Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sally Hansen HD in Cyber & A Mini Haul

Above and Below: Sally Hansen HD in Cyber, a shimmery medium purple. 2 coats.

Above: Walgreen's mini haul, L-R: Sally Hansen HD polishes in Hi-Def, Blu and Cyber. Maybelline Express polishes in Pot of Gold, Summer n' Spice, Coral Radiance.
Below: Look at the glitter packed into Pot of to become mesmerized.
Below: I couldn't leave well enough alone, I just had to see what this looked like! It's easy to apply, and the glitter coats the nail rather evenly. I had to work it a bit for placement, but it went on much better than I thought. It's a smooth finish, not chunky and rough as some glitters like this tend to be.

Today is a very lazy Saturday, it's cool and raining and I have zero energy to do anything productive. I'm hoping to get something accomplished today, but if I don't, there's always tomorrow. I did manage to do my nails, so I guess the morning is not a total loss. I saw the Sally Hansen HD display at Walgreen's last week and picked up a few of them. The label says Hi-Definition Nail Color, although I'm not sure how HD relates to nail polish, other than marketing. I believe there are 8 polishes in the collection, all shimmers. From what I recall, there's also a bright yellow, a fuchsia, a turquoise, a coral-orange...and one more I can't remember. $6.29 is a bit pricey for a drugstore brand, but the colors are bright and fun for summer and the finish is very nice. They're almost iridescent, not really reflecting another color, but just flashing and glowing a bit. It's difficult to explain and capture in a photograph, but they're very pretty. The 3 colors I bought struck me as being the 'glowiest' (the fuchsia one is too, perhaps more than any others in the collection, but I have way too many fuchsia's already), but they were all very shimmery and beautiful. If they go on sale and still have them, I'd like to pick up a few more. The colors are all lovely and the shimmer and glow is rather appealing to me. Hi-Def? Not really. Pretty, summery and a bit unique? Absolutely.
The Maybelline polishes are buy one get one 1/2 off through midnight tonight at Walgreen's and there's a $1.00 off coupon attached to the display with the 3 polishes I got. It's a small display that includes these polishes as well as some cosmetics.


  1. Ooh nice haul, I love that gold glitter! Also love the Sally Hansen polishes. :)

  2. Nice colors. Love the purple and the gold. I can buy polish cheaper on line than the prices they charge at the drugstore. Not bad if you get the BOGO's. They have nerve.

  3. I love this purple! Looks great on you! I haven't seen the HD polishes at my Walgreens yet. I hope they get them in. I don't think I will get any, because of that price, but I would like to see them in person. Pot of gold is so much fun! I got this awhile ago and made my BF let me paint his pinkie he he!

  4. Wicked wicked haul! The HD ones look amazing, surprised at the price tag. Hoping to see them in stores around here.

  5. Chrissy~I don't know why I bought the gold glitter one, but I rather like it! The SH's are nice, I like the finish.

    Lucy~I know, I can't believe how much they charge for them. I forgot to mention I had a coupon for the SH art pen/polish things and they didn't carry them. She let me use it on the polishes so I did get 1 free, but yes, too expensive.

    Kitty~I was surprised to see them that quick in my small town. I don't think my husband would let me paint his pinkie, even though I have asked :)

    Clockwork~the HD's are cool, I think you'd like them. They are too expnsive though, but still, I like them. Hope you find some!

  6. I bought the green and purple Sally HD! I also got the red HD. Can't remember the name at the moment. I felt the same way about the fushia polish. I agree about the price too. Loving the Pot of Gold glitter! Perfect name!

  7. What a nice haul ! They all look like a pretty colors, and that Pot of Gold has a very nice glitter. I don't know how HD polishes supposed to look like, but I know I like this

  8. If only we had a store like Walgreen's with cheap polishes! Very nice haul there. HD in Cyper is very beautiful!

  9. These SH's are really nice, I love that purple on your nails.....$6.29 U.S. that is a little steep, but lucky the sales lady honored those coupons so it is a bit more reasonable price...

    That green looks like it will be very pretty too!

  10. Is the HD line new? I guess I haven't looked in a month or so, the ones you got are very bright and pretty! Also love your pot of gold, one can never have too many glitters :)

  11. I hesitated over the HD line. I couldn't quite convince myself I needed them, but they were pretty. I'm still glad I picked up the Pot Of Gold, it's SO cute! It looks great over that purple. I wished I'd picked up the Summer N' Spice, it's so pretty looking in the bottle, but now my Walgreen's is sold out. I'll have to keep my eye out later. I may go back for the HD line yet.

  12. Velvet~we like the same colors! Too bad about the price :/ Pot of Gold is the perfect name for that one!

    Tuli~I have no idea what an HD nail polish should look like! But I also like the looks of these :)

    Alexlyndra~drug store polishes are pretty cheap here, but these HD's are a bit much. Although I do like them!

    Kae~yes, the HD's are fairly new, I think they came out 2-3 weeks ago. The gold glitter one is nice :)

    Nicole~they're kind of pricey, maybe they'll go on sale. The finish is very nice on them. I'll try and do a NOTD soon for you using the Summer n' Spice.

  13. Deez~I'm sorry, I missed a comment back to you! I was surprised but happy that she honored the coupon. I'll try and get to the green one soon and post pics :)


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