Monday, May 18, 2009

Wet n' Wild Chrome in Cobalt...I *Need* To Find The Rest Of These!

Above: Outdoors, no flash, in what little daylight was left.
Above: Indoors, with flash.
Below: Outdoors, with flash as it was almost dark.
Below: Outdoors, no flash. In the background is the copper sun that's at the top of a new trellis we got for our Clematis vine to climb up.
Below: Indoors, with flash. The application of this polish was flawless (except where I hit my cuticle with polish on my ring finger...oops!). I didn't do any clean-up because it flowed perfectly.
A couple of weeks ago I was in Meijer picking up a few more Massini polishes and spied this lonely little (and I mean little, more on that in a bit) bottle all by itself on a shelf. I asked the sales person if they had any more and she informed me that they sold out in a matter of days. According to her, there are 7 colors in this collection, including a gold, silver and purple, but she didn't recall what the others were. In Google searching, there's not much information on them, other than that they are a fairly new release. After trying it out, I am now on a quest to find the rest of Cobalt's family, so hopefully he won't be lonely for too much longer. Here's my review...these are tiny! They're .29 fl. oz., as compared to an OPI or China Glaze, at .50 fl. oz. The brush is huge, which really surprised me, but it made the application a breeze. They retail for $1.89. This is 3 coats, but I probably could have gotten by with 2. It applies beautifully, with just the right consistency and dried quickly. The shine on this is so phenomenal I decided I didn't even need a top coat. The color is a true medium turquoise that actually looked to have a bit of black in it as I was applying it. It's a shimmer finish and although 'chrome' is part of it's name, the only relationship I can see to chrome is simply the shine factor. It's not a reflective or mirror finish at all.

Let me tell you though, I am in love with this polish. I don't know if I just got an exceptionally well made formula in this particular bottle, but I'm hoping I can locate more and they're all this nice. Wet n' Wild polishes are decent for the price, but have certainly never impressed me the way this one has. Can you tell how much I like it?!! I'm heading west this morning to larger metropolitan areas in hopes of finding more, and going to a CCO along the way, so I'll look forward to catching up on all of your blogs this evening.

We did manage to get a good deal of planting done over the weekend and have a bit more to do during the this week. I'm excited to see all of the flowers fill out over the next couple of weeks, as temperatures are finally starting to get into the 70's. Sunday we heard and then saw fighter jets flying overhead and I got a bit concerned, but then we realized they were likely patrolling the air space, as we live about 25 miles from The University of Notre Dame, where President Obama was delivering the commencement speech. They later reported on the news that the jets were securing the air space along the Lake Michigan shoreline. They were quite an impressive site and very loud! I wonder if they were being piloted by Tom Cruise-looking Top Gun fighter pilots...


  1. is beautiful! I hope you find more. Please post more info on this polish when you find out. I'd like to get my hands on some too. :)

  2. That is a very pretty color. Easy application, and $1.89, That's awesome!

    I hope you find the rest of these polish's during your 'hunting' trip.

  3. That´s a nice color!

  4. Oh my, what a gorgeous colour! It is a cute bottle. :)

  5. Mary, I've been looking for these, but none of the stores I've been to carry them :( Good luck with your hunt today!

  6. I love that color!! Reminds me of an eyeshadow I have. Hmm...maybe I can franken a dupe.

  7. This is a great color and that's so awesome that it went on well. I have a problem with the chipping after a day with WnW, how did it hold up for you?
    I WILL be on the lookout for these!

  8. I got distracted about thoughts of Tom Cruise & Val Kilmer and forgot what I was going to post about the polish! It is amazing though and I can totally see why you need the others!

  9. Pretty Brown Girl~I adore this polish and color! I may die if I can't find them (I'm being overly dramatic but I really want these!)

    Deez~no such luck on these during my hunt. But I had fun and got some other goodies. I haven't given up yet, I'll look around locally a bit tomorrow.

    Lucia~thank you, glad you like it!

    Alexlyndra~I love this color! The bottle is kind of cute, isn't it!

    Kitty~I don't know what the deal is with these, but they are very elusive :/

    Chrissy~it kind of looks like the video/pics you posted today!

    Nessa~well, I've had it on for a day and a half now, did some shopping, dishes several times, etc., and still zero wear and I don't have a top coat on. Pretty good for a WnW!

    Helen~we think alike, a young Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer...what were we talking about? Oh yes, it is a great color :)

  10. Gorgeous color Mary. Hope you find them all. I've never used WetnWild polish. I'm mainly a brand name girl. Lately though I'm using Revlon and Sally Hansen. I'm surprised at the prices, a little high. The colors are fabulous.