Friday, May 15, 2009

Orly Glam and Friday's May Contest Winner

Lisa H. is our May Contest winner today! Congratulations on winning!!!

I reached back into my archived photos for today's NOTD, Orly Glam. I chopped my nails into nubbins last night because I have quite a bit of yard work to get done this weekend and I thought I would avoid the inevitable breakage that was bound to occur. And I'm giving them a little break from all of the Pure Ice polish changes I did this week! Orly Glam is an odd color, in that the polish in the bottle looks to be more of a burgundy shade with massive silver and purple glitter overload. Once applied, it's almost a red shade and the glitter is not all that evident. It's a pretty shade, but nothing spectacular, in my opinion. It's a bit thin and I think it may work better as a layering polish. I believe this is in their core collection and is available at Sally Beauty. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


  1. That's a shame! Orly teasing us with a red that has lots of purple and silver glitter in the bottle. But not on the nail! I've had enough of "surprises", with polishes not looking like the!(Treasure) Don't work too hard in the yard! Hope those lovely nails grow back quickly too!

  2. Have a good productive time in the yard. By the way, how is your finger healing from the dog bite? I love flowers in the garden but I hate digging in dirt. So I will not be having any garden. Pretty color of polish but why do these polishes promise so much and then don't deliver.

  3. I've been meaning to try the Orly glitters. Pity this one is a bit sheer. Wonder if the rest are like that...

  4. I have this one too, but I didn't remember it being sheer though. I might have to pull it back out and try it again.

    Don't work to hard out in the yard this weekend! Squeeze all those puppies for me :)

  5. I hate sheer nail varnishes because then I end up layering and getting impatient and peeling them off!!

  6. That is so disappointing when it doesn't show up on the nail as what is in bottle. Grrr! Quite fetching though nonetheless.

  7. It's very frustrating when glitter doesn't show! Hope you have nice weather! I've lucked out, looks like I get a break from the rain and clouds for two whole days!

  8. Congrats to Lisa today! It's hard to catch glitter on picture, but I think I can imagine how this one looks like in daylight, beautiful!

  9. Velvet~polish in the bottle can be deceiving! I got lots of plants today, so I'll be busy. Luckily, my nails grow quickly.

    Lucy~Not a bad polish, but if it applied the way it looks in the bottle, that would be great! The bite is healing, still tender and causing peeling skin...ugh!

    Nixxy~most of their glitters are not anything really blingy, but they're not bad. If you want an interesting one to layer, check out Love One Another. Very subtle in the bottle, but can totally transform any polish.

    Brooke~puppies have been squeezed for you! I'm sure I won't work as hard in the yard as my husband. He does 10x as much as I do, because one of us has to be lazy :)

    Tali~oh no! Don't peel your nails, ha-ha! I'll just use this as a layer over a darker creme and it'll probably be prettier.

    Clockwork~yes, it's not a bad color, just not what I expected. It's a nice shade of red.

    Kitty~it rained all afternoon today, but I managed to get the hanging basket up, at least. I thought I needed 10, but I got home and there are 11 hooks, argh...back to Lowe's in the morning.

    Alexlyndra~it probably look pretty out in the sun. I'll have to check it outside sometime.

  10. I've had my fair share of NP looking different when they're on your nails than in the bottle. It sucks!

    But yeah I see what you mean by that shade not being anything special because I've seen a lot of NP dupes. x.x

  11. Congrats to Lisa ! This is so fun :-)
    And I think that this is a nice red, but it is always disappointing to discover that the color you chose by the bottle, is not eventually the color you get on your nails...Have a great weekend and don't work too hard :-)

  12. Chrissy~not what I wanted it to look like, but I agree, I've had it happen many times!

    Tuli~it is a nice red, so it's not a total waste, I guess. You have a great weekend, also :)