparently, nail polish base coats. There's our science lesson for today!


  1. oooh i love this color, i need to try this brand i think :)

  2. Congrats to Gladys. Lucky girl winning all that good stuff. Love this polish on you. I'll have to look into that Orly Nail Armor. A few of my nails peel on the edges. Maybe this will help.

  3. Congrats to winners!

    Great prizes, I'm so lemminging all the lovely BB Couture colors...

  4. Congrats to Gladys! I went and followed her, her blog has some neat colors. :)
    This is a gorgeous, gorgeous color! I love it. I hope to try out some Barry M polishes, they have some neat ones. :)
    I think I will check out that Orly Base Armor! To think it has Kevlar in it. o_O!

  5. COngrats to the winner - I envy you! lol

    I like that color - nice and minty. Very nice summery shade I think.

  6. Congrats to Gladys!!!! Love those Barry M's! Thanks so much for that info on the Orly base! I might have to give this one a try!

  7. Congratulations Gladys, you lucky lady!

    Oooh look at that mint. Looks lovely! I have this but haven't tried it yet. Now, onto the big question - how much of a dupe is it for MACs Peppermint Patti?

  8. It is pretty close to Peppermint Patti isnt it? :) Like the barry M polishes they dont chip too easily!

  9. I gave you an award on my blog :)

  10. Yay me! Don't envy me guys :( haha

    I've never heard of Barry M nail polishes *hides* But that mint is sure grabbing my attention! It looks like a match to peppermint patti but of course with its own flavor!

    Once again I am excited and can't wait! I also see I have a lot more followers now thanks to you :)

    I'm curious as to try the Orly Nail Armor. Now you gonna get me into another nail polish shopping spree haha

  11. I am desperately trying to find something to strengthen my nails with, how is it for that? Is it hard to take off with those strands in it? Ok ok enough with the questions!

    Grats to Gladys you lucky ducky!

    I loooooove that Mint! It looks really fantastic on you.

  12. Congrats to Gladys! This polish is so pretty! Very adorable. :)

  13. i love love love this colour im trying to find a colour like this everywhere.looks g0rjuzzzz

  14. Kellieit's a fabulous color and yes, I think you do *need* this brand!

    Lucy~it's a great product. The first time I used it I was a little unsure what with all of the particles, but it works well.

    Francine~welcome! BB makes some great colors. I bought my first ones last month and I'm hooked :)

    Nicole~yay for following her! She has a fantastic blog. Mint is a lovely shade and I'm finding all of the Barry M's to be :)

    Brooke~it is nice for summer. It'd probably be a nice pedi shade also.

    Kitty~you're welcome. It's a nice base, especially for the lighter shades.

    Helen~I think it's quite close, although PP has the very slightest hint of blue when compared to this. Not blue in true color, just seems to show as a bit more blue. That makes no sense!

    Tali~yes, it is close. I love the application and I imagine they do wear well, I just haven't had one on long enough to find out!

    Brooke~thanks, I owe you :)

    Clockwork~it was a very smooth application, and yes, creamy like lime sherbet!

    Nail Fanatic~congrats again! Glad you gained more followers, I love your nails and your blog.

    Kae~no, it comes right off, even with the particles in it! Glad you like the mint :)

    Alexlyndra~thank you, I really like this shade, it's nice and summer-like.

    Nailz~you don't see too many colors like this. Nail polish companies should make more of them.