Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pure Ice Dreamy Layered Over Black Radiance Licorice

Above: Pure Ice Dreamy layered over Black Radiance Licorice. Click pic to see the colored sparkles (but disregard my pre clean-up mess!)
Above and Below: Greta, our 3 year old German Shepherd rescue girl.
I hope you're all enjoying what's left of the weekend! We have sunny skies and temperatures in the 60's all weekend, so I'm not complaining. Black Radiance Licorice (found at Rite Aid and Walgreens) is my favorite black polish simply because it gives total coverage in just one coat. It's shown here with Pure Ice Dreamy over the top and I really love all of the colored sparkles that show up. I've found that many of the Pure Ice colors make better layering polishes than base colors, but I think that's true with a number of the inexpensive drug store brand sheer polishes. I updated the "Mini Bar" last night with a few mini reviews of some products I'm using and I also wanted to remind you of the NYX Cosmetics 50% off sale that ends May 15. They have some great nail polishes so if you're interested, click on their link in the "Tip Jar" column on the right side of the page. My vicious Shih Tsu dog bite is healing up and I thank you all for your well wishes in a speedy recovery for my finger (this is my often unseen right hand in the picture!). I wanted to share some pictures of one of my nicer, gentler dogs today. Greta has been with us going on 2 years now and was rescued from a shelter in Mount Vernon, IL. She was bred at just 1 year old and then dumped at the shelter when her puppies were 8 weeks old because her previous owners only wanted her long enough to have her puppies. It saddens me to think of how she felt being separated from her puppies, being just barely a puppy herself at the time. She is a bit high strung but a very sweet girl who tries so hard to please us. I'd like to think that we've made her as happy as she's made us.


  1. I absolutely LOVE German Shepherds, and yours is beautiful! Thank you for showing pictures of her!!
    I like the black with "Dreamy" on top. That's a really pretty combination! :)

  2. :( Wow...that's so sad to know that she was bred and just left alone. Those owners are just...grr!

  3. What a beautiful German Shepherd! The layering looks pretty!

  4. Awww Greta is so cute !! Her story before meet you is very sad :(

    Your mani is good too ;)

    And I'm not very happy about NYX because for this 10th anniversary, they don't ship to France (as usual, they do !) and CherryCulture do the same :/

  5. Wow, Dreamy looks amazing! I am definitely going to pick that up next time I'm at Walmart.

  6. Mary are we trying to curb that feeling for the "need" for! I'm only kidding! These two polishes are very cool looking together! I love to layer black polish. And see what different "looks". I can get out of the layering. Agreed! Pure Ice polishes are very good for layering. Such a sweet German Shepherd you have! And what a small world we all live in. My brother and sister in-law live in Mount Vernon,Il!

  7. Wow I love how glittery it looks, a fantastic combination. Greta is a lovely dog :)

  8. Beautiful mani, and I adore Greta! :)

  9. Olivia~Greta says thank you and I'm glad you like the color combo. German Shepherds are wonderful dogs!

    Chrissy~I know, some people just shouldn't own a pet. I wish I could save them all :/

    Alexlyndra~thank you, I'm rather fond of Greta, too! Can you get Pure Ice in your country?

    Celine~it makes me very sad to think about how upset she must've felt. But I think she's a happy girl now. Aw, that's too bad about NYX not shipping to you. Frustrating when you get excited about a sale but then can't get it.

    Katrina~almost any of the Pure Ice's (sheer ones) are great. Pick up a bunch!!! I'll watch for your pics on them.

    Velvet~want and need are kind of the same thing to me. If I want it, then I need it or I won't be happy! Happiness is important :) Yes, Greta is very sweet and that's is funny what a small world it can be.

    Clockwork~thanks you! I was pleasantly surprised by this combination. Not wht I would have thought. Greta thanks you, too!

    Vanessa~thanks so much! And we adore Greta also :)

  10. I love those two color combination you did - great idea and beautiful result !
    Greta looks so cute and beautiful and that was really sad for me to read what you wrote about her previous owners :-(....but she looks happy now and I'm glad she found a warm place in your house :-)

  11. Unfortunately no. Or, at least what I aware of. I think we in Sweden have to order from abroad. =/

  12. Tuli~thanks! Greta's story is sad, but unfortunately there are too many stories like that. I think she's happy now, though :)

    Alexlyndra~aw, that's too bad, becuase they're cheap and work well for layering.