Thursday, May 28, 2009

Old School Sinful's & Chanel's Newest Collection

Above: Bottom L-R: Soft Mink, Prom Night, Wisp, Australian Peach. Middle Row L-R: Ice Touch, Greenwich Girl, Colored Pearl, Sweetie Pie. Top: Street of NY.
Above and Below: Quick swatches, 2 coats each. Above: Thumb-Australian Peach, Index-Wisp, Middle-Prom Night, Ring-Soft Mink, Pinky-Sweetie Pie. Below: Thumb & Pinky-Street of NY, Index-Colored Pearl, Middle-Greenwich Girl, Ring-Ice Touch.
Below: Wisp. A neutral beige frost.
It may seem a bit odd to some that I list Sinful and Chanel in the same sentence. I'm not a makeup snob though, I like it all...high end, low end, as long as it's makeup and there's color involved, I'm pretty flexible! I'm not technologically savvy enough to be able to post the flash pictures of the new Chanel Collection, so I'll provide you with the link. Their Tokyo Happening collection offers us 4 Glossimers, an eye shadow quad and 4 polishes. There are 4 colors available in the polishes and Glossimers, and those same 4 shades are in the eye shadow quad. A baby blue, a silvery white, a baby pink and a pale gold. All are shimmery and they look beautiful. Click here for a look. I'm considering the pink and white in the polish and the Glossimers, but I really should restrain myself!

On to the Sinfuls! There's a local oriental beauty supply which carries these for .99 so that's where I've located them. They're not anything terribly wondrous quality-wise, but they're old and they're Sinfuls, so that makes them interesting to me. The pictures I'm sharing with you today are all 2 coats and as you can see, some of the shades could have used 3. Many of the colors are similar, but yet different in their own way. My favorite is the blackened forest green shimmer called Street of NY. Shouldn't that be 'streets' instead of 'street'? It applied very nicely in 2 coats and the color is a deep, shimmery green. You can actually see a bit of black in the polish during the application. Do you have any of the old Sinfuls in your collection?


  1. I like the Sinful Sweetie Pie, they are all very pretty!

  2. These are very pretty indeed, I've one old Sinful around it's a wicked chalky pink.

  3. Wow - the sinfuls look so classy in their old incarnation.

  4. I have 2 old surviving Sinfuls, one is a pastel purple and the other is Pearl Harbor which oddly enough I bought again recently and it's now morphed into a glitter polish. The old one is actually pearl colored. I had Green Bean but it's long gone :)

  5. Wow, I've never seen those before! When did Sinful switch thier bottles? Is that the old formula, is is not big three free?
    So many questions!
    lol Anyway they are pretty!

  6. Oh! I wish I hadn't clicked the link for Chanel. The pink and blue glosses and polish. Started to call my name. And I had to quickly exit the! Now,thats intersting. To have found a shop that sells the old Sinfuls. I like the very dark green too. Although,the other colors look beautiful too. Nice and "spring-y" (the season)!

  7. Wow, old Sinfuls! Very pretty.

  8. That's pretty good finding those polishes. I've never seen Sinful Colors like that. I guess it's good to go into every store you see. You never know what treasures will await you.

  9. I've never heard of Sinful but they are lovely colours.

    I started out as a polish snob (nothing but OPI, baby) but now I pimp my nails out to any old colour I like the look of. Much better that way!

  10. Kae~yes, that's a pretty one. It's kind of a dusty peach with the tiniest amount of shimmer.

    Clockwork~gotta love the old Sinfuls! Their new ones are great too.

    Nixxy~I agree! I love the letter style used for the name.

    Anonymous~they're famous for changing colors and retaining names or just naming them something that has nothing to do with the actual color!

    Adorepink~I'm not sure when they changed, several years ago I think. Not Big 3 Free and the smell is quite strong!

    Velvet~I keep clicking on Chanel's link and staring at that collection. I'm going to try to resist. You buy them all though, so we can see tham, okay?!!

    Alexlyndra~thanks you! They're kind of unique, more because they don't make them anymore, but the colors are nice too.

    Lucy~I always want to veer into any independent beauty supply I see. Some look a bit frightening and are often not in the best neighborhoods, but it's worth the risk!

    Helen~they're sold at our Walgreen's Drug Stores for $1.99 and they now have some pretty vivid colors. Back in the day, they were much more conservative.

  11. very cool. I don't have any of these old ones. I will keep my eye out for them.