Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Zoya's From The Casual Lavish Earth Day Contest

Above & Below: Zoya Dominique. A true red in brighter light and a lighter brick red in the bottle and in darker light, although I couldn't quite capture that.
Above & Below: Zoya Helen, a mid-tone beige that coordinates nicely with my band-aid.

Above & Below: Zoya Yummy, a vivid sky blue. My favorite coffee cup was sitting on my desk and it just happened to match my polish! It's from my favorite spot in the world about 3 hours north of us, a little town called Irons, Michigan. It has the most beautiful bright blue glacier-formed lakes, and is located between Traverse City and Manistee, MI. The wildlife is abundant, the fishing is great, and the pine forests are amazing. Very relaxing and beautiful.

Above & Below: Zoya Gweneth, a bright fuchsia creme.
Casual Lavish held a contest on Earth Day last month in partnership with Art of Beauty/Zoya, in which 25 winners were chosen to receive 4 Zoya polishes. I was happy to be one of the winners and even happier when my polishes arrived last week! I had never tried this brand before and after doing these quick swatches for you I think I'll definitely be adding to my Zoya collection. The handles and brushes seem small compared to a number of other brands, but it did not seem to cause any problems during the application. These all applied perfectly in just 2 coats and dried quickly. I was impressed with the coverage these gave me, the shine (pictures and with no top coat) and the ease of application. These are all cremes, so I'm hoping the other finishes are just as nice. I'd love to hear any recommendations you may have for other Zoya colors. Thanks Casual Lavish and Zoya for this wonderful addition to my collection! If you haven't already done so, please take a minute to vote in the poll in the upper right hand corner. In closing, I'd like to wish one of my favorite bloggers, Brooke, a Happy Birthday!


  1. What pretty colors. They all look beautiful on you. Especially Dominique! I don't have many Zoya's but I have a big "wants" list. They do apply very nicely and have gorgeous colors.

  2. Those colors look great, I especially like the blue on you. :) Your finger is starting to look less swollen!

  3. I just love the colour on Yummy! An amazing blue!

  4. Just lovely...all the colors. I haven't tried Zoya. Those lakes you describe sound wonderful! I'll have to go and google it!

  5. Lucky! What a great prize! These are awesome! I only have one Zoya in Suvi. I want a bunch more but every time they have a promotion I'm broke lol.... next time I hope! lol

  6. Great colors, really like Helen a lot :)

  7. I'm glad you like Zoya, I have to pull out my colors and use them. I keep forgetting about them!
    BTW the nail polish remover is awesome! It cleans your nails and preps them for applying nail polish as well as removing it! You should look into it!

  8. awwwwwe! What a great little surprise at the end of this post! Thank you so much. You have all made me feel so loved today - thank you!

    I love Zoyas, but I don't have that many. I do like the smaller handles, they seem to work better for me.

    p.s. YES!! Pure Ice is in the lead!! lol

  9. Congrats to you winning these!!
    I love Zoya! I have about 15 as of today, but I plan to add more to that collection eventually. They are great; some of them can be on the sheerer side, though, but one can always go to the Zoya website for reference and look up every polish individually. They state which color family each shade belongs to, along with a color description and also it says whether it's sheer or opaque (there is a 5 "point" scale stating the coverage)

    Dominique and Gweneth are very nice! Helen really coordinates with the band-aid, how's your finger doing, btw?

  10. Wow, a polish named after me! But why did it have to be such a boring one?!

    I love Yummy - I don't have anything like that one. Looks great.

  11. Lucy~thank you! I was so happy with their application.

    Chrissy~the blue is a nice shade, I agree. And the finger continues to heal :)

    Alexlyndra~the blue seems to be a favorite!

    Velvet~you NEED to try these!

    Kitty~I wish I hadn't tried them, it amde me order some!

    Clockwork~I really like all of them, hard to pick a favorite :)

    Nessa~their nail polish remover sounds great. I'll check it out.

    Brooke~hope you're having a wonderful birthday! Pure Ice, hmmm, did you possibly want that one to win?!!

    Vanessa~thanks for the information. I'm glad you like them too. My finger is improving, but I left it uncovered most of yesterday and it was still a bit 'ugly' this morning :/

    Helen~it's your name, but not named after you. If it were, it would be wild and funny :)

  12. What a great colors ! I never used Zoya's polishes 'till now, but I see I just HAVE to order some ("surprisedly" we don't have them here...:-() - they are so beautifuk !

  13. Tuli~thank you! I loved them and I too HAVE to have more :)