Friday, May 22, 2009

Petites Passion Orange & NFU #44 and Today's Winner!

Today's winner of our May contest is The Asian Girl from the fabulous Gettin' Nailed blog! Congratulations!!! We still have one more drawing to do for May next Friday, so if you're interested and haven't entered, check out the information in the 'May Contest' box in the upper right corner. Today I used Petites creme polish in Passion Orange and then decided to layer Nfu #44 over it. I'm not really feeling this color combination, as I probably would have gotten more of a color payoff layering the #44 over a darker color. By using it over a similar color, it's as if the flakies almost got absorbed into the Petites shade and lost all of their flaky goodness. Not to worry, I'll remove it within 24 hours and try something else!

I'm still working on what I'll do for the June contest, but am hopeful that my July contest will have some MAC polishes from the CCO in it! A friend of mine asked if I wanted to go back to the CCO I went to on Monday with her on June 8. She told me that they had a Banana Republic outlet at that same outlet center, which I obviously missed when I was there earlier this week. I ♥ BR, so I would've been all over that. She had never heard of a CCO and loves MAC, so our plan was hatched! I can't wait to go again and am hopeful that the CCO will have received another shipment of goodies by then.

Today or tomorrow I'm expecting a relatively small order from Head 2 Toe, so I'm looking forward to that. I also wanted to let you know that Kathleen at OC Nail Art was kind enough to offer me a code for her great 20% off and free shipping deal that she so generously has offered to several bloggers, so if you're interested in Konad, she is a lovely lady and will take care of your Konad needs. You can see the details in the 'Tip Jar' column on your right.

Lastly, I noticed that Nail Juice posted on her blog that the OPI Mattes we talked about yesterday include the following: dark purple, taupe, indigo, hot pink, neon green and white. They are scheduled for a July release. She is a nail tech student and I would imagine she has very reliable sources. Check out her blog if you're not familiar with it, as she is a very talented and well-informed nail blogger.


  1. I wonder what that Nfu Oh would look like over black, halloweenish I wonder, or if the orange would even show up against a dark background....

    Anyway, i still think it looks good, like it has a little bit of shimmer to it. Very pretty color. Reminds me of orange/peach colored roses.

  2. I see what you mean about the flakies just blending in. Dang! The colors are nice anyway. Opi Mattes...!!!???? I'm really late to the party on this! Just my luck! I'm out a day! And I miss all kinds of!

  3. awww i love the bottal its so cool its a pretty colour aswell i really like the bottal thou neva see enything like that hear lol xxx

  4. The glitter is more subtle with the orange background but very pretty nonetheless!

  5. Such a pretty color. Shame that it blended it. I love those bottles but I don't have any. Boohoo! On the matte polishes are pictured. They all look good to me. I'll have to get them all.

  6. Tali~I should have just left the Petites one alone and not put the NFU over it :)

    Brooke~I'll have to try it over somehing darker and see what happens. I love the peach/orange roses.

    Velvet~yes, OPI mattes. I wonder if you'll buy one, err, I mean 6!

    Nail Polish Junkie~these polishes have the cutest bottle, the lid/handle looks like a corset :)

    Kae~thanks, it's not too bad. The Nfu didn't turn out quite how I thought though!

    Lucy~I love the botles, too. I saw those on ALU. I thought they might be 'new' colors, but I'm sure they'll still be nice.

  7. I can't wait to see this over a more contrasting shade. Still looks nice, but I know what you mean I always do that when I'm layering! I can't wait for opi to come out with those mattes! I have to try the matte thing!

  8. Congratultions to The Asian Girl! I love Nfu Oh polishes but I don't have any of them. This ones absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Congrats to The Asian Girl! The layering you did turned out real nice :-) and those OPI mattes sounds like they worth waiting for...