Friday, June 5, 2009

Alert! Price Drop & Price Increase News from Overall Beauty on BB Coutures!

**UPDATE** The price increase for the newer colors that takes effect Monday is a $1.00 increase. I have listed those colors below the original post. They are still available at $8.00 each until Sunday night.

Two posts in one day! This was important, so I wanted to let you know. I just received information from Kim at Overall Beauty that she has been given permission to lower the price on some of the BB Couture polishes now through the end of this month. They are showing on the website now ($8.00 down to $7.00) and she may be adding some more. But, there will also be a price increase on some of the newer colors, beginning this Monday. Here is an excerpt of what she told me: "I have just been given the right to drop prices on some of the colors!! I am busy doing that right now! Now the price drop will be good till the end of the month. Now the new colors like Moon Over Manhattan will go up a dollar on Monday. If you want to tell your readers that is fine by me."

I'll update this post if I find anything else out, because I'm not sure which colors are 'new' that will have a price increase. This is a great time to take advantage of the awesome special Kim is offering Body & Soul readers! This offer expires on midnight, June 6 (tomorrow) and don't forget the $5.00 off any order over $30.00 code of 47KMMS. All the details for this offer can be found to the right in the 'Tip Jar' column.

~~These are the colors that will go up $1.00 each beginning Monday, June 8~~

♦ Animal Instinct ♦ Blind Love ♦ Balboa Beach Bunny ♦ Butt-Naked Bronze ♦ Catalina Cutie ♦ Dark Knight ♦ Eternity ♦ Fatal Attraction ♦ Feverish Fushia ♦ Frosty Meadow ♦ Glistening Sandz ♦ Green Goblin ♦ Hermosa Surfer Girl ♦ Iced Olive ♦ Laguna Lagoon ♦ Midnight Desire ♦ Midnight Malibu ♦ Obsession ♦ Opposites Attract ♦ Moon Over Manhattan ♦ Fate ♦ Prenuptial ♦ Poison Ivy ♦ Till Death Do us Part ♦ Psycho For Your Love ♦ Sea of Cortez ♦ Santa Monica Sands ♦ Seashells ♦ Venice Party ♦ Venom ♦ Zuma Wave Rider


  1. Thanks for the update girl.

    Hope you have a good weekend :)

  2. Hi Mary thanks for the information. I was just now talking with a friend and I mentioned something to her that she had no idea of. It was about the thyroid. Now she has information from me that she can ask the doctor about. It's important to get informtion always so that other can benifit. Sorry it was so long winded.

  3. I got so confused in the states because they add the tax on the checkout so I would get my cash ready and it would be all wrong!

    Great that you found this update on prices!

  4. Brooke~you're welcome, you have a wonderful weekend also!

    Lucy~you are right, I'm always happy to find something out that will help me in one way or another :)

    Tali~it can be confusing here with the tax, and every state has a different percentage that they charge!