Tuesday, May 12, 2009

OPI Goin' Ape-Ricot! and Some Other Notes

Above and Below: OPI Goin' Ape-Ricot, a sparkly glass-flecked orange. Above is outside in the sun and below is indoors, no flash.
Above and Below: As long as we're talking oranges, Misa's Speed of Life is a perfect, true orange creme. Their formula is always a bit thick to me, but it tends to be self-leveling, meaning that the streaks disappear on their own while drying. 2 coats and it's perfect.

Below: One more orange, because I had it out...Revlon's scented Mad About Mango. It's more of a coral than an orange, but I wanted to try it out. Disappointing for a Revlon as far as the application, I've always had good luck with this brand. 4 coats. About 2 too many for my taste.
Below: Check out these coupons I found in a magazine called 'All You.' There's more information below, if you're curious about them.

Below: Here's the magazine in case you want to look for it.
My niece left me a message on Facebook last week asking for a sparkly orange and a bright shiny gold recommendation, so I thought it best to show it here, rather than on FB, because the 'others' might not understand! I pulled out some of my untried oranges and although there are many sparkly oranges, Goin' Ape-Ricot! caught my eye. It's one of my beloved glass-flecked polishes and it's a nice shade of orange in my opinion. This took 3 coats, and I also put an extra coat on the tips after the first coat, let it dry, then continued with my application. It dries quickly though and I like not being able to see the visible nail line on some sheers. Not always, but on this one I thought it would look better without nail lines. I have a number of orange shimmers that sparkle a bit, but this one really stood out when I lined up a several orange shades of bottles side by side. I'll continue my hunt for a gold recommendation for you, Julie, but I would hunt this one down for your orange request. I did a few quick swatches of a couple of other orange shades as long as I had them out. They were untried and I wanted to get an idea of what they looked like. I like Misa's Speed of Light, but Revlon's Mad About Mango was a pain to apply, for some reason. Four coats is a bit much and although it has a nice scent, I wouldn't exactly say it smells like a Mango.

I updated my 'Mini Bar' column on your right with a few more products I'm using, so check that out if you're interested. Lastly, I picked up a copy of All You magazine the other day at WalMart, for no other reason than that the colors on the cover matched my blog colors (I don't need too much inspiration to but something, obviously!) and was amazed at just some of the coupons I found inside of it. Using just one of them would more than pay for the price of the magazine ($2.49). Just thought I'd mention it, because I always like a good bargain and I imagine most of you do, too!

Oops, I was mistaken when I said 'lastly' above! I wanted to share a few more blogs with you that I'm enjoying. "Makeup, Nail Polish and Nerdery in one blog" as she describes it, Clockwork has a fun and informative look at the things we love. Deez Nailz writes very descriptive posts and shares tons of stunning pictures, which is always helpful when trying to increase our polish desires. Tali's blog, It's a Hard Life-Let's Make-Up it Better is a blog I recently discovered and love. She does detailed posts mainly on makeup and cosmetics, with great pictures that cause me to buy more things that I 'think' I need! Check them out and I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do. I badly need to find some time and update my blog roll, which maybe I could do if I wasn't busy reading all of the great blogs I keep coming across!


  1. Sigh - I just can't seem to wear orange. It looks weird with my yellow skin tone. Love that Misa, though...

  2. OMG!!! Did I read that coupon right - buy one SH nail art pen get one free!!! Dang! That's a pretty damn good deal for those.

    I have a suggestion for a gold - it is absolutly the best gold polish I have used! It is Neffertiti by Deborah Lippmann. I love this gold!!

  3. Goin' Ape-Ricot is beautiful, I really like it. Speed of Life is pretty too. I know what you mean when you say Misa polishes often are thick.

  4. Wow! All great looking orange colors! I see you mustered up the ambition to model Mad About Mango...lol! Yay!! My application was streaky on the big toes. I forgot to mention that when I posted...lol! Glad you mentioned that it took a lot of coats for coverage. Mine could've used a third. But we're talking feet!! I'm not going all out on toes..lol!

  5. Hi Mary! Thanks for all the love on kittylovescolor.com. You are very sweet. I love that Goin Apr-ricot. Very pretty on you. I'll just add that to my list of "wants". That list is getting longer and longer.

  6. That's too bad about the Revlon application problems; I'm really digging the color ;)
    I enjoy reading the products reviews in the Mini Bar; keep up the good work!

  7. Love the OPI--Goin' Ape-ricot!!! I will totally hunt that one down!

    Thanks, Aunt Mary!! :-)

  8. I love love love, that OPI! I have to get that one!!!!

  9. That's a pain about the Revlon. Speed of Light is amazing, am wowed at how perfectly matched to the orange it is. Fetching.

  10. Nixxy~the Misa is one of the few orange cremes that I care for on me. I think it looks odd on me too, if it's the wrong shade, which alot of them seem to be!

    Brooke~I know! Good coupons in that magazine. Thanks for the gold rec., my niece reads the blog so she should see it :)

    Alexlyndra~I love the Goin-Ape-Ricot, it's the first time I've used it. Misa's are thick, but seem to apply well anyway.

    Velvet~interesting to hear you had problems with the Revlon also. The others in that collection have seemed fine. Kind of strange.

    Lucy~my list keeps growing too, but the Ape-Ricot is a good one to add! I enjoy Kitty's blog very much :)

    Vanessa~I know, I like the color, too. I'll give it another try though. Glad you like the 'Mini Bar', I wasn't sure if anyone reads it :)

    Julie~yay! I'm glad you asked or I wouldn't have even tried Goin' Ape-Ricot in the near future, at the rate I'm going. Let me know if you can't find it and I'll look for you too.

    Kitty~thanks, it's really pretty in real life. It sounds like your list is growing too!

    Clockwork~did you have any problems with your Revlons in that collection? Love it when you say fetching :)

  11. I want that Misa orange creme one!

  12. Altough I usually don't get along with oranges (don't know why, because I love seeing them on others, I really loved Goin' Ape-Ricot - this is just the shade of orange that I would agree to try on :-) and that one of Misa also looks beautiful !

  13. Chrissy~it's a good orange for me and the application, as I've found with all Misa's, is almost flawless.

    Tuli~this one is lovely with all of the glass flecks. These 2 oranges worked very well on my skin tone, thanks!

  14. That orange Misa creme is goregous! I dont think I could pull it off with my skin tone...but that Revlon. Oh that one is worth a try...is it out now? I can find it in stores?

  15. You are sooooooooo sweet! I surprised myself on how much time it took making my last few posts, but I am having so much fun, and learning so much.

    All three of these colors are good choices and look beautiful on your nails. I have never seen that misa swatched so vibrantly,

    = COUPONS.... everyone will be thankful you posted these

  16. AdorePink~I'm glad you like it! They are out now, I don't know for how much longer. They're in a separate tabletop display with 7-8 colors. They've been spotted at Walgreen's and Rite-Aids.

    Deez~Yay! I love your blog and you do post great pictures, so your learning is paying off. That Misa is lovely, not too bright, but bright enough.