Friday, May 29, 2009

Today's OPI DS Winner & Some Other Ramblings

Above & Below: My Color Club collection, above. I'll be doing a couple of posts next week to show you some of the colors. Let me know which ones you'd like to see. Click on the picture for a better view. Below is my Hibiscus plant in bloom.
Today was the final drawing in the Body & Soul May Contest and I'm happy to announce that the winner is Robyn! She will be receiving OPI's Designer Series polish in Perfection. Robyn has a lovely blog and if you're not familiar with it, check her out! Her blog is call Robyn's Nest and she does some beautiful makeup looks along with many other interesting topics. Congratulations, Robyn! June's contest will be announced this coming Monday.

I was gazing at my polishes last night looking for some that I seldom use and I spied my Color Clubs. I think I'll do a couple of posts on them next week because I'm quite certain I haven't even tried 90% of them! I posted a picture of the ones I have, so if you see any you'd like me use, just tell me the location of it in the picture. I forgot to write the names down before I put them away and I'm too lazy to get them out again. My Hibiscus plant is blooming and I was so taken with the flower's beauty, that I wanted to share it with you. I should do a Konad using the colors in the bloom! Enjoy the weekend, ladies.


  1. Gorgeous Hibiscus! Yes a konad with the flowers colors would look beautiful. I have these color clubs too. But only seem to wear the! Not a surprise, huh?! I'll be looking forward to seeing any of them swatched though. I love seeing how polishes look,with every one's skin tone. Have a nice week-end!

  2. Can you do a swatch of Magic Attraction? I think that's the name - top row, second from the right?


  3. Love the flower! Congrats to Robyn! I have all the bottom row and they are to die for! I love color club!!!!! I don't have any of the glitters yet tho lol! I would love to see a glitter!

  4. Your hibiscus is gorgeous, do you have any other colors? All those polishes in your picture look great, I would be happy to see a swatch of any one of them lol.

  5. I like the third from the left (top row) and third from the right (bottom row).

    I got my first Color Club polish from ebay recently - a silvery metallic very light grey. Very much looking forward to seeing yours.

    Yes, the hibiscus is beautiful. I wish I could grow things like that. Stunning.

  6. The hibiscus is super lovely, the bright middle is so pretty.

  7. Thank you, Mary! OPI Perfection looks like such a pretty color. I'm really looking forward to receiving my prize goodies. And I looove your hibiscus. It's inspiring me to do a new eyeshadow look.

  8. Velvet~huh, you only wear glitters! Ha-ha, no surprise there. Enjoy your weekend, too!

    Chloe~Welcome! I made a note of it and I'll do that one for you :)

    Kitty~I will do glitters for you!

    Kae~Thanks! No, I only bought one hibiscus last year because I honestly wasn't sure if it would make it through the Michigan winters. I'll have to get some more in defferent colors.

    Helen~I'll do the ones you requested! I'm surprised I didn't kill the hibiscus already :)

    Clockwork~it really is pretty. From the road the colors are so eye-catching.

    Robyn~you're welcome!!! I would love to see you do this in some of your Aromaleigh shades!

  9. Your color club collection is gorgeous! I'm jealous cause I dont have any. Cant wait to see them on.

  10. I swore I commented on this! The hibiscus is lovely. Do they have a fragrance? I'd like to see the third to the left on the bottom row. I should know all these shades by name! Have a nice weekend.

  11. That's some nice polishes! I've recieved my prizes now and I can't believe that you sent me that much stuff! It's too much.. I feel honoured. You're so sweet! I can't thank you enough!

  12. Adorepink~thanks! I have more, I'm discovering, oops! They're pretty cheap, about $2.50 at online retailers.

    Lucy~they have a light fragrance, clean and sweet smelling. I'll use the 3rd (from the left?) one on Monday!

    Alexlyndra~yay! Glad you like everything. I know you can't get some things over in Sweden so I wanted to send you a bit extra :)